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  1. Hopefully it does turn it on and fishing is good.
  2. Wife and I are on our way down for a week; so of course there has to be cold front and rain. What do you all think it will do to the fishing?
  3. Bill you know your stuff when it comes to lowrance; would you do a training trip like he is looking for?
  4. That is needed to know before anyone can make a recommendation. I would think most of the top guides could show you a lot if they are using the brand you have.
  5. It would be interesting to see what group Bill puts us in. LOL
  6. I am glad nobody was killed! I am sure you feel horrible about it so I won't beat you up too bad. The fact is you were running (above speed limit at that) and could not see what was in front of you so you should never have been on plane low lights or not. If you have not already done this; I would contact a lawyer as I am guessing you are going to get sued over this.
  7. Murdok; make a trip back in the spring. Last 2 weeks of April are usually always good. You WILL catch smallies that time of year on gravel and they will be shallower.
  8. Murdok: read what Bill has posted and follow it to a T! He is one of if not the best guides on the lake! When Bill said flat gravel; he means long flatter points with the small gravely rock. Hardest thing for me when I am down is to stay out deep enough. Being from Nebraska and our shallow lakes it doesn’t seem right to be that far off the bank. LOL
  9. If you have or know someone who has crown club tickets they want to sell for July 13th please shoot me a PM.
  10. If you look at the video she posted of the boat it is tore up pretty good. I am sure the insurance company is going to total it.
  11. This was posted by the guy's wife on Skeet's facebook. Dawn Bassham ClarkIt was a 96 Charger in Mint Condition. He hit a wake and it knocked his fishing poles loose. They flew up and instinct made him reach out and grab them. Then the next wake hit and the wheel jerked out of his hand to the right and threw him out. Boat is a total loss.
  12. Name names Bill; who was it pulled up on Ya. Pea green boat sounds like Avena. Possibly Roumbanis but his is a little darker than pea green.
  13. That is the major league fishing ‘cup’ events. This tournament is a bass pro shops tour event. They are run differently from each other. Think of the bass pro tournaments more like a normal tournament; only every fish counts. They are fished on lakes known ahead of time to the anglers and they get practice days ahead of time The major league fishing cup events are on supposedly unkown lakes and run in periods like what you are used to seeing on tv. It is easy to understand and follow once you realize to look at them as 2 different tournament trails. It would really help if people wouldn’t call the ‘bass pro shops tour’ a major league fishing event. Then there would be more of an understanding this isn’t the normal major league fishing.
  14. Well this sucks!!!!! Brand new camper ended up having issues so bad we had to come home yesterday. What time we did get to spend on the water was fun and hopefully we get back next year and everything goes good. Thanks again for all you guys help!!
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