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  1. Took the ole man down today pretty much looking for whatever bites. At the Beaver ramp the water was 52 degrees. Went up Beaver almost to Kissie water was 62-65 degrees, trolled flicker shads and caught 1 little white. Started casting a rooster tail and caught 1 decent white. Pretty slow, we scrapped that plan and went back around Beaver and found some bedding bass. Caught a chunky spot nd two nice largemouth on a wacky rig throwing around beds
  2. step on the pedal slide it forward and down into place. They arent very user friendly to deploy depending on your type of boat
  3. Big Chief is a troll. only posts when he wants to try an undermind wrench... Move on dude its getting old. 6000+ post and most are something about wrench or his beliefs or opinions.
  4. Speaking of the Rat wake bait. I picked up a Savage gear wake snake the other day. Havent fished it much yet but it looks deadly. The action is amazing. I threw it in the neighborhood pond a little bit just to see if i wasted $18 or not.
  5. Seems like its been a few years since i heard of a great white bass run up Beaver. Used to you would hear things on here or i would have buddies callling me telling me they are going good, but lately its just been quiet. 5 years ago you had to take a number to get into Beaver. Boats everywhere, people all over the bank with full stringers.
  6. You probably will never go back to Table Rock. Bull Is a Gem. What area of the lake are you staying?
  7. I saw one eat 4 trout in about 30 min once and try to fly off. It could get off the ground. It was pretty funny to see
  8. Yep, one of the expensive ones too
  9. Can you imagine how embarassing it would be sitting on that island looking at you 150K+ boat sitting there
  10. Almost all the crappie i caught that i mentioned earlier in ths thread came off a brush pile that was well hidden that i found with the Garmin 2d. Flat creek gets hit pretty hard this time of year every visible pile gets fished 10 times a day.
  11. They have all made their way upstream a ways now. IT is still a zoo. Hardly anywhere to even park the truck
  12. On the opposite side of the pond in Flat creek i had a pretty good bite. I Went on Monday and didnt get a bite throwing little plastic. Hit the same spots yesterday with minnows and caught probably 40-50 with only 11 being keepers. We threw them under little floats. Most of them were on trees in 10-13ft. We saw 65 degree water up there
  13. I had to replace a couple of those O rings too. I found the at Ulrich in Branson west for $6 a piece......As of last weekend i noticed a little bit of oil coming out of my oil pump. After some research it appears that these pumps are non serviceable per Mercury and they suggest buying a new $700-800 pump. But there is plenty of info out there with guys saying they replaced the O ring in the pump for 59 cents and have been trouble free for years
  14. Dont they let you trailer your fish over if you fish on the opposite side of the lake?
  15. Not cool to ask for info and then never give any out, I havent heard of anyone doing very wel yet up there. Usually Buster posts lots of pics on Facebook when its really happening of his clients whcking them
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