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  1. Anyone know if they used a release boat for this tournament? I sure hope they didn't all get released at Long Creek Marina. I went to the BFL weigh in last month and every fish was dumped in one spot at State Park Marina. SMH
  2. I have bought several KVD 300DDs and notice that their profile is larger than the Vision 110. More along the lines of the Pointer 100 in my mind. They seem to suspend pretty easily with a little wire on the front hook. I do mine in a bucket of water iced down to whatever water temp I think I will be fishing. It is valid what others have said, though, about having line attached affecting how they suspend. I'll be down at TR several weekends in March, so I will have to give them a test. I have gobs of Vision 110's, but now the +1's and +2's, I feel like I am starting all over again looking at spending hundreds of dollars to get a selection of the latest deeper divers isn't too appealing! I can buy 3 KVDs for the price of one Megabass!
  3. Has anyone experimented with the Strike King KVD 300DD Jerkbaits? Much cheaper than megabass and supposed to get down to 12ft.
  4. Good luck DChance. I will be there prefishing for the Solo Pro tournament next Sunday. I would think the fish should only have one thing on their mind. You in the Central Mo Bassmasters? I might swing by the ramp and watch your weigh-in...I'll be camping over in Hermitage State Park.
  5. I was just looking over the regattas for Pomme the next couple of weekends. Man there a bunch of bass tournaments for such a small lake. Guess I can't complain too much since I am in one of them. Hope everyone is on good behavior.
  6. I am headed down there this weekend for a LM Bass tournament. Probably gonna throw the rig. Any advice on how to catch blacks WITHOUT catching a bunch of whites? LOL
  7. Sounds like Ahoys is out lol. Dtrs5kprs our club tourney is this Sat/Sun. Shouldn't be nearly as bad as April! Our weigh-in is at Cedarwood Resort ramp as many of our 15 teams are staying over there. I will probably just put in at the pay ramp by Port Kimberling or maybe go over to Aunts Creek since our club allows us to put in anywhere and trailer to the weigh in.
  8. I wonder if I offered to pay a launch fee, if he would allow us to put in there. There are tournaments this weekend going out of Cedarwood Resort Ramp, Port of Kimberling, and Schooner Creek. I just thought I might try to find a ramp nearby that wouldn't be as congested.
  9. Can someone tell me if it is still possible to use the Ahoys Ramp in Kimberling City?
  10. Man, this is great info. Makes my heart start pounding just thinking about doing this 10 days from now. How do conditions affect this bite? Sun w/wind vs. no wind and also cloudy days? It has seemed to me in the past that the fish suspend more with the sun and wind and are easier to catch doing this.
  11. I am surprised there is no mention on the ARig. Seems like that would also work. Is anyone throwing that?
  12. I always thought it would be fun to fish this. I could possibly scrape up the $1000 to enter as an amatuer for 3 days for fun and fishing with the LOZ hammers. Then I hear about the money spent at the auction....too rich for me. I wonder what that money goes towards.
  13. Headed down to Pomme for a bass fishing trip this Thurs-Sat. Can anyone give me a heads up on what the water conditions are now that we have gotten all this rain? I see that the lake is 5ft high and they are running water hard. Any insight from someone who has been on the water would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Hi Ketchup,

    Curious how the fishing has been for you in Long Creek?  Haven't heard much lately about that area.  How is the water color?  Appreciate any info.  I am heading down on Wednesday for 5 days of fishing.  

    1. Ketchup



       I've fished the area 4 times the past week. Water color is pretty decent. It's a green color. Water temps yesterday from 47 to 52.  Most of my fish yesterday came on the Ned, with a few on a crank in less than 5' of water for ll fish. Where are you staying? Been down before? 

    2. CadeWompus


      I live in Columbia.  My buddy and I are coming down for a club tournament on Saturday/Sunday.  We are staying at Cedarwood Resort in Kimberling.  We come down every year about this time.  Last time I was there was in September when I fished the BASS Central Open that was down there.  I was thinking we would come down on Wednesday morning, but now with the weather looking like a Toad Choker, we may wait and come down on Thursday.  

      Thanks for the info.  We have done well in Long Creek in the past.  Our tournament rules allow us to put in at any ramp we choose and then meet back for the weigh in.  It would be about a 30-40min drive for us to put in at the Long Creek Park Ramp from Kimberling, but it is better than the boat ride to get there in my opinion.  

      Not sure what all this rain is going to do to things, but we may end up staying out of the creeks anyways if they get blown out by the floods. 

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