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  1. That goes back to where i wonder why i should be doing sleep studies wearing a mask when people on the front lines dont have enough masks to go around. I think i just am needing approval from my peers to cancel so i can go fish
  2. The hospital isnt nasty but the people i typically see are, its actually a nice little hospital in comparison to what i see on the road
  3. Im trying to figure out what to make of the situation. Im Schedule to work 6 nights at the Hospital in Salem MO for sleep studies starting Wed. Not sure if its the smart thing to do or not, i would like one last paycheck before i dip into the savings but it seems irresponsible of a hospital to drag healthy people in to do a sleep study when it isnt deemed "essential". Im a traveling sleep specialist , or i was. And i dont want to offend anyone from Salem but it is where i see the worst hygiene in the 10 years ive been doing this, and i have been to over 40 hospitals. Im just not sure i want to be even going there or not, i have to make a decision tomorrow. Its close enough to St Louis where most people in MO are infected.......Any thoughts?????
  4. haha, Man that documentary couldn't have dropped art a better time...
  5. Joe Exotic for president. Its a no brainer
  6. Im the Forum Sleep Study specialist if you need anything
  7. I get gas at the pump tow the boat to the lake and have not contact with anyone all day. But yet i had to make a grocery run to walmart yesterday in Ozark. It was about the busiest i have ever seen it. And the idiots put caution tape up around all the entrances except one, now everyone is forced to funnel past each other out of one set of doors.
  8. I saw a few White chasers but it wasnt bad at all, I did catch a little white way up there. It wasnt near as busy as i thought it would be
  9. So essentially the new shut down is no different from last weeks shut down
  10. Beaver Creek is usually excellent about now. My Facebook memories told me i caught limits 3 different times on the 1st over the last 10 years or so.. With the high water you can run a long ways up Beaver, Even in high water years ive never caught them all that far up though. Bull just cant catch a break, I remember when i was young always bank fishing all over Beaver but thats all 20 FT under the last few years
  11. I did, It was tuff, went to all my normal crappie piles and they were still plagued with short fish so i ran up the James and Bass fished, Threw Spinnerbaits, Chatterbaits, and a 6th sense Curve 55. Only got bit on the curve, but nothing worth talking about. Ran all the way to Blunks, Temp around 58, color is a nice green. Nice day to be out but i didnt sore lip any for ya. All my buddies are saying mid lake is fishing much better, I just love running up the river this time of year for some reason. Its either great or horrible. Im not gonna complain, i got a lot of time off to go other places
  12. Good looking heads for sure. As far as TP goes, there is plenty on Amazon, might not be that triple ply my butt deserves but it will get the job done.
  13. Awesome thank you, i may check out Beaver if i go too. Had memories on facebook pop up from 7, 9, and 11 years ago yesterday with limits of whites, so i guess the time is right lol
  14. Is there much room to park? The Mega cab ram i got now is a lot tougher to park than a 2 door wrangler
  15. Does anyone know if you can Launch and park at Beaver Creek or K dock?
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