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  1. You must not have your boat back yet!!!
  2. Actually i think the one my dad is holding we found floating dead and netted it
  3. All these were caught out of my bot while trolling on upper Bull Shoals
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Fish, i havent posted much on here about Bull because i kinda quit going with all the high water the last couple years. I always enjoy your posts and reports
  6. Is that the Mercury 110? If it is i think i have a parts motor i would make you a good deal on.
  7. I was using minnows, literally had to dangle it in front of their faces to get them to bite
  8. Yeah my 21 "summer" prop and my 23 "winter" prop run the exact same speed with different rpm's. basically just a spare but im tryin to be fancy saying I have a winter prop. No clue why so deep, I was just watching the livecheaterscope and thats where they were, lots of small bass and big bluegill right above the crappie
  9. Hit the water around 11:00. Water temp 63 degrees. Pulled a bonehead move and put on my winter prop last night but forgot to put the PVS plugs in. Boat would not get on plane to save my life. Idled to a bluff and started looking for stick ups. Fish were deeper than last week. 30-45. No wind to speak of so it wasnt to hard to drop down to them. Only ended up with 8, took them by my dads and cleaned them for his veterans day present. The big one was 15" picture doesnt really do it justice, and that one was the deepest of the day. Its had the "bends" pretty bad its eyes were bulged out an
  10. Its pretty great, I got it last spring but finally am figuring it out more and more.. Its def. a crappie killer. I sat on that school 30 minutes before i got a bite. without it i would have left them
  11. Ive had 24" ones on Bull that were fat and only weigh a little over 4. Great catch
  12. Here is a link to a video i took of Livescope. Its kinda shakey because i was trying to film with my phone, set the hook and reel at the same time. If you look real close you can see my minnow and sinker go down to the fish
  13. Depends on what he is planning on doing with it i guess. I have friends with trollers linked to their graphs and they dont use any of the features, so it isnt serving much purpose. I had a motorguide linked to my lowrance on my last boat, It was useless for what i used it for. If i was up North trolling cranks for walleye i would be all about linking them up to run contour lines, but in the Ozarks i found it worthless because i would always be dodging trees and stuff
  14. Pretty good considering the results of day one of the Toyota series https://www.flwfishing.com/results/2020-11-05-table-rock
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