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  1. Blazerman

    Thinking of winter tricks

    i was thinking of doing this too only with a 3- way swivel. Have a weight on the bottom line and a suspending jerkbait off the other with 18" -24" of leader. I believe the goal would be getting it closer to the bottom and i am thinking having the bait tied on a 3- way might make it act more like it is supposed too.
  2. Blazerman

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    Wow. I got into some whites and Hybrids last night and now i know why you could get addicted to chasing hybrids. Man talk about a blast. They hit so hard you better be holding your rod tightly as you reel. I had one that was like hooking a freight train. All i could do was hold on and listen to the drag sing as it did circles around the boat. It finally wrapped around the trolling motor and broke off. But i did land a couple along with the whites.
  3. Blazerman

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    Yesterday with the cloud cover and cooler temps the Whites were blasting shad all over. I started out to fish for Bass and started on a point not far from my place. Within five minutes of being there i noticed the whites blasting shad not far from me. So I fired up the big motor and eased closer then used the trolling motor to get within casting distant and managed to get three nice ones in the boat before they went back down. I then starting random casting a crank bait and got hit a bunch bringing it in but did not connect. A while later i saw another big school doing their thing and tried to get to it, but could not get over to them before they went back down. Saw a few more over the course of the day but got tired of chasing them.
  4. On Ozark streams, I have always considered any smallmouth 15” to 18” a good one. Get a few of those on a trip and you have had a very good day. Anything over 18” is getting to trophy class and 20” and over is a definite trophy for most folks that fish the river occasionally. There are some who fish Ozark stream all the time (like every day) and these numbers would not apply to them. They catch many fish 15” to 19” and hit the 20” mark a few times a year. And I have had many days where all I caught were 10” to 15” and thoroughly enjoy the day. And all of them were released. I did have a replica made of my wife's monster (22") from a few years ago and that is now hanging on the wall.
  5. Blazerman

    Trout for Sale - $4 each!

    Many years ago we used to go to a VFW place down the road from us for fish once a week because the people running it lived in our neighborhood. They had a sign listing prices for the different meals and also for different fish. The sign said cod fish dinner x amount, walleye x amount, crappie X amount, and catfish.x amount, ( i don't remember all the prices). I asked my neighbor one time where they get all the different kinds of fish and he looked around and kind of whispered, it's all the same. people can't tell the difference and we have never have anyone complain.
  6. Blazerman

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    Great info.
  7. Blazerman

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    So what do you do? Wait for them to show up on the surface? i ran into a deal two weekends ago up a creek where there were shad everywhere and something would slash through them on the surface. But not consistently. I could see a ton of bigger fish under me on the fish finder and threw everything i could think of and finally caught a nice white on a red eye shad. But only the one. Also caught a 14" spot that was busting on the surface but that was it. That was frustrating.
  8. I didn't know if my Iphone would capture how amazing the sunrise was, but it did a really good job. This was taken from the long stretch right in front of PB2.
  9. Mine is pretty obvious Blazerman because that was my fist jet boat. When I bought it, I looked at a lot of different boats and narrowed it down to two I liked. Weldcraft and Blazer. Found a decent used Blazer like I was looking for by Doniphan that was used on the Current. So I ran down there and bought it. That was about 12 years ago and back then you did not see many Blazers on the Meramec. Now it seems like every outboard jet is a Blazer and I am on my second one. My avatar is a nice smallmouth I caught on a jerkbait on the Meramec in December many moons ago.
  10. Blazerman

    Tragic Event

    In the videos it looked like the drivers were trying to keep the things pointed at the waves because it looked like if they had turned sideways the waves would of rolled them over.
  11. Blazerman

    6" of rain so far...

    This looks like how the Meramec looks all the time. Makes me want to run it again. Good times.
  12. Blazerman

    6" of rain so far...

    Just looking at the weather channel and saw this- Severe Weather Alerts - Osage Beach, MO Flash Flood Warning Flash Flood Warning in effect until 5:00 PM CDT. Source: U.S. National Weather Service The National Weather Service in Springfield ...
  13. Blazerman

    Sykora wins again

    maybe all the relocated fish that end up there.
  14. Blazerman

    Sykora wins again

    i cannot imagine what it's like to run a bass boat 172 miles on a Saturday in July at LOTO but i guess it is worth it if you win $4871. https://www.flwfishing.com/news/2018-07-02-osage-beach-s-sykora-wins-t-h-marine-flw-bass-fishing-league-ozark-division-tournament-on-lake-of-the-ozarks
  15. Blazerman

    Another Boat Runs Into a Cliff

    It amazes me anybody runs into anything at LOZ. I always say you can tell the lake is owned by an electric company with how lit up it is. Especially with all the dock and wave breaks lights everywhere. I was at Tablerock a few time last year and out after dark and was amazed at how dark it was. Then going back to LOZ it is like night and day.

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