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  1. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Very Good December Bass Fishing 12-13-18

    HAHA in 20 minutes you could be up either arm from there. Its not a very big lake
  2. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Lowrance hds 8 non touch to hd structure scan

    It will definitely have both DI and side scan. You will be happy with it. I thought it looked just as good on my the HDS 7. Just as clear as my new Garmin
  3. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Lowrance hds 8 non touch to hd structure scan

    Your right the Structure scan HD uses the LSS2. I don't think the actual skimmer says LSS2 anywhere if I remember right
  4. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Lowrance hds 8 non touch to hd structure scan

    You should be able to use you transducer you already have mounted back there for the 2d on the HDS when you move it back to the console. The skimmer transducer will run the down and side view. I had the exact same set up as you except mine was a HDS 7... I ran my Elite 7 off my Xi5 and it worked well. And I used the Transducer that came with my Elite for my HDS 2d because the one it came with got busted off
  5. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Lowrance hds 8 non touch to hd structure scan

    The LSS2 does down scan also
  6. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    My First Elk Hunt

    For 4 years ive been driving from Springfield to Goodland Kansas and everywhere in between for work. It really is a horrible place. Although ive driven across Nebraska too so i know it could be worse
  7. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    WYSIWYG jerk bait sale!

    I cant find them cheaper than $25 unless you order from Japan
  8. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    How many hours

    I put 50 on my boat since March. They dont add up as quick as you think. I felt like i was on the water a lot this for me, year 6 or 7 times a month and i tend to run around a lot more than most the guys i know that have boats.
  9. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    WYSIWYG jerk bait sale!

    that is a good deal considering you could only buy 1 1/2 megabass's for that
  10. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Question about Nanofil

    Wow i just cant imagne somthing throwing better than 10lb braid. May have to give some a shot on my Ned set ups. Does it float? And what about line twist? MY biggest fear is that i may like it and it cost me a small fortune to re-rig everything
  11. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Question about Nanofil

    Whats the advanage of nanofil over braid? If your putting a leader on either way. I cant imagine nanofil out casting or being stronger than braid. Sounds like its a pain in the but if the knots are that critical, not to mention double the price of braid
  12. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Fish 24/7 IS Fish24/7

    I was wondering where you've been. Not many other Bull reporters on here. Looks like a nice fish. I hope to get down to Big creek area the week before christmas.
  13. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Gun questions

    I watched my 3 year old use his bike as a weapon on his mom the other day
  14. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Half of the people are below average.

    I had to honk at 3 different people the other day at green light because there nose was burried in their phones. Phones are the most annoying thing ever. When im out here in Kansas driving I get pretty bored and every car that passes me on the interstate i will glance over at. at least 4 out of 10 will be looking at their phone.
  15. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Half of the people are below average.

    I Travel for a living out in Kansas. I basically travel so other people dont have to. I set up sleep labs in rural hospitals so they dont have to travel to a larger city to get a sleep study. So i guess either way someone is putting miles on. But some of the elderly people cant drive, so me coming to them is a real service. Of course i could move to Kansas and make my travel much less, but after growing up fishing Table Rock, Bull and Lake O......there is no amount of money to get me to move to Kansas. I drive a Newer Toyota Rav 4 now , and have also had a Subaru Outback, both very reliable.

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