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  1. Saw pics of some really nice bass being caught this past weekend. 6 and 7 lbers.
  2. Did not see near as many boats this weekend. Cooler weather had the bigger boats staying away and even saw a lot less fishing boats. But the weather did not seem to bother the fish. Seems like the crappie have moved in to spawn. Yesterday evening just before dark I had a nice limit in under two hours standing on the back corner of a dock and making the same cast over and over. i was throwing parallel to the bank and getting hit about 3-4 away from the bank every cast. And that was after bass fishing for a few hours in the morning. Bass are turning on too.
  3. i have this pic from our old river place on the Meramec that i took when i was planting some milkweed for monarchs. In the background is the bluebird house i put up. i think the plan was to show the before and after of the milkweed. The bluebird house had been there a few years by then. i think it was the spring of 2015 when i put it there and a week after setting it in place, there was a pair of bluebirds using it. I remember this because i saw the female going in and out of the house and when i looked, there was a nest in it. A couple weeks after that we had a spring flood and the water got up to where it flooded that field and the water was about 2 foot high on the post that held the bluebird house. And the bluebirds didn't care and never missed a beat and had a bunch of babies over the years up until we sold the place. I often wonder now if it is still there and they are still using it. Btw, i don't remember ever seeing milkweed after it flooded and i figured the seed had washed away.
  4. i want from not having it on my old boat and then having it on my new boat and now would not be without tilt and trim. But i had a jet so probably not apples to apples. With the jet with out power trim every time i wanted to pull to the shore i was always worried about sucking gravel or junk into the jet. With power trim i just trimmed it up as i was beaching. i am sure that is the same deal with a prop, but maybe not as important.
  5. That was the one mistake i made when i had mine built- i wish i had gone a little higher with the horsepower. But at the time i did not see me being full time at the lake. I had the river place back then and was only planning on doing the occasional lake trip. Turned out opposite of that. I keep it at the lake and do the occasional river trip. But it is still nice to be able to do either without any issues.
  6. Yeah I have come to love mine and would not be without one. They are a pain when fishing but in the heat of summer or pouring rain it is really nice to sit under.
  7. I posted on here before about how i think i i have the perfect river and lake boat. i ran all over the Meramec for year and ran in some super skinny water with no issues. Now i keep it at LOTO where i use it for all my bass and crappie fishing. Plus ran way up past the swinging bridge a couple of times. Also used it on the White river below Bullshoals dam and on Bullshoals, Table Rock and hauled it up to Canada to fish Rainy lake a couple times. Being an 1856 with the modified V and high sides it handles waves fairly well. And the 90/65 4 stroke is super quiet and i get decent gas mileage. Only downside (for some) is it is not a go fast boat by any stretch.
  8. In 99 I was 2 years into my new IT career and was also carrying a pager for the big crash that never came. And I was truly happy to be out of the lawn care and landscaping field I had been in for 20 years. No more snow plowing ! I was in a great marriage to a beautiful woman and had 3 kids and I was looking forward to whatever life had in store. And amazingly things have gone better than I could of imagined. I survived two buy outs and I am still employed, although about ready to retire. Two of my kids have graduated college and the third one will this May. And my wife and I are truly in a great place. We bought a house last year in Linn creek and plan on living there after retirement. Life is good.
  9. This past summer we upgraded our swim ladder to a Wet Step and the old ladder was sunk at the back end of one of our boat slips. I also ended up hanging two of the christmas trees off the dock and i plan on setting the other 3 horizontally behind the dock.
  10. I managed to get 5 nice big Christmas trees from a local lot yesterday and now I am thinking about the best way to sink them. I have done it before and i normally cut some branches off to give them some openings between the branches and then tie a line to the top and add some weight to the trunk at the bottom and hang them off the dock. But maybe placing them horizontal would be better? Also it might be better to let them sit for a month or two to dry out and lose the needles? Also might be better to sink two or three together? Create a good size brush pile right behind my dock? I am curious to hear what you all think is the best way?
  11. You too dude. I fished my very first bass tournament as a co-angler with two rods. One had a Ambassadeur 4500 and the other was a zebco 33. I think it was 1975 and i was 18. BASS had a tournament at the Lake and there were a bunch of guys like Roland Martin and no one knew who they were at that time. My "Pro" was a farmer from mid missouri and my tourmament was not fun in his little "bass" boat in March with the wind howling. We were bouncing around while he was trying to run "up the river" and ended up breaking off the trolling motor and it went downhill from there. But i did actually catch more fish then he did. i was throwing a purple plastic worm and he thought i was nuts for fishing a worm in the cold water. After i caught a few including a decent keeper he said you got any more of those worms.
  12. i'll tell you this about main lake points last year, my good buddy who has been fishing there his whole life of 60+ years kept texting me pics last spring of 5lb plus fish saying "man are you getting in on this main lake bite" He said in all his years he had never seen the bite so good for big bass. Based on his pcs i have no doubt it was happening. His place is in Racoon Holler and he would go from there straight to hopping around main lake points and hammer them time after time.
  13. Lake News is reporting today Ameren says they will begin dropping it beginning in January. https://www.lakenewsonline.com/news/20191212/ameren-missouri-begins-winter-drawdown-at-lake-of-ozarks
  14. Nice boat and fish. Also nice that someone is running around the Meramec in a RiverPro now that Hogwally is slacking off running around the country for HD Tackle. I definitely miss running the river and fishing the Meramec in the fall.
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