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  1. Anyone else see Bull Shoals boat dock posted on their facebook a pic a 9lb largemouth caught. Hoping whoever caught it is on here to tell the story
  2. The skeg on the Force is pretty fragile too, so watch it when you get shallow. But they made it replaceable, so not a huge deal if it breaks
  3. Pulled the new tube out he installed, IT was 8 1/2 inches long and went straight down. Problem is My tank runs under my seat across the whole boat. Both sides are 8 1/2 inches deep but the majority of the tank is 14". The gas gauge sensor is right in the middle under the seat so i took it off and measured it. I need a tube like the one he took out that is flexible that i cant weight to get it to the middle.. Im going to stop back by the shop and ask for my old one and at least tell him about his hack job. Took me about 10 minutes to pull the tube and see the problem. My gas gauge reads wrong and says i have a half but its more like 3/4. Guess ill keep it full until i figure out a new tube situation
  4. Hey guys the Tin boat bass club is having a tournament out of Mill the 18th 5-100. All boats welcome this year, It's been tough over the years getting all aluminum so this year were allowing glass also. $35 if you fish alone, or $70 for a team, We try to make it affordable if your alone. Message me with any questions.
  5. All the blue hairs shaking their canes in the air would be fun to watch
  6. I ordered from TW a couple weeks ago and it only took 3 days for me to get my order, i guess I got lucky
  7. Academy and Walmart are looking pretty bare too
  8. We had 12.54 last Wed. Caught a 3.87 on my very last cast. I Should be able to make the next 2. Man that is a giant spot. I never catch any good spots
  9. I definitely pull the "new" one and see how new it looks, He knew I had already messed with and took out the old one to inspect it for holes so i hope he actually replaced it
  10. and at about half a tank when the nose goes in the air to get on plane she cuts out a couple times until it levels out
  11. I had the pick up tube replaced a couple weeks ago, mine is more like a long 3ft hose, and i just dont think it is making its way down to the bottom
  12. After using my boat a lot the last couple weeks i think i have figured it out. IT only starts acting up when the gas gauge reads 1/2 tank. IF i fill it up it runs perfect until it gets down to a half. Which my gauge is wrong, so when i fill it up all the way it only read 3/4. So it pretty much has to be the pick up hose isnt sitting on the bottom of the tank, I hate having to run around with 45 gallons of gas in a 19ft boat, seems like a lot of extra weight
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