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  1. Blazerman

    Sykora wins again

    maybe all the relocated fish that end up there.
  2. Blazerman

    Sykora wins again

    i cannot imagine what it's like to run a bass boat 172 miles on a Saturday in July at LOTO but i guess it is worth it if you win $4871. https://www.flwfishing.com/news/2018-07-02-osage-beach-s-sykora-wins-t-h-marine-flw-bass-fishing-league-ozark-division-tournament-on-lake-of-the-ozarks
  3. Blazerman

    Another Boat Runs Into a Cliff

    It amazes me anybody runs into anything at LOZ. I always say you can tell the lake is owned by an electric company with how lit up it is. Especially with all the dock and wave breaks lights everywhere. I was at Tablerock a few time last year and out after dark and was amazed at how dark it was. Then going back to LOZ it is like night and day.
  4. Blazerman

    Lake levels

    Be careful what you wish for. One year ago and running through May 1st we had some major rain along with plenty of washing out of gullies and a lot of major flooding.
  5. Blazerman

    Big Bass Bash

    Yeah just saw that on the AIA Facebook page. Only fish he caught all weekend it said. 8 miles up the Niangua.
  6. Blazerman

    Big Bass Bash

    Heard So if i heard this right, the guy that won first place slept in Sunday morning and was not even sure he was going to head out because of the weather. Then he decides to go at 10:30 and was using a spinner bait “up the river” and caught the winning fish. Amazing.
  7. Blazerman

    Big Bass Bash

    I have been mostly fishing the Glaize this week and amazingly, the water is still 48-49 degrees in the morning. But today it finally got warmer this afternoon, up to 55 in the back of some of the coves. As expected i have caught keeper bass on an A rig, spinner bait and the rock crawler. But non would of been money fish unless they pay for a 3.5 pounder this year.. No one i know that has been fishing this week has come up with a solid pattern so far. Unless they are not talking about it. But like usual, plenty of bass will be caught this weekend and all the spots will be paid. Good luck to all.
  8. Blazerman

    Big Bass Bash

    As most probably know, the Spring BBB is the weekend. Who's in? Wonder how the weather will affect the bass fishing? I know the locals are still catching them with A rigs, jerk baits, jigs, and spinnerbaits. For me personally, like usual, i have no clue. I hope to get out and find out for myself starting today. And then i will join the crowd and see if i can get lucky this weekend. If i find anything working i will report back. Good luck to all fishing it.
  9. Blazerman

    Crappie picking up

    Seems like the bigger girls are showing up. Lot of thick 11's and 12'" and the one on top is 13" But is was an afternoon bite, at least on Friday. i did not crappie fish Saturday or Sunday.
  10. Blazerman

    3-31-18 Snagging

    i always say that about bacon. You could wrap anything in bacon and cook it and it would be great. Like a dog turd. Where do you get Zatarains Crispy Southern?
  11. Blazerman

    Got into the act...

    Nice fish. The most amazing part of this story is Hog Wally skipped fishing because he had to work!
  12. Old Plug, a lot of what you post is hard to understand but this sentence is 100% true.
  13. Blazerman

    8 lber caught yesterday

    Results from the MoBassFishin' Solo series tournament as reported on the Bassin Bob website. Today Bobby Albert smashed 25.10 pounds of Lake of the Ozarks Bass anchored by a giant 8.10 pounder. Bobby fished from the 50mm and above and reported catching his monster bag on the spinner bait and jig. Second place was won by Bassing Bob member, John Vonahn. John also had second big bass, 5.70 pounds. John reported catching a lot of fish on some banks in the Gravois, he reported catching his fish on 6th sense stickbait. Wiggle wart crawdad (Original) and shad rap. Most anglers reported catching their fish on the stick bait, jig, A-rig and crank baits, mid way to the back of creeks on rock transition banks and secondary points.
  14. Blazerman

    Bass Tournament- Cold Water Challenge

    Got this from Bassin Bob and they did not have 4th place listed. Sorry Ed. Chris Embry / Justin Minx 5 19.88 2nd Place Scott Danek / Scott Danek Jr. 5 17.87 3rd Place Ryan Sonders 5 16.86
  15. Blazerman

    What will you be doing at age 67?

    I am 60 now and when i was younger I did lawncare and landscaping for 20 years and beat my body up. Have had shoulder surgery on one shoulder and knee surgery on one knee and they are telling me i need to get the other ones done too. I have had a desk job for 20 years now and my back hurts every time i stand up, They say sitting is the new smoking and i believe it. Hope to retire soon so i can enjoy my remaining years before i can't do the things i want to do anymore.

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