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  1. There were a lot of floaters between Cape Fair and point 15. I went way up to McCords Bend and it starts getting clean up the James from 15. Flat creek has a nicer green color
  2. I went from Lowrance, to Bird and now Garmin. No looking back Garmin all the way just for the fact of livescope. Their 2d and side is great also. You can get the 93 SV plus for $599 now. I sold a whole bunch of crap to justify the livescope and it is worth every penny.
  3. Hot enough for me, but when the water hits 80 is when these shine
  4. They may be, Ive been pretty partial to the Bass Pro Flutter jack the last few years. But they way these fall is perfect
  5. My buddy buddy that fishes tournaments with me surprised with me with these for this summer. I guess he was tired of buying spoons and replacing all the components, so he got blanks and put good stuff on them and wrapped half of them white. I was a little weary about how they would fall, but i gave one a try and they flutter better than any spoon ive used yet
  6. Ive just been stranded before on the side of the road with a blown bearing and want to take every precaution for i to not happen again. I have new bearing in my trailer and every couple weeks i squirt grease in i see a little bit of water come out. The boat i have now has brakes and to get to the bearing it takes more tools than i care to carry to remove the hub to get to them. Wiring sitting underwater never sits good with me either. Yes it should be soldered and heat shrink, but most the time on older rigs it isnt. Im not trying to be dick, just a quicker recipe for failure in my opinion. No mattter if we agree or not im still gonna throw Nutech Jigs. LOL
  7. Tip of the plug needs to be touching a good ground, and dont hold it it with your hands, use pliers with insulated handle or you'll get shocked
  8. I just dont leave the trailer underwater for hours while i fish. Water will always find its way in.
  9. Take that carb apart and clean it. Im sure its gummed up pretty good, it doesnt take much on a little carb like that to clog up
  10. Nothing better than some water soaked trailer hubs
  11. If Flu shots didnt work every nurse at every hospital would get it. I travel to 20 different hospitals and everyone is infested with the Flu. We are required to get the shot. Gets old every year educated rednecks that dont believe in the shot...
  12. HAHA, but nope, i wont be getting paid. Im a private contractor, so i'll be dipping into the savings. Im burned out anyhow. Some time off isnt gonna kill me....well maybe it will, who knows
  13. If i say yes does that make me a "pro" for the summer since i get paid to fish all day?
  14. Looks like i have one week left of doing sleep studies in Kansas, if the counties i work in dont get shut down. I was told, i may have a lot of extra fishing time this summer. Non essential procedures are getting shut down.
  15. Makes me happy, I cant stand organized sports
  16. I got mine from Russel marine in Kansas. They had a 10 percent off deal and the $200 rebate, with no tax and free shipping They still do the job, I still have a old 1197 at my console and like it a lot
  17. We always used to stay at Sugarloaf Inn. It isnt anything fancy but its clean, and the owners are great peeps. You can back you boat directly in front of your room door to charge at night. I always liked having the boat close
  18. The fuzzy line is the bottom contouring up to the bank. And yes those dots are the crappie. I just went from stall to stall till I saw them bunched up like that. I think two stalls out of about 10 on that dock had a school of crappie. Didn’t even bother fishing unless I could see them. Kinda feels like cheating
  19. Went back yesterday and they were biting even better, water temp came up 6 degrees in 2 days, i saw 59-60. Only caught 9 keepers out of the 40 or so fish. Only was on the water a little over 2 hours and i had a trolling motor pedal failure. Anyone with a Motorguide x3 i would advise to get a couple of these kits to keep handyhttps://mercuryperformance.com/parts/mercury-marine/8m0089417-hardware-kit/. A little plastic piece holds the cable to the foot pedal and it is a poor design and im sure it will break again in the future. I called Ulrich and they had the part i needed in stock so i ran up there and got it. By the time we got back to the water the wind was blowing to hard to crappie fish for me. Caught a whole bunch out from under a dock that i found on the livescope, mostly short fish though
  20. Launched at Bridgeport and headed into flat creek. Ended up with 13 keeper crappie in brush piles. Most were in 10-12ft. Also caught a few up the James in 20ft. They are pretty scattered out right now.I probably aught 40 short ones. Minnows seemed to be the ticket. I was using slip bobbers and the bite was extremely light. Sometimes the bobber wouldnt even move
  21. When you say shad kill, what exactly are you seeing, Ive been running the kimberling area this weekend and havent seen any dyeing shad
  22. Last year was the first year i used Rejuvenade but i like it much better than G juice. Just seems like that little jar goes a lot farther than the juice, and doesnt tip over and leak all over the place lol
  23. I would love to use them, but man that would make the price of an A-rig even more expensive. I do love the jigs, all i use anymore, they really are hard to lose, I dont think i lost one all of last year. Ive been using the VMC boxer heads and really like them for a-rigs
  24. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/NuTech_Pro_Series_NuJig_Naked_Head_1pk/descpage-NJPRO.html
  25. That rejuvinade is the deal. Ive had a bleeder and you through them in there with that stuff and you can see the the blood clots start floating on top of the water. I usually put a little hydrogen peroxide in to increase the DO too. Also added and extra aerator this year because it was cold out and i was bored and needed a project
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