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  1. gruber

    True Pioneer and My Friend

    So sorry to hear this, prayers lifted for the family
  2. gruber

    Legends Boat Company

    A while back Jm partnered with Goldman-Sachs to acquire Cabelas so I would say they have a stake in his dealings....
  3. gruber

    Spinning Reel

    Ditto on the Lews, just don't hold up.....I went to the Diawa Ballistic EX2500, great drag, no maintenance
  4. gruber

    Hair Jig

    Brown and orange is my fav, colder water for sure, black and pale blue would come in second for me
  5. gruber


    You would think they would take samples all over the lake, they just weren't using the Ned rig.........
  6. gruber

    Happy Father's Day

    Same to you, thanks
  7. gruber

    Downlake from Shell Knob 6/14

    I like it when you girls claws come out, this outta be good........
  8. gruber

    New Lure

    I really like the color....
  9. gruber

    Shell knob

    Maybe it's just the angle but those fish look thin to me, big heads though...good job
  10. gruber

    White River arm 2-23-17

    I'm jealous but keep up the good work......
  11. gruber

    Border Pass?

    Arkansas isn't about to give you anything for free, no matter how old you are but if you go to Walmart with $10, in Mo. or Ar., they will sell you a White River Border Lakes Permit that allows you to fish both sides of the border on White River Border Lakes only https://mdc.mo.gov/conmag/2001/01/white-river-border-lakes-permit
  12. gruber

    TERRIBLE boat restoration

    This is just my opinion, if it was a insurance job, contact the insurance company with pictures and let them handle it, if not, you most likely need a lawyer
  13. gruber

    Wish list

    Mine is only a 5 incher but it still works great, those bigger ones are expensive and take too much skill to make work properly.............
  14. gruber

    Wish list

    I would like one 9" or bigger also but after all considerations, I think I better just keep what I got........
  15. gruber

    Hopefully someone is fishing today!

    You sound depressed Champ, don't let it get to ya, maybe you need a hug but I think Donna should give it to ya because it would be creepy if I did.......

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