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  1. I would think jerk baits as clear as that lake is or some light line and small jig and craw up close. Be careful out there in a yak with the water temps still cold as they are. Good luck. I've never done too good there but I'm sure theres a few hogs running around somewhere.
  2. I heard the river is really low right now....thats from a jetboater I know.
  3. Kutos to the new regs....but my 2 cents...if I had it my way would be catch and release on all meremac, all Big River all current river and all Jacks Fork...all Huzzah....I know I forgot something....just saying.
  4. Nice fish Jim!! Where'd you catch that at.....LOL! Only kidding....I gotta a couple PM's one time when I posted a nice LM about fish location disclosure......I have the utmost respect for the brotherhood on here and their wishes regarding "lurkers"
  5. What a pig! Very nice smallie!
  6. Caught some on saturday between Scotts Ford and Indian Springs hardly anybody on the river, don't know whats up with that....shoulda been crowded.....guess I got in front of them. Gotta boat or are you hoofin' it.
  7. Way to go Jim....thanks for the report.
  8. Everything leaks so I got a Goretex Bivy off ebay, don't like gettin wet..just added protection. If you like comfort get the Big Agnes inflatable mat.... worth every penny!! I think the hammock deal would be worth trying....you try it and let me know. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Woodland-Bivy-Cover-Sleeping-Bag-Cover-Gortex-/172236405884?hash=item281a16fc7c:g:b-4AAOSwT4lWTUyd
  9. Sweet fish......is that a carbonlite rod in the first pic....I picked up a couple of those carbonlite/pro qualifier combos for 99 bucks at BPS wish I would got another one. So far so good.
  10. Brian......You are what us oldtimers call a "dyed in the wool" fisherman and that is a major compliment if you 've never heard it. Good for you, hope you have many years of fishing ahead of you, I'm 60 and still can't get enough and can still remember fishing when I was about 5.
  11. Looks like it was an awesome day!! Very cool!
  12. Good looking fish....thanks for sharing!
  13. I don't contribute much and should do more....i've learned a bunch off here, some fine people! Still learning the rivers. If anybody ever wants info on coffeen lake or Newton lake in Illinois, I'm you're guy.....30 year plus....Newton is unbelievable right now.....4lb bass is an average. Headed to the Big River this weekend.
  14. You guys are funny!! My take on the boat pass.....looked like you were on plane and cookin and he wasn't so pass on the left would be in order since he was on the right side of the stream....I woulda done the same thing IF I HAD A JET BOAT.....gotta sell this prop boat soon!! Video was awesome, music was marginal....Metallica would have been better....keep em coming brother!
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