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  1. Port of Kimberling has nice rooms, a ramp and dock. You can be in Branson in a 1/2 hour.
  2. Has been a good one for me. Even caught a ‘couple’ on TR with it. 🤔
  3. Yep glad to see 'Mikey' hasn't made an appearance in this thread.
  4. We were in Port of Kimberling staying in the camper when all that went on. Ended up coming home almost a week early. Crazy how high and how fast the lake came up.
  5. I will send you a text when it gets closer and we nail down dates for sure.
  6. Wife's job said if she traveled out of state she would have to quarantine for two weeks after getting home is why we didn't come. At the time we would have came there were no cases in the county we live in or the county she works in. There are only 5 in the county she works in now and none of them use the hospital/clinic she works at. Still no cases in the county we live in. We definitely would not have been spreading it down there. We would have been staying in our camper so any contact would have been very minimal. We thought it was stupid actually not to be able to come. If there had been a lot of cases up here or down there we obviously would not have came to make sure to not spread it though.
  7. As of now we are planning to come down in September sometime. We would have liked to make it in October but I have my first ever antelope hunt planned in October out in WY.
  8. After the initial stocking many years ago this pond has had no additional stocking or feed of any kind put in. It is all just nature taking its course. No Florida strain up here either. It is the same pond I caught this 9-7 out of a few years ago after me and buddy shot a limit of doves in the morning. The pic doesn't do this fish justice at all. Should have long armed it I guess. LOL. When I got it to the boat and grabbed it I told my buddy it was the biggest bass I had ever caught as it was easy to tell it was bigger than my best of 7-15.
  9. It is actually in your state of KS; north central part.
  10. Because we really love it down there for one. For 2 we really like catching smallies. When down there we always focus on the smallies; any other fish is just a bonus.
  11. Since the virus stopped us from coming down this year we did some fishing up here. Have had decent luck up here (other than splitting my lip open) when it wasn't too windy to get the bass boat out. It was too windy to get the bass boat out on a bigger lake up here a couple times so we went to the in-laws pond and largemouth fished. We did 'alright' with 30lbs 1oz for best five the first day(pics below) in 4 hours of fishing with a 6-14 the biggest, a 6-7, 6-0, 5-6 and 5-6. Fished it one other day for 5 1/2 hours and caught 3 over 6lbs and 6 over 5lbs and a few 4+ but didn't keep track of 5 biggest that day. We still would have preferred to be down there but at least this was a good consolation prize.
  12. At least you didn't end up needing stitches in your lip. LOL
  13. That is a nrx 901s. Very sensitive rod too. I personally like to feel everything. I have gotten where most of the time I can tell a little bluegill bite from a bass bite so I am not jerking at everything. Let the bluegill nibble until the real thing hits the ned. Wish we would have been able to come down; I would have let you take one for a day to try out.
  14. Replace it with a Loomis NRX 901s or 902s. Fantastic Ned rods.
  15. Want me to take a pic of the trails on the graph from when we are down there; so you can show the boy that 'exploring' means having to actually go get gas when done for the day. LOL
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