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  1. Wiggle Warts

    Yeah it must not have gone through as I never got anything.
  2. Annual trip coming up

    Yes it is a Charger 210 Elite.
  3. Annual trip coming up

    Kimberling City is where we are staying. We will be breaking in the motor though since the boat is new; so I am sure we will cover a LOT of the lake while doing that. LOL
  4. Annual trip coming up

    Time is getting close for the wife and I's trip to TR. We will be there from April 27th-12th of May. Swing by and say Hi if you see this boat
  5. I have a G Loomis GLX 843 crankbait rod for $200. Very good condition. G Loomis CBR 843 for $100. Will call this one good condition since it has scratches around the hook keeper. Rods would need to be picked up while we are in Kimberling City from April 27th--May 11th as I don't want to ship them. I also have 3 Lews left hand retrieve TP1HL Tournament pro reels 6.4:1 ratio. Reels are $100 if picked up in Kimberling City while we are there. Would need to get $110 to cover shipping if I ship them. All reels are in very good condition and hardly used at all. Soon after buying them I found a decent deal on Steez reels so I upgraded and these have just been sitting in the house. If interested shoot me a PM.
  6. Wiggle Warts

    I sent you a PM when you first posted this. Have not heard back from you. Did you not get it or why no response if you want to sell?
  7. FLW Costa

    Yeah we have some bad luck as well sometimes. Was there last year when the flood hit; cut a 2 week trip down to 1 week. Plus we both got hail dents in our trucks. Still love coming to TR though!! We get there for 2 weeks starting the 27th of this month.
  8. crappie goods

    There is a lake up here that a few years ago was kicking out a TON of 16"-18" crappie. Yes I caught and measured some of them. Lake had a 50 fish limit. Of course the locals and some non-locals had to go out every day and catch limits of them just because they could. Before the Game and Fish finally lowered the limit to 20 in 2013; the people who just HAD to keep limits every day had ruined the fishery! For what it is worth when we went out we would only keep maybe around 15-20 total between 2 of us and would only do that a handful of times; not day after day after day like a lot of people. I was one who called the G&F asking them to lower the limits; sad it took them too long to do that. You can still catch some crappie but nothing like it was. The 'catch and keep them all' hordes have moved on to other lakes now so hopefully the crappie fishing will rebound some.
  9. Just for Champ188!

    When you live in the land of no deep lakes like I do; both spot lock and poles are useful. Now if I lived around TR I would not own poles either.
  10. Texas Trip Advice

    If I were in your shoes; I would hire a guide and fish Lake Fork.
  11. Release boats?

    About the part in red. It really isn't the money that is brought in during the big circuit tourny. The big money comes from all the tourist fun fishermen that come fish the lake for years after seeing how good it can be from watching the big tourny.
  12. How about this lure ??

    Bet not too many fish have ever seen this lure.
  13. Wiggle Warts

    Possibly. LOL Good thing is I never paid over $25 for any of them including the missouri craw or bengals. The ebay prices are just plain STUPID!
  14. Wiggle Warts

    Yep I am kinda loaded up with warts. LOL When you get a chance check your messages and let me know a price?
  15. Wiggle Warts

    PM sent. I wouldn't mind having the orange/blue just because I don't have one. It would look nice mixed in with these........

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