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  1. Blazerman

    Our annual trip

    i brought the Blazer although they were running water pretty much the whole time so no one had any issues going anywhere.
  2. Blazerman

    Our annual trip

    We had our annual trip last week through Sunday and had a blast like usual. Caught some good ones, biggest being a 4.1 brown. Also this year the walleye showed up, the guys had 8 total with the biggest being 7.1. This was our 30 year and the best part like always is the food and fellowship. The guys that put it on do an amazing job with all the meals and every year gets better. How they manage to bring and cook enough food for like 24 to 30 guys is mind boggling. This year i brought my son for the first time and he had a blast. That is him holding the brown. Also the last pic of the fish in the net, looks like a rainbow but has spots like a brown. Anybody know what it is?
  3. Blazerman

    What's your favorite fish?

    in the past i would instantly say smallmouth in an Ozark stream. But after catching some nice hybrids this year i was amazed at how hard they hit and fight. Makes me want to catch a bunch more.
  4. Blazerman

    Chiefs - AFC championship game

    They are saying single digits on Sunday. i think if i had tickets i would be selling them quick and finding a nice bar to watch the game at.
  5. Blazerman

    STL area breakfast/lunch group

    you thinking week days or weekends? i cannot do week days unless it is after work like Snagged was saying.
  6. Blazerman

    Jet Boat Safety

    Even after you get to be an old pro and run the rivers all the time you will still have mishaps. Ask any old river runner and they will tell you it is not a question of if only when it will happen. Most of them have many stories about the times they have crashed or ended up high and dry. The rivers change after every flood and things move around a lot. Like everyone is saying boulders are the worse and logs and stump can do damage so try to avoid them. Running shallow many times means you will beach or at least suck some gravel so get use to that. Only way to learn is to get out there and do it. I would say take it slow, but you normally want to stay on plain to run shallow so slowing down is not the best option in most cases. Good luck.
  7. Blazerman

    Winter Crappie Question

    These are the pics he was trying to post
  8. Blazerman

    Winter Crappie Question

    Funny you should say that. I spent yesterday evening powder coating a bunch of jigs heads. They are nice and bright and real pretty. Will do a couple more colors tonight to be ready for this weekend.
  9. Blazerman

    Winter Crappie Question

    This guy knows what he is talking about. He has crappie catching dialed in and consistently catches them most every time out. These were from yesterday morning. (Thanks for taking me Ed). We fished with jigs and did not use any crappie nibbles. Some were under docks and some were near trees and brush near the bank.
  10. After reading this thread I realize I have been very lucky dealing with thrashing whites and hybrids after dark using a crank bait with two treble hooks. Seems like they never stop fighting and thrashing while trying to unhook them. I am now going to make sure I have a new pair of side cutters and a first aid kit in my boat. One thing I have noticed though is I have hooked my paints leg or shorts a few different times while carrying my rods down to the boat because of the hook keepers hooked on the rod. It seems it always results in a torn article of clothing getting the hook back out when that happens.
  11. Blazerman

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    i did get out for a while last evening at dark. I did not go after green bass as i thought the wind might fire up the white bass. I was right
  12. Blazerman

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    I am in and i will come by and see my old river buddies for sure. My condo is 5 minutes from PB2 by land or by water so i will stop by for sure.
  13. Blazerman

    Webb outdoor championship

    Watched Mike catch his fifth keeper right in front on my dock slip as we were talking. I had just asked him how he was doing and he said i got 4 decent keepers and need one more good one. He made a cast and then loaded up and set the hook. Once he got it in the net and in the boat he collapsed on the deck and said "dude that fish might of just won me a 40 grand bass boat. and he said look at me i am shaking like a leaf. i said hope it did. And he did win. That was very cool to see. http://webboutdoors.com/2015-info/central-elite-pro/2017-elite-results/marfell-wins-elite-championship-and-nitro-z19-powered-by-mercury/
  14. Blazerman

    Thinking of winter tricks

    i was thinking of doing this too only with a 3- way swivel. Have a weight on the bottom line and a suspending jerkbait off the other with 18" -24" of leader. I believe the goal would be getting it closer to the bottom and i am thinking having the bait tied on a 3- way might make it act more like it is supposed too.

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