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  1. Boogle Bugs are really tough, and really expensive. I've spent a lot of prime evening fishing time trying to snag one danngling from a tree limb. I've not tied my own poppers in a couple of years, just never seemed to have (or make) the time i needed to get really good at it. I'm meeting up w/ my Dad at his place on Eufaula this weekend, where we're gonna throw some popping bugs in the shallow water up in Brooken cove. We were running beagles there back in December when the lake was low, and stumbled on a big sand flat that should be a great spawning bed. Maybe a little early for bedding, so I
  2. DaddyO and Nick, I've fly fished Collinsville city lake for 10 years, it's as moody as my....um, its moody. Last week, I took my son and caught nothing, but the next evening I caught 50 or more nice hand size bluegills in 1-1/2 hr on a yellow #6 BoogleBug with a bully bluegill spider hanging 10" below it... I catch a lot of doubles with this rig. No bass that night, but I usually catch a couple in the 1-2lb range. The lake is funny, and i can tell in 2 casts whether to stay or go back home... It's either awesome or terrible, very bar pressure sensitive is what I think. DaddyO.. I have fol
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