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  1. They also gave us some Lews rods. Pretty well ran tournament, they gave every boat 2 bas of ice when they did livewell checks, also at weigh in, free jerky, t-shirts, waters. IT was a fun day
  2. I think 81 boats showed up. took over 18 to win. I had 14.97 to get the last little check. Its always the story of the one that got a way. Had a 4.5+ come off right at the net. Would have bumped me up to 2nd or 3rd. We caught them on Spoons, jigs, and on Top with a walking bait.
  3. Nice fish, Looks like the ole Merc Tower of Power
  4. Anyone fishing the LEO Tourney out of Long creek? Supposedly 100 boats on a Thursday, seems like a lot.
  5. I have that same motor. Really like it, very smooth
  6. Hopefully the new Garmin, Motorguide, and Lawrance trollers that are coming out will be a little cheaper, or maybe drive the Ultrex price down some
  7. The Savage gear snake makes a great wake and slithers so good through the water.
  8. When i used to eat trout i would just boat up to monkey island from Scotty's anchor up my little jon boat behind the island in the eddy and throw any color power bait you want on a #10 hook with 4 lb line pretty simple. Its also fun to trow little rapalas or jigs at them. You could always troll little rapalas or flicker shads around the landing and catch quite a few. Ive always caught lots on the down stream side of the White river fish house in the little eddy it makes. As far as regulations, youll just need a trout stamp if you want to keep them
  9. I had a buddy try one the other day and it rolled right over. Maybe it was a lemon
  10. The last 30 minutes or so he caught some on a buzz bait around bushes. Cody Meyer was off shore wrecking them on a sexy dog the last 15 minutes
  11. Once again all the previouse records were broke. I think its happened every stage now... I do think this one may stick a while though
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