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  1. Thanks, that time of the year protection from North Wind is a good plan, even though "the wind is your friend"
  2. Hey, that's encouraging info, thanks. I have heard from other people and other reports that the fish on Bull Shoals like "small pockets" "bluff cuts" etc.. To me that means little niches or cuts in a bank that are 1 or 2 boat lengths deep rather than a pocket 50-100 yds long and they can be on either main lake or in the creek arms. Have i got that right?
  3. Thanks for help I'm trying to gather enough info to pass along to the club members so they "all" have a good experience on the lake. It's our 1st venture this far out, since Ky Lake has gone dry. We have a mix of fishing styles in the group. 2 or 3 like topwater and power fishing, 5 or 6 are finesse prone with wacky, shakey and Nedrigs in their arsenal as well as jigs & carolina rigging and 1 or 2 fish crankbaits or spinnerbaits. The biggest issue will be finding enough "Off color" water for at least half the guys. We fished Table Rock for 5 years out of Aunts Creek in late March and
  4. Thanks for the tips. I'll certainly contact you sometime mid April. We're fishing the last wee of that month.
  5. Got sidelined with Grandkids over Xmas. Back on the searchs now I have "cut & pasted' 54 pages of "data" on April/May reports from from Upper and Lower Bull Shoals. They're in a word document. Now I start back thru them and save the "nuggets" of what, when, and where. That'll get me a better idea of what baits on what days at what depth and where on the lake I should look. That's usually takes more than one pass thru. When i get something down to a manageable size (2 or 3 pages) i'll send you a PM with that data , and if you would, tell me whether I'm off base or not. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the tip on "Lower" data. I'll get busy on it As far as White River Border Lakes Permits, I did look into them and the guys that aren't old enough to get by without a license will be using that permit vs an Ark Out of state License. Thanks for the suggestion. Since I'm an OLF at 74 I don't need a license in Mo. and Ark. reciprocates as long as I'm fishing Border Waters, so i get a freebee. Probably the 1st thing I ever got free from a government agency other than a plane trip ticket to Nam.
  7. I'm not a big crankbait guy but if you looked at how many i own you would say the opposite. Wasted moneies, should have bought more jigs & shakeyheads I started looking at a couple of Del Colvin's you tube reports. One thing i like for starters is he isn't pimping somebodies baits like so many other guides do. He does good coverage on generalities and covers the spectrum. i'll need to hear/see more before i gain value i guess Thanks for the offer to chat in April next year. You can bet I'll still be screwed up and will need help then Does the Lower Bull Shoals part of this f
  8. I ordered the Hot Spots map from TW. I also have an old Garmin application on my computer called Map Source. I got it when I was doing Orienteering with my Boy Scout Troop. It came with the handheld unit on a CD, so ill see if it has any info You say read reports on Upper and Lower. I thought lower was for info below the dam, shows you what i know. I'll look into it as well I think Ill plan on bringing multiple tackle boxes as the local places seem limited in stock I'll ck mixermarkb's reports, thanks
  9. I'm not very good at "sight fishing" Maybe cause I'm not a big fan of it anyway, so the spawning fish are likely to get a "pass" from me. I read what Randall Tharp said about his win in 2016. That was interesting. I do like jig fishing and shakeyhead and off color water so sounds like (at least for me) i'll be burning some gas. Other guys in the club love topwater and jerkbaits so clear water is to there liking. The club fishes WWs and RK Crawlers on Table Rock and Lake O that time of the year. Also good on Bull Shoals?
  10. That was some good advice about the 43 pages of info. I started thru it but not being familiar with the lake, it'll take me some time to find the areas mentioned. Today I have no idea where Lead Hill is or Beaver, Kissie, 5 fingers, cedar, etc. etc. but it'll be a good winter project.
  11. Yeah, that's what i suspected. My real concern is where to launch with 20' high water. The launch ramp over by Boondock's Resort looks like it could under water as well as the road to it? Any thoughts?
  12. That's good to hear, in your experience are most of the fish caught in the spring within say 5 miles of Bull Shoals Marina or are most guys fishing farther away than that?
  13. Not only Asian carp, but other factors too: 1. 200+ bass boat tournaments that last 4 days without cutting down the field and having at least 1 of those a month from March thru June for the last 5 years really impacts the keeper size bass. They don't survive 60 mile runs from Paris, Tn. to Ky Dam Marina for weighin. 2. TVA spraying vegetation that kills everything not just enough to keep the shipping lanes open. Remember when there used to be weeds in the Bays on the LBL side from Duncan to Tennessee. Where does the bait fish hide? 3. Two years of "bad" shad spawn in a row comb
  14. I've lived and fished in Missouri for over 40 years and am ashamed to admit I've never been on Bull Shoals. I fish all over the state TR, Lake O, Pomme, Stockton, Mark Twain, and I live on Lake St. Louis (near Wentzville) Anyway the bass club I started in 1985 has finally given up on KY Lake. It's a shame that once fabulous fishery has reached it's sad current state but it has, and we are looking to find a replacement for it. Our club is small, our tournaments are usually 10 boats are less and everyone is more or less retired fisherman. One guy in the club has hounded us for years to try Bull
  15. How many of the 17 were keepers and with the lake over 3 feet low? Second is there any areas to be careful in running from 245 bridge to Hi Point?
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