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  1. Nice boat and fish. Also nice that someone is running around the Meramec in a RiverPro now that Hogwally is slacking off running around the country for HD Tackle. I definitely miss running the river and fishing the Meramec in the fall.
  2. Wild story. Be careful out there! https://www.newsweek.com/arkansas-hunter-deer-puncture-wounds-1467449
  3. Saw a post on FB showing one of the boats fishing in the Gravois area this morning. Had the ref and the camera man with him.
  4. Been there done that and that it why i am on my second blazer now.
  5. I don't fish many tournaments but the one BFL i fished at LOTO taught me a lot. As a co-angler i got to watch a pretty good pro do his thing, which was flipping, pitching and skipping his bait around and under every dock he wanted to fish to. I was amazed by how far he could get a texas rigged worm up under a dock and also how consistently he could hit every little opening between the floats. Or under cables and next to piers. It showed me why they are catching fish that most average guys never get a bait to. It was fall fishing and a tough bite but he ended up getting his limit.
  6. I have never hunted ducks but looking at these jigs makes me want to go out shoot some just to send you the feathers and get some jigs back.
  7. I actually pulled up to a main lake point that has big brush pile that is about 15-20 deep and threw my deep running crankbait to come through it and ended up getting 5 fish there and 3 of them were keepers. Every time i felt it hit the brush and come through i would get a fish. There were two guys fishing in a really nice Nitro with dual power poles across the point from me and after i caught those fish they came over slowly and said hope you don't mind we came over but man we had to know what you're doing. They said we been fishing all day and not gotten squat and they were pre-fishing for this Costa tournament this weekend and we are not from around here and said we see you pull up and catch 5. So I showed them the crankbait and we talked a bit and i wished them luck. One thing i know from experience, i could pull up to that point 5 different times and not get anything and then on the 6th time they have decided to feed and they eat whatever is pitched in there and it can be fun.
  8. The four keepers i caught Sunday were all on crainkbaits. I use a deep runner on main lake points and a squarebill around docks. Caught plenty of fish but no money fish.
  9. Saw where some guys fishing the BBB at LOTO over the weekend got hit. They lost some rods and gear and their electronics. Sad deal. I found some solar motion detector lights that have magnets that i attach to my dock poles and i am hoping if the lights pop on it might make them want to move on.
  10. No money fish for me but it was definitely better on Sunday after the rain. I had 4 keepers in the last couple hours but together they might of went 10lbs. Caught a bunch of shorts too. Always fun though.
  11. What do all you think? Will it take a 4lber to get a check once again in every time slot? It seems the lake has been fishing pretty tough for bass lately. Tournament winning weights have been pretty low last few weeks.
  12. I do not know if they are river strain but i agree there is a resident population of walleye in the white. Our group has been going there for 30 years in Feb. and every year we end up with some nice walleye while fishing for trout. And many time you can see them on the bottom as you float with the current. Seems like they migrate towards the dam to spawn and i have heard of guys targeting them in the state park at night with big jointed jerk baits. This past Feb i am pretty sure our group had more then any year before (but this pic is from a few years ago).
  13. I had a big one last fall come straight to the boat as i was reeling as fast as i could and it went straight under and kept going and i almost broke my rod before i could push it into the water down under the boat so that the drag could pull as it was flying away. It then came back towards the boat and wrapped around the trolling motor and broke off. All i could do was shake my head a laugh.
  14. Wow, all i can say is they know you well or they think you look like a criminal.
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