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  1. Beaver is my fav walleye stop for sure, not so much when its flooded like this but usually August and September are great for trolling deep diving cranks.
  2. check facebook market place. IT is becoming the new craigslist
  3. None from the MLF/BPT have aired yet, all the MLF stuff on TV right now is from last year and has nothng to do with the new MLF/BPT tour.
  4. I would be happy to take the operators test if they put that in motion. Sometimes i feel like the young ones that have to take it have more sense than these old guys running around in there pontoons
  5. I think most people just really have no idea when they are in the wrong while boating, totally oblivious of what common courtesy is. I had a guy one time come flying up to us right next to one of our 3 dive flags we had out. He had no clue what he had did wrong until we had a heated discussion, and then he sped off... If your in a boat on Norfork lake and dont know what a dive flag is you are just an idiot
  6. Well the live scope is a seperate transducer all together. I perfer the external transducer anyways. I never got as good of a reading with built in transducer Heck, with 5k he could get the new Garmin troller, or any of the new trollers and a unit with livescope pretty easy.. And i bet that I-Pilot he takes off will still be worth some dollars
  7. I say Garmin with Livescope all the way. The Helix's are great but they are going to show the same thing as your 999 just a lot more detailed and clear. The livescope is a whole different ball game I have a Humminbird 1197 at the console and am perfectly happy with the mapping, 2d, and sidescan. Ive been around newer birds and they are awesome but they do the same thing mine does just with a lot more detail. I kinda feel like if i see a blob down there its probably a brush pile and im going to fish it regardless if i can pick out the individual fish on the limbs or not. Next thing i will be getting is Garmin with livescope up front, cant imagine how much it will help crappie fishing. I second the guys at Marine repair center, they helped me out last spring with some trouble shooting and wouldnt take a dime
  8. They are just little Tunnel hulls with little outboards, They have been doing it for years down by Rockaway. They are trying to over sell it by saying "POWERBOAT"
  9. https://springfield.craigslist.org/boa/d/boat-slip-for-lease-taneycomo/6952656079.html
  10. I thought the same thing. You would think the guy in the jersey would take a little better care of the fish
  11. USA BAssin took 20 last weekend. They are def. in there
  12. Yeah they said there best 5 would have been 21. I think there were around 30 boats and i didnt see very many limits
  13. Pretty good day . I fished a benefit tourney last Sat. at Aunts creek and it seemed like either guys caught them good or didnt do worth a hoot. Winners had 17.6 i think for 4 fish. I about crapped when i heard that. We finished second with 13.5 for our 4 fish. (4 fish limit). The weigh in only lasted about 10 minutes so i think most people didnt even weigh in.
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