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  1. Im tired of the whole "growing the sport". The lakes are busy enough as it is.
  2. Poor FLW guys went from PRO to Triple A overnight. It says they are making them 6 day events, Keep fish in the livewell the first couple days, then switch to catch and release with a official in the boat the last few days.
  3. I catch a few yellow perch every year in upper Bull but never in TR
  4. It seemed to be better on Wednesday for me as far as numbers. The quality bite ive been having wasnt there. Did catch a couple nice Walleye and a 9.89 channel cat on a spoon
  5. Im convinced that the least utilized area, fisherman or pleasure boaters has to be between Hideaway Marina and Piney Creek. I made may way from Cape Fair to Kimberling a lot of times this year and that little section always seems lonely
  6. You could very possibly be the only Bass fisherman in the Ozarks that isnt sponsored by Lews. As soon as i got my first Lews reel i got a hat and im pretty sure that means im sponsored now I always laugh when i meet people and tell them i fish a lot, they always have a buddy that is sponsored.....every dang time
  7. I was fishing around the fish house one day and a homeade plane landed right there in front of me. It looked like something you would see on Mad Max. totally open cockpit, you could see the controls and everything. The guy had an old school flight looking helmet with goggles
  8. Ive been tangled up more times than i can count, braided line makes it even worse. We started carrying shears, they cut the line easiest and if you shoot a channel you can snip off his pokers so he doesnt try to get revenge. We totally gave up on diving a long long time ago on Table Rock, just to many idiots that dont know what a dive flag is.
  9. When we always used to spearfish Bull, In the summer when there is a Thermocline set up we wouldnt see much under it. Usually would get quite a few Walleye right in it though
  10. My brother and i kinda took a break from diving the last 4 years since we bot had kids. But next summer we plan on getting back to it, he already got a dive boat and i got a new camera. Hope to have some good footage next summer.. I think a lot of bass guys would like to see how bass set up in brush piles, and i think it would be fun to get some videos of different lures underwater
  11. Probably would need a light that deep. Ive only been down to 70' in the lakes and you could still see but it does get dark. Not much to see that deep in the lakes.
  12. Found an old harddrive in my attic and it had all my brothers old diving videos on it. Keep in mind this is in 2006 on a old waterproof camera. Quality is pretty poor, but this is definitely in Table Rock. The size of the Jelly was about as big as a half dollar. Ive never seen one diving but my dad said he has seen plenty back in the 80's when he used to dive a lot. I had to upload it to YouTube because of the file type
  13. IM with ya, I tried so hard but lost interest pretty quick. I just cant relate to it being a guy that likes 5 fish tournaments. And i got tired of all the pros totally shoving the whole BPT/MLF in your face like its the best thing in the world
  14. Fished today from Cape to KC. Hit all my usual main lake stuff that i have been doing good on with a big spoon and didnt have a whole lot of luck. Went back into the creeks and caught 15 or so with 10 keeps. Nothing big but some solid fish. Ended up with 10lbs and some change for our best 4
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