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      Masters Trout Tournament   01/16/2018

      Lilleys' Landing Resort & Marina, Lake Taneycomo, will hold it's annual trout tournament this Saturday, January 20th.  It is a 2-man team event.  $75 entry.  This is an artificial only, catch and release contest.  Cash prizes for 1st through 4th place.  Start time 8 a.m.  --  Weight in time 4 p.m.  A meal will follow the weigh in for contestants and spectators.  Call 417-334-6380 for more information.  Register at Lilleys' office up until 7:55 a.m. on Saturday.  http://www.ozarkanglers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Masters-Elfrink-Entry-Form-2018.pdf


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  1. Bridgeport Ramp Cape Fair

    There is a much better ramp at Bridgeport on the opposite side of the highway from the gravel ramp . It is south street, just follow it through the neighborhood and you will see the ramp
  2. Shad Kill

    I have throw netted tons of them out of Lake of the Ozarks for trot lines. That MDC Biologists needs to get his nose out of a book and go outside every once in a while
  3. Shad Kill

    Table Rock has to be getting down to that temp, last saturday at K dock on Bull i saw 39-40 all day long
  4. Minn Kota

    On the older systems i believe they just have the GPS in the head of the motor only. The Ultrex GPS is miles ahead of the ipilots
  5. Minn Kota

    I would be a little Leary of the spot lock on a small boat like that. Sometimes you will get blown off a spot and it will kick in full power to try to get you back and about throw you out of the boat
  6. Pig Sticker Jigs

    I hope they stay the same, Cant beat the Snoden jigs for the price
  7. Minn Kota

    Ipilot has the GPS functions like anchorlock, and auto pilot is one of the GPS features on the Ipilot. The co pilot is just a handheld remote to control the motor.
  8. Tin boats tournament schedule ?

    Talked to Jerry the other night and he is working on it, should be out soon. Its going to be very similar to last years.
  9. Xi5 spotlock problem

    Update, i got out yesterday and hit M+1+1+1 and then drove in two circles and it worked like a charm. I have spot lock back again
  10. What fishing gear did you get for Christmas?

    Gears for the jeep is what i got, Now i wont have to use 4 low to get up the launch ramps anymore
  11. Xi5 spotlock problem

    She told me that if the calibration doesnt work then i woud have to get a new GPS module. Hope it doesnt come to that im sure they arent cheap. Right before my warranty was up my mother board went out. Took them 3 months to get me a new one. They even lied and told me they had shipped one, and then when i never got it they told me it was on back order. It took a ton of phone calls and a lot of complaining before they randomly "found" one they could send me. Their customer service is pretty poor in my experience
  12. Xi5 spotlock problem

    What steps did you use to re calibrate the compass? Mine started doing the same thing you described and apparently I have been trying to re calibrate wrong. I was looking at the little laminated card that has all the basic instructions on it. The Laminated card says the hit M+111 on the remote but fails to mention that after you do that you need to drive your boat in 2 circles with the primary gas motor. I havent been back out yet to try it but the very rude person i talked to from motorguide said that if you dont drive in 2 circles it wont re aquire the GPS signal
  13. Little bit of bassin today

    Started late about 11 off the water by 3:30. Water temp 53. Caught fish on a jigs, spinnerbait, and the big one came in a big crank. Had a couple just under 2lbs, a 2 1/2lb, a 3lb, and a 4 1/2lb
  14. Has this weather driven the eyes deep?

    I wonder how Stockton compares to Bull with walleye as far as how deep they go in the winter. I watched Buster Loving's seminar about upper Bull a few years ago and if i remember right he was saying they go shallow and all the guys (like myself) were trolling their baits under them
  15. Bull Shoals

    Thnanks for the info, ill try to make one soon
  16. Bull Shoals

    What tournament do you fish on Bull, Ive been wanting to join a club on Bull but cant find any info out their on anything except the bigger Tourneys
  17. Little bit of bassin today

    Main lake
  18. Large-Scale Habitat Project on Bull Shoals Lake

    Arkansas brush piles make Missouri ones look pretty pitiful .
  19. 12/9 whites and largemouth

    What part of the lake are you fishing? Im gonna head down one day this week. Probably Big Creek or Buck
  20. Clear water

    Cant Leave out Bull Shoals, Plenty of Walleye in the MO side of Bull
  21. Case In Point ILLEGAL GIGGING

    So he saw they gigged an illegal bass and then the agent sat there and watched them kill a whole bunch more for 5 hours so he could write a bigger ticket.
  22. Shoal Creek area 11-28

    Launched at Blue Water Resort at around 9:30 on the hunt for crappie. Water temp 59-60 main lake. 57 way up the creek. 2 hours in with nothing. Wind was howling so i switched to bass mode and had a good day. Shoal creek was a bust. Went into 3 fingers cove and started throwing a Rock Crawler and they were tearing it up. Only bass fished for about 3 hours but my best five were 2.77, 1.85, 2.38, 2.91, and a 2.07. Pretty much stayed in feet of water paralleling the bank, draging that crawler across the bottom. Left around 2:30 Trim motor was messing up on my motor yay!!!!!!
  23. Shoal Creek area 11-28

    Yeah they liked it that day, Explain the single hooks on that Rock Crawler, Ive never tried that on cranks. Dose it help with hang ups? I noticed the Rock Crawler hangs up a lot less on Bull than Table Rock. It seams to stick to wood really well on the Rock.
  24. Anterless Season

    You could have shot a couple big does right out the back of my boat yesterday. Saw a ton while fishing Bull
  25. Rod selection?

    7' medium heavy is about the most versatile set up you can get, Check out sportsman factory outlet they have some great deals right now. They have a combo right now for 49.99 that is 7' medium heavy. I got one a few months ago just to have an extra and it casts great. Cant go wrong with that set up

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