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  1. Haha your right, Im wrapping presents in the shop and maybe had a beer to many. But i do probably use my 1 7/8" a few days a year for my little 4 wheeler trailer
  2. Probably those prissy white males that only put the hitch on when they tow. Mine stays on 360 days a year, weather is the best loc tite known to man. They are better off just taking my whole dropper.
  3. I do to, I was at Beaver Creek on Bull one day and a guys alarm was going off. I loaded up and then the guy with the truck with the alarm was right behind me. Someone busted out his window and stole a pistol out of his truck. Another time the gate keepers there told me to check my ball before i leave because someone was loosening the nuts on people balls.....Didnt mean that to sound dirty. Pretty crazy world
  4. I put 4.88's in mine, IT helped a ton but i was gonna wear that poor jeep out. It had 174K on it.
  5. No more Jeep waving for me. Sold it about a month or so ago. It just didnt make a good tow rig.
  6. How fast they grow in Bull is crazy. I just feel like if it was going to happen it would have already. Right now the bank around Beaver creek is totally lined with dead mussels all the way up to where you could see where the water line was with the flooding this summer. I launched there a couple months ago when the water just got back to "normal" and the picnic tables and everything that had been under water were just covered. Smelled like 10 day old road kill around there. They just seem to populate so fast i dont see how they are not in Table Rock.
  7. I wonder the same about Zebra mussels. Why is Bull Shoals absolutely littered by them and we dont have them in Table Rock
  8. Get some pics of the transducer mounted on the back of the boat and get some good screen shots of structure. The Garmin Technical support is really good. They will probably have you start by updating to the newest software and reset to default setting.
  9. All that Compressor BS with an Opti. life expectancy of maybe 400hrs is a joke. Heard a podcast the other day of a pro that had a compressor failure on a 1 yr old motor and cost him a ton of money. He was on the winning fish but missed the whole second day. The guy that won was on live in the same spot he was fishing. But I think Jordon Lee won the Classic a couple years ago because his Pro XS took a crap and made him fish one point all day. He was running a Yamaha the next year
  10. Are those the early 2000's Optis? I was scared the whole time i owned just 1 2008 from all the horrer stories online. Ive never been happier going back to a carbed reliable motor Probably put 80 Hrs this summer since the "crappy fishinwrench" talk me through deleting the oil injection over the phone. Hope everyone on here knows your the real deal mechanic that is here to help us forum guys out for FREE while making a living on the side
  11. If i was hauling drugs in a boat, Im pretty sure an Optimax would be my last choice of engines. But then again, drug transporters are usually dumb. Always see the guys getting pulled over for a plate violation or a tailight out on Live PD, how dumb can you be
  12. My bad it is the 73CV that is 399 on the GPSstore.com. Some other guys on BBC were using their Ebates for the 93sv and getting another 15% off and getting it for a little over 500
  13. Some fish finders are able to link with certain GPS trolling motors so you can basically control the troller through the fish finder, and do other stuff with it too. . The linkable trollers are expensive, the kits to do it are expensive and i dont think it helped me catch one extra fish on my last boat.
  14. Garmin 93 SV plus. is the best bang for the buck right now. $599 at Bass Pro/ Cabelas. It does everything you want, has a big touch screen and good mapping without having to buy a map card. You can also add Livescope later if wanted. Also the 73 SV plus you can pick up for around $399 its does all the same stuff just a 7" screen instead of 9".
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