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  1. Hooked up my livescope last night and took it out today. Absolutely amazing, watched a bass come off a tree and eat my a-rig. It think it is going to really help with crappie
  2. I just never understood how an ounce of some additive mixed with gallons an gallons could have any effect.
  3. Ill avoid it when possible but it isnt a death sentence, especially to newer rigs. Im with ya i listen to what Glenn has to say, he works on here giving advice for free
  4. People are so scared of Ethanol for no reason. Especially all you guys with new motors. All these companies selling you the BS to treat your gas is absolutely insane, but everyone buys into it for some reason.I love the commercial with Bill McDonald talking about Ethanol ruining engines, Hell that dude hasnt had the same boat for more than a year in the last 20. I ran the crappiest motor known to man (optimax) to 1100 hours with no fuel related issues using 87 with ethanol. The key is just dont let it sit in the tank for more than a couple weeks. Thats why it is fine in cars, most cars dont sit. Not Dissing any Opti owners, they run strong, they just have a lot higher blow up percentage than about anything else I gave up on all those additives once i realized i was a sucker, i just buy gas as needed and run it out, Its so easy to blame engine problems on "bad" gas, but most the time its just because its a Merc................Disclaimer, my boat has a Merc, but when she pops it will have a G2 Sorry about the rant, i have a boring job and i read a lot of BassBoat Central forums, and everyone on there kisses the butt of the main Merc Dealer on there sayng you have to run all these additives and what not. That dude sells it buy the case, so of course he says that. And he shuts down any type of fix someone may post that isnt the Merc standard and guidelines. For instance i told someone they could get a Opti belt from Autozone and he shut that down acting like it would fail. Mine lasted 3 years and then i sold it, still probably going strong
  5. Im with ya on that, I was just surprised how it works well with an a-rig. I would have never thought it would knock them loose as well as it does.
  6. Ive said it before on here but the Hound dog lure retriever works wonders on an a-rig. I Havent lost one all year and probably saved 10 with the hound dog
  7. If you read the rules in any tournament, its pretty standard that you "COULD" be subjected to a test. Who cares, take the test and collect your winnings.
  8. Well the Giant i was speaking of was 7.30. The pic it looked much bigger than that.. Still one heck of a Table Rock fish
  9. I got a pic from a buddy of a giant that was caught, no details on what tourney it was yet
  10. This stuff is good https://shurhold.com/products/buff-magic-compound?variant=12428056723530&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google Shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiOWmpf_i5wIVEMZkCh0UKgSjEAQYASABEgJHdPD_BwE
  11. Ordered one yesterday from Russel Marine, 10% off until the end of today. No Tax and free shipping
  12. One of my favorite 2d sonars ive had, I cut the tranducer on the troller so it is just the unit with no transducer. $50
  13. Works as it should, NO transducer with it. GPS and down imaging. $70 bucks to your door.
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