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  1. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Scary to watch

    I dont know how much a bus like that weighs, but im sure its more than the 10 ton weight limit of the bridge, fill it full of passengers and luggage and im sure it over double
  2. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Scary to watch

    ran across this video on Facebook today.... No thanks
  3. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    10-7-18 big m

    I Remember when i first got a boat, i was chasing gar half the day throwing topwater thinking they were bass. Then i finally realized i wasted a solid 4 hours. They are thick up the James this time of year
  4. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Empty Seats this weekend?

    YOu can still do some Tourneys. There is an all aluminum series that we do. Some of the guys even just rig up big coolers for livewells with aerators. And they have won a few of them this year. Their fish always are lively too. Next one is the end of the month on Stockton
  5. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing League 2018

    I like FLW's fantasy way better than bass, You can pick any of the anglers in your budget, you not limited to certain ones in certain slots. IT really helps seperate everyone's scores
  6. aarchdale@coresleep.com


    Jeep tow ratings make no since, they go off the gears they put in from the factory. I can go buy a new two door with a tow rating of 3500. Just because it has 4.10's, and a small increase in power. Mine doesnt squat at all in the rear and tow perfectly straight. I drag my boat all over the place the last 4 years with no issues. My boat is over 2000 with everything packed in it. Even in 2007 when my jeep was new if i would have got the "tow package" from jeep, all it means is they slapped 4.10's and a $50 hitch on the back. Crazy how they come up with the factory ratings. Heck i tow my dads 19ft glass boat down to Bull occasionally. No issues at all.
  7. aarchdale@coresleep.com


    Mine is the 2 door with a 3.8. had 3.21 gars in it. After the lift and big heavy tires i had to go with 4.88's to get 5th and 6th gear back
  8. aarchdale@coresleep.com


    Hows the Jeep pull that thing? Mine couldnt event get my 17ft tracker up the ramp without fourwheel drive or some major clutch slipping. Finally got lower gears last winter, best money ever spent
  9. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Monster Carp

    either way it was a hell of a fight and fun. What do people use to try to catch them? I have a neighborhood pond that have a few that look to be in the 3 ft range, wouldnt mind hooking into another with appropriate gear
  10. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Monster Carp

    It is kinda a weird angle, had to prop my phone up and figure out how to set a timer. I caught a flathead once that was 34lbs and this thing was longer and bigger around so that all im judging off of.
  11. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Bass Pro Tour Changing Tournament Fishing Forever

    I thought i recognized the back of your boat from the Bull Shoals pics. Yep i was the other guy in aluminum. your 6 lbs may have got you 4th and a little money, very few limits. I just had 2, one small keeper and a 3.5.
  12. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Bass Pro Tour Changing Tournament Fishing Forever

    Were you in the Cape Tournament? G3?
  13. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Bass Pro Tour Changing Tournament Fishing Forever

    I saw a boat all the way up at McCords Bend. Im sure they had fun it was a typical MLF 1 pound dink fest up there
  14. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Monster Carp

    yep, it was definitely a grass carp, Gave me a workout and pulled my boat around for about 15 minutes
  15. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Monster Carp

    Caught a giant today up around MCCords bend. No clue in the weight my scale only goes to 15. Gotta be pushing 30. This thing inhaled a war eagle spinner bait. Can’t believe the bait held together till the end

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