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  1. The old Xr6 is kinda hard starting until you learn the process... And im paranoid about a steel reed breaking. I want this thing to last me. My boat is fairly heavy for a 150 so it needs all the help it can get
  2. Not sure, i was a cocktail to many deep when i did this and took the pic, Next day i took them back apart and did it right lol.
  3. Wrench, do you have any experience with the crank case stuffers? When i ordered Reeds from Chris Carson he suggested trying the stuffers out...so of course i did. I lapped the Reed blocks with soapy 220, 400, 600 grit. They are nice and flat
  4. Decided to put new reeds in the ole girl this winter while it was cold. A fairly easy job turns into a week ordeal. Reeds went in easy, Ordered new gaskets for the Carbs, they arrived broken in half 4 days later. So had to get more gaskets. Got all those installed and tried went to click the throttle linkage back into the little bushing and snappppppppp. Cant believe sport boats in Nixa had one in stock. ITs amazing how much Merc can charge for a tiny little plastic bushing, But at the same time price didnt matter because im going fishing Monday....its been a month
  5. I remember years ago when the Fann boys had two 9lbers on back to back days
  6. Tackle warehouse the Keitechs are 5.99 up to the 3.8 Bass pro the speed shads are 5.99 too I thought they were cheaper too until i just looked
  7. I think you put either one in front of a fish he cant tell the difference. Speed Shad is a little tougher plastic, but thats about all i see different
  8. I was just thinking the other day, Wonder where wrench has been
  9. Wheeler put this out, seemed like perfect timing for this thread
  10. That pic is one of Jacob Wheelers boat i saw on instagram. That kid has made a ton of money and most of it because how good he is with his graphs. I also think if you know how to use the Humminbird 360 it is probably awesome, i just think it is difficult for normal people like me to fully grasp. A lot of very successful pros love their 360's. It is pretty great we live in the day and age we have all these gadgets to choose from. Really hard to go wrong with any of them, just depends on style of fishing, and personal preference
  11. https://www.cornfieldcrappiegear.com/product-page/electric-live-operation-elo this is a pretty neat system for mounting it separate, Pricey though. The LVS32 i the one you want the LVS12 has a very narrow beam, and is painfully hard to use. All the stuff you see about livescope online with all the great videos is the LVS32
  12. Dont overlook Garmin, They are Def. the front runners in the graph game these days. Ive had Lowrance, Humminbirds, and now Garmin. The Birds are easier to use than Lowrance for sure and have cleaner images. But at the end of the day they are all pretty darn good. Garmin has the best customer support
  13. All the time up the James arm in Table Rock
  14. ILL say last year i caught a lot more over 15" than any other year. I would also like it to go to 12" though. Those little guys are pretty tasty. Didnt they do a study and say that it takes 5-7 years for a spot to get to 15 and by that time they are getting close to the end of their life cycle
  15. These are awesome for small swim baits, short shank and very sharp. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/VMC_Boxer_Jig_Head/descpage-VBJ.html
  16. You got it figured out, nice work. And as always great pics.
  17. I think the one he is using is the Motorguide Tour. IT is a traditional style motor. The Motor Guide Tour Pro is the one that hasnt been released yet that has the spot lock
  18. I love my LFS's, never have used the PQ. But ive been slowly changing over to Daiwa Tatulas. There are a ton of good reels in that $100 range. Only one i regret is a 13 fishing i got for $99. It would be better off in the bottom of the lake
  19. Well, my day and possibly the week is ruined now that i have to worry about this This is BBC lounge material
  20. I havent eaten a small mouth or largemouth since i was a little kid. But if i catch some 12" spots when im at Bull Shoals crappie fishing i will take some home. I put them in the same bags as crappie and no one ever knows the difference once they are fried up
  21. I will say one thing about scuba diving is that fish come to noise, they love coming in to see the racket we make.. We take rock and hit our tanks to bring them in at times... they dont stay long though
  22. I havent used and Ultrex but i was at Pomme fishing the other day and i could here a guys Ultrex constantly turning. I thought it was a bit loud if i could hear it 50 yards away
  23. Im a big Garmin fan but why on earth do all the wires coil around the head like that. It looks ridiculous
  24. New motorguide came out with all the others this year. Looks like you have to pre order it though. IT is fairly simplistic with the spot lock feature. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/MotorGuide_Tour_Pro_Trolling_Motor_HD_Sonar/descpage-MGTPS.html
  25. Yep that is exactly what happened, My last boat had a fancy motor that would turn off when stowed. With this one i purposely put the prop to the inside, the prop will now hit the boat if the button is hit. My dad is on blood thinners, so it was a total bloodbath at the launch ramp, and then he waited 12 hrs in the ER at Cox in Springfield
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