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  1. Thank you, i told my buddy that helped unhook me that i need to get some heavy duty dikes to keep in the boat to snip off hooks if needed
  2. If your wheel was about to fall off you better make sure the axle isnt grooved and messed up where the bearings ride... When mine did that it ruined my axle and i had to order a new one
  3. Launched at Bridgeport and headed up Flat Creek 51 degree water temp. Crappie are thick in the channel but didnt want to cooperate so i decided to see if the bass were still eating and man they were. Lost count on how many but had a few keeper largemouth and a few keeper smallmouth. Lots of shorts, but it was fun those short smallies pull like crazy. I rarely had the boat in more than 7ft. I was casting right on the bank paralleling it. One smallmouth got his revenge and put a hook through me. Big fish was 3.08. It was a lot of fun. Great shallow cranking days are few and far between on
  4. Ill be outa town for a week, so have fun boys lol. Its a zoo up the james and flat with the crappie guys out in the channels
  5. Water temp is 50 up Flat Creek and the James. Shallow crank bite was pretty good. And the ones in the pic were on an a-rig but shallow (5-8ft)
  6. I have seen giant Red Ear in Norfork lake while diving in the dam area. They were well over 1.5 lbs. Not sure how long a 2.5lb crappie is but i have been seeing some 16" ones come out of Bull Shoals from a facebook crappie group im in. This winter has been good for Crappie on Bull
  7. Thanks, They should knock a few buck off for putting that dang BPS badge on it
  8. Is the Bass Pro Airstream the same as the old Browning one? Looking to get another and all i can find is the BPS one
  9. Maybe next year you can focus on fantasy fishing instead of winning trout tournaments.
  10. I bet a lot of people are in the same boat. A lot of big names at the bottom
  11. I didnt make it. My bank flagged my account for fraud and locked me out, so i spent all morning on the phone getting that crapped straightened out. Thanks for the report mmirg
  12. Has anyone been down to Beaver Creek? Any Ice at the launch? I would assume it is clear of ice with all the moving water. Trying to decide where to go tomorrow.
  13. Lowrance doesnt have many options besides Navionics. They are pretty good in the Ozarks.
  14. Kid (5) has been out of kindergarten all week, and i have been of f work too. Forgot we had a Nintendo Wii. So we fired it up went and got a new 70" Vizio and got some used games at entertain mart. We are not big gamers at all but, we are getting fishing fix in. Ready for Monday so i can get the boat out!!!!!
  15. Never understood the whole shoveling the driveway thing. As soon as im off my driveway im back on a snow covered roadway
  16. Weather channel app said -14 in Ozark at about 6 this morning.
  17. But everyone on Bass Boat central says your suppose to run all those additives!!!! I got reemed over there once because i called out the guys that recommeed all that crap. They just happen to be dealers and sell additives by the case. I quit putting additives in my tank years ago. Best recipe for a reliable motor is to use it frequently
  18. Just go my box with a whole bunch of line delivered. Thanks for the heads up on the sale Dutch... They are still running the sale. My buddy ordered 10 spools yesterday online free delivery
  19. I wish i had your luck I wish i had your luck, we have an Accord that is constantly breaking down. I think we just have a lemon
  20. Thats why i quit picking Clunn a few years ago. He threw back his catch so he didnt have to mess with weigh in. Hes done that a few times i think over the years. He knows he has nothing to prove. As Ricky Bobby would say " if yaint first, you're last"
  21. But does it say its the Grand daddy of all outdoor stores plastered on the entrance
  22. Thats a really good price on that stuff. Cant beat red label for the money. Ive tried all different kinds of 20lb flouro in the summer when im spooning docks and the red label holds up the best as far as abrasion and on dock cables and lifts.
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