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  1. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Jerkbait question

    Best bet is to use the line you like and can afford, by some suspend dots and just play with it. A kitchen sink of water isnt gonna tell you crap, once you have line on it and the temp of the water will dictate how it float, sinks, suspends, or whatever you want it to do
  2. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Tips for running to the dam

    Thanks Travis.... Phil, I called when I got to the dam and it said it was 707. Is that phone number that tells the level exact or does it take time to update?
  3. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Tips for running to the dam

    I headed up there at about 11:30 after i stopped and grabbed some jigs. They were slowing the generation down at that point. I made it no problem. Caught a few here in there. I did end up with a real nice rainbow. 22" on a white 1/8 jig. Took a few pics and let her swim off. Not sure if ive ever caught a rainbow over 20.
  4. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Tips for running to the dam

    Thanks, thats what i was hoping for. Ill be by your place to get some jigs before i head up there
  5. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Tips for running to the dam

    ITs been a couple years since i ran much past fall creek. Planning on going tomorrow. Any hazards i need to watch for? Whats a safe generation to make it up there without tearing things up?
  6. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Paddlefish poaching article

    We made a no channel cat rule when spear fishing on Bull. They taste like garbage
  7. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Bull creek questions

    YOu can go a couple miles up from Taney in a prop boat. Ive caught plenty of bass up there. Lots of suckers run up ther in the spring and ive seen a lot of crappie hanging around brush when ive been up there. Didnt have any crappie gear with me at the time but there were a bunch. It doesnt take much to make it flow pretty good but usually clears up real fast. Im sure you could catch trout up there pretty easy in the colder months too
  8. If your in Springfield area go to Fin & Feather and check out the Denali Kovert rods. They are hard to beat for $99. And if you ever have an issue they will take care of it.
  9. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Big M area 2/13

    Ive been using power pro red because they were out of the yellow, I ended up really liking it so far, way easier to see than green
  10. aarchdale@coresleep.com


    Do Walleye have a successful spawn in Stockton, or is it Stocked like Bull Shoals
  11. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Favorite fish coating, or favorite fish recipes

    I love my air fryer, but i did try a wallet fillet in it and it wasnt very good at all
  12. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Best Jigs to use on TR

    I started using 5 fish lures since Pig Sticker doesnt offer the Snowden jig any more. They are great jigs. And cant beat the price
  13. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Kim City - Feb 4, general bite info

    Those guys down at Cape tore them upTyesterday . 22lbs for the win
  14. aarchdale@coresleep.com


    Just a side note my motor mate made it anothe 80 miles today, transom is still there. Never saw the engine move an inch
  15. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    New reels

    The orange crush reel is great, the rod that comes with is a POS, im on my 3rd one. They just keep on chewing up my line. Ive taken them in every time to Sportsmans and they find a bad eye and replace it everytime

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