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  1. Ketchup is no longer in the tin crew. He got a big fancy Skeeter. But one of the original guys did win in a Tracker
  2. I love Bull so much but i have giving up on that place, Hate fishing when its flooded. September always used to be my favorite month for trolling cranks for Walleye
  3. I was wondering where all your summer reports have been this year
  4. They say it will constantly draw a little bit. Mine has never drained my battery a bit. Ive tested my battery, left for a week and came back and it hadn't drained at all. Garmin does recommends putting it on a separate switch so you can turn it off though
  5. I hate when people try to get on the front deck with me. I told my buddy if he wants on the front so bad to buy his own boat. Hes convinced the guy in the back NEVER catches as many
  6. Would you want to buy it for cheap? The recoil needs to be re wound up, i pulled it a few times and then the rope came out. I could give it to Jerry to bring up when he brings you his new boat
  7. Well it isnt new but i finally found a 16/42 that seemed perfect for what i want it for. Springfield lake/gigging. Drove to the middle of no where to get it but i feel like i got a good deal. WRENCH!!! I wasnt event looking for a gas engine but it had one with it so i gladly took it. What do you know about these 9.8 mercs. I couldnt get anything to come up with the serial number 4997653. they said it ran last year but who knows. most the wiring under the hood looks rotton and broken coming from the switch box. It will definitly need replaced. I was going to fo a compres
  8. I have 6 new bags, im pretty tempted to sell them on ebay
  9. Better get on ebay and get some Berkely flat worms for $20 a bag. lol
  10. Surfing doesnt take much skill. You never hardly see anyone wakeboarding doing flips and stuff. At least that is entertaining to watch
  11. Im not sure the brand but i have these plastic things that go around the board and they are so slick it is scary. Even on ramps that are not steep, as soon as i release the tension on the winch she slides right in. I cant even nose my boat up to the roller without it sliding back when loading. I keep telling myself im going to carpet them one of these days
  12. Launched at Cape Fair and went and did some drop shotting. Caught a kitty and some decent spots. Then decided to go up to Bridgeport since its been a while since i went up that way. Stopped under the bridge and for a solid hour and a half caught the heck out of them on top. About every 5 minutes they would come up chasing shad. When they weren't on top i threw a crank at them and caught them doing that too. Im sure a lot of things would have worked, Shad were small, i didnt have a Dixie Jet tied on but i bet that would have been great. On Live Scope the top 10-15ft of the water column was ju
  13. no pics but my brother has been down and rang the bell hanging on the bridge under Kimberling City bridge
  14. If the Battery is pretty new, Take it to Ellis battery. They sell and warranty the Fish Hunter Batteries. Ive ran those for a while
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