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  1. Wow, all i can say is they know you well or they think you look like a criminal.
  2. We are in our new house now which is located in Linn creek at LOTO and one thing I have noticed is the water patrol sit right at the entrance to Linn creek pretty much all weekend long. Yesterday he came and paid me a visit while I was fishing and I was surprised when he asked me for my fishing license. He actually watched me catch a crappie then pulled up and said that looked like a good one and I said yeah it was about 12”. And he said yeah looked like it. Then he said mine if I check your license? And I said really? And he said yeah. And I said I didn’t think you guys did that. And he said yeah we do. So he looked it up and then checked everything else on my boat and I was all legal and we chatted a bit about his job and the lake and how crazy it probably is. And then he was own is way. Nice guy and I have no problem with them being there but like I said I did not know they check for fishing licenses.
  3. Blazerman

    Great Books

    i enjoy those as well. The Joe Pickett game warden stories are really good if your into hunting and fishing. Once i read a couple i decided it would be better to read them in order. So i checked out Open Season and then read all 24 i think it was.
  4. Blazerman

    Great Books

    I have been reading my whole life and two of my favorite authors are C. J. Box and all the Joe Picket books about a Montana Game Warden and John Sandford who has the Lucas Davenport cop series. Anybody else read these? The Joe Picket books are very entertaining especially for anyone into hunting and fishing and outdoor activities.
  5. Next time you are there head to the party cove as everyone is leaving and anchor about 3 quarters of the way back and you can drop a line there with about anything you want to use for bait and have a catfish on in about 30 seconds. The bluegill and catfish have learned that when people cove out and party hardy, they drop or throw out a lot of food. Any kind of cracker or chip will bring them to the surface and have them feeding in no time. Saturday we were at a very well know coving out cove around the 24 mile mark and i brought a light spinning rod with me just to have some fun catching the catfish that always show up. I was baiting my line with half a corn curl and had a medium size split shot above the hook and threw it out had about a 2 lb cat on in 30 seconds. I caught a bunch and they key was enough weight to get it past the bluegill fast enough to get it down to the catfish. I did not keep any but i believe if a person wanted a bunch of small cats for eating it would not be hard to fill up a cooler with small channels and blues. Think my biggest was about 3 lbs. If you tried it at night with the bait you were using i am sure you could pick up some bigger ones as well.
  6. If you think boating is bad in Missouri, checks this out. https://www.al.com/news/birmingham/2019/07/alabama-suffers-25-boating-deaths-in-2019-the-deadliest-year-on-state-waters-since-1998.html
  7. Last night we caught probably 20-25 crappie off the dock but only 2 of them were over 10", which is my personal limit. The first one i caught was 10.5" so i kept it thinking it was the start of a getting a good limit of fish. But that was not to be. I put that one plus the other decent one in a fish basket and let it sink about 10' down and this morning both of them were fine, so i let them go. I bought 3 dozen minnows and the minnow bucket worked great. All the minnow stayed lively all night and the few i had left were still fine this morning.
  8. Thanks for the responses. I plan on getting one of these and see how it goes. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/marine-metal-products-cool-bubbles-8-qt-insulated-livewell?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwObPreW-4wIVRr7ACh0-zQdcEAQYBCABEgJBb_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds#repChildCatid=12044&affcode=42&campid=1757576084&adgroupid=67599021726&device=c&keyword=010951861&Channel=pla
  9. In this heat is it reasonable to expect minnows to stay alive for long? Or is there a way that can help keep them alive for longer periods? I tried fishing with some fish lights after dark last weekend and was surprised we actually caught some decent crappie. We did not keep any but this weekend i plan on doing it again and maybe keep a few. Last weekend I bought 2 dozen minnows and had them in a Styrofoam minnow bucket and some died pretty quick, and some lasted to the next morning. But i was thinking maybe there is something i could do to help them survive. Which brings up another question. If i put the crappie in a fish basket and let it go down 5-10 feet, will the crappie stay alive for a while? Or should i just put them on ice in a cooler? My plan is to fish long enough to hopefully get enough to clean, like 10 to 15, then clean them when it gets light.
  10. Great stories and great memories. i am lucky that i have a bunch of those memories too from all there years of fishing with my kids. And that smallmouth looks huge for the length of it. It is probably the heaviest smallmouth under 18" i have seen here in Missouri. Looks like a northern smallmouth actually. Like you get in Canada.
  11. It is an 18/56 and has a merc 90/65. It is not a go fast boat by any stretch. I can cruise between 25-30 when it is loaded. I actually wish i had gone up to the 115/90. But because it is a 4 stroke i get great mileage for a jet. Neat thing at LOTO was taking it up past the swinging bridge on the glaize a couple different times last summer. And i plan on running up the nianguas too very soon.
  12. Here is my experience with fishing in and around STL. When my kids were young I spent many days on the Meramec, either wading or in a canoe. We would haul them all ( I have 3) along with other family or friends to the caverns and hang out there on the gravel beaches alongside the parking lot. Sometimes we would camp there. But mostly it was just a day trip where the kids would swim, fish and play in the water and I would wade and fish as I could. Then later as they were getting older I found property that I bought on the Meramec and ended up going from the canoe to a jet boat. I had 3 different jet boats while we were there and still have the last one I bought in 2015, which was a modified V Blazer. We spent 14 years there and loved it until they got older and went off to college and we got tired of the flooding and finally sold it. When we sold the river place we bought a condo by the Grand Glaize Bridge at LOTO and I had the Blazer on a lift there 18 months and loved it. Recently we bought a house by Linn creek and now the Blazer is sitting on the lift there. I have also hauled my boat to many of the smaller MCD lakes where it is trolling motor only, like Little Dixie. And also to the Quiver river state park and the lake there. I got the Blazer I did because I knew I could use it on the river and also on area lakes. I think many people do not realize how versatile a modified V on the front of a jet boat is. I have had no issues with my boat on rivers running shallow and also had no issues using it on big lakes. I use it on LOTO, and have been to Tablerock, Bull Shoals, and hauled it to Rainy lake in Canada for two different week long trips. I also haul it to the White river below Bull Shoals every year. Like any other fishing boat, there are times I do not run the main channel at LOTO. But for almost 8 months of the year I can go about anywhere I want as long as I use common sense.
  13. My wife caught this one out of the Meramec a few years ago and it is still the biggest smallmouth i have ever seen . We didn't weight it but is was 22".
  14. I know in my own experience my electronics have helped me a lot. I am an old river fisherman that has moved to LOTO. I have two nice Garmin's on my boats that I did not use much on the river. Once I started fishing the lake, I have learned to look for brush and depth changes, and channels swings and anything else that will hold fish. I am now catching bass and crappie I probably would not even of known were there before. It is really cool to be to see a brush pile on the graph and then make a cast to it with a bass or crappie jig, and then feel the tap as the bait gets to the brush. And then set the hook and have a fish on. I have also fished to the dots on the screen many times now and caught them. And again I would not have known they were there before. I am in no way saying I am ready to compete on any tournament circuit, but it sure has been fun learning how to use them.
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