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  1. Harvey Horne wins BassMaster Central Open

    They changed it this year to the top 3 in points in each open division is who goes to the classic. They got rid of the win one and your in.
  2. FLW Costa

    The Taney Bass would just gobble up those little TR bass
  3. FLW Costa

    Only 50 limits out of 197. Ouch... And half of the guys are fairly local
  4. Why not to buy Mercury

    I have a small tear in a air regulator Diaphragm. They are absolute thieves $210 for a rubber Diaphragm the size of a half dollar. Not to mention a $100 tool that is necessary to install it without damaging it. Found the part on ebay, the only option i could find from the dealer was them selling me a $700 complete fuel rail.
  5. Why not to buy Mercury

    My boat was running great the other day and then i stopped and when i tried to move it would idle but would not get on plane just bog down. So i started tearing things down real slow checking gaskets and O-rings, rebuilt the external fuel pump. Then i opened up the air and fuel regulator to check on those diaphragms ( read a lot online how these are problematic). And sure enough one is messed up. Not sure if this will fix the idle but wont get up on plane problem. Once i get it back together ill test the air and fuel pressure. Might be the high pressure fuel pump or the booster pump in the VST What else should i check wrench? It has good spark, fresh gas, fresh plugs, and fuel filter
  6. Why not to buy Mercury

  7. April on Bull

    Wow , i figured the Crappie would really be hot right now. Thought about coming down this weekend
  8. Fishing Podcasts

    Ike live is almost painful to listen to now, They never talk about fishing anymore. All they do is laugh into the mic and plug sponsors the whole time
  9. Release boats?

    Thats why Tourneys limit are usually 5. If the creel is 6 that means you can have 5 in the well and keep fishing so you never have more than 6 in there at a time.
  10. Fishing Podcasts

    Yeah, i drive a lot through Kansas and have to kill the time some how. Most of the ones i listen to talk about pro tourneys and stuff. Occasionally they have ozark guys get on there and talk about some Ozarks lakes. Bass Talk Live does a lot of interviews, if you sift through the shows and find the ones with Mike Mcclelland or Jason Christie, they give out some real good stuff. Some good Spinnerbait techniques they have talked about in the recent weeks
  11. Pflugers and Fenwicks

    Thats so weird, I actually put a President on my Fenwick over the winter for my Ned rig set up
  12. Lews vs Falcon vs Duckett ?

    i guess you SOL at that point. How often does everyone lose a rod overboard? I can only think of cheap crappie rod that ive lost in the last 6-8 years. Ive broke probably 5 nice rods in the last 5 years. Couple times my fault, and a couple times broke on a cast or hookset I got a new Browning Airstream at Bass Pro a couple months ago and i got the two year replacement for $14. She told me that in two years to break it over my knee and bring it in for the replacement. And she said thats what they were told to tell customers.
  13. Lews vs Falcon vs Duckett ?

    The higher end companys have a replacement program even if you dont have the receipt. I got a Cara replaced for $65 i think, no questions asked, just sent in the piece of the handle with the specs on it. So you can spend a lot of money once and even if you break it over your knee you can get a replacement without breaking the bank
  14. Mr Loving

    this is from a while back but it is a real good listen
  15. 3-31-18 Snagging Footage

    Thats awesome, you really are dialed in on it. Ive spent a lot of time in the Coffman bend area on Lake O and see people snagging out there and most of them are in Jon boats with no electronics. Looks like such a crap shoot since the lake is pretty big there, but many of them had fish tied to their boats
  16. FLAT CREEK 3/31/18

    How was the water clarity?
  17. 3-31-18 Snagging

    Ive yet to try spoonbill meat that i could take two bites of and i love eating fish. Fried, baked, and grilled it was disgusting. Ive heard so many people say how good it is.
  18. Graph Question

    Hey Dan i may have a LSS2 transducer and structure HD box for sale soon. I ordered a new Garmin, and as long as it shows up (its on back order) i will let you know. Those things are pricey new. Mine works perfect
  19. Boat Insurance 101

    Well they cut me a check for $75 tow bill yesterday. My bearings burnt up and ruined the axle. Had it towed to m house because i knew i had "tow in" on my insurance... If you cant afford $150 a year you probably shouldn't own a boat. Its peace of mind for me
  20. Boat Insurance 101

    If you have a loan on a boat does the bank require insurance? Mine is like $150 a year with state state farm. I figured it was cheap enough i didnt see a reason in not getting it
  21. Evinrude Motors

    http://www.bbcboards.net/showthread.php?t=25829 This makes enough sense to me to let it warm up. People get so caught up in how many hours are on motors its crazy. Mine has over 1000 now. My motor came off a pontoon and 90% of the hours are under 3000. Runs like a scalded yard ape now that its on something it is to big for
  22. Hummingbird or Garmin

    I hear ya on that. The GPS store said they wont charge my card until it ships unlike BPS. BPS took it straight out of my account an then told me they dont have it
  23. Hummingbird or Garmin

    Thats correct, the guys said it would be the 10th. Im in no rush
  24. Hummingbird or Garmin

    Well i got an email from BPS saying it was on back order and it could be for 30 days. So i emailed the GPS store and asked if they would match the BPS price and they said yes. I called and cancelled my BPS order and the lady said that they were getting more next week but i cancelled anyhow. The GPS store didnt charge for shipping or tax. So it actually saved me money.
  25. Lews vs Falcon vs Duckett ?

    It was already a $200 combo, and now 3 spools of line too.

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