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  1. Hunter53

    2010 1648 Tracker Grizzly 2005 honda 20 $3600

    Not sure what the motor is worth but figure it has to be at least half of boat cost. So with that said around $1500?
  2. Hunter53

    2010 1648 Tracker Grizzly 2005 honda 20 $3600

    Interested in selling without the honda motor? If so how much?
  3. Hunter53

    Wiggle Wart

    Ad says pre-rapala. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Custom-Painted-Pre-Rapala-Storm-Wiggle-Wart-V-Model-Missouri-PBJ-Craw/192807768209?hash=item2ce43d1091%3Ag%3ARQcAAOSwg-tcT7Uf&LH_BIN=1
  4. Hunter53

    Wiggle Wart

    I searched ebay and found them; $27.99 each and it says 4 available.
  5. Hunter53

    Bass Pro Tour

    Have to watch on internet now for the live viewing. They will have shows on tv later in the year. Just like any BASS or FLW tournament.
  6. Hunter53

    Bass Pro Tour

    I really like the MLF format! Most fishermen don't tournament fish; they go out wanting to catch a lot of fish and hopefully catch a big one or two. The MLF format is what most people can relate to=fishing; not just trying to get 5 big bites in 8 hours of fishing. To me the MLF format shows who the best fishermen are; the ones who can figure out how to catch a bunch of fish instead of who gets lucky enough to get 5 big bites.
  7. Hunter53

    Wanting to Buy Fortrex

    No problem. Wish it was the longer one for you.
  8. Hunter53

    Wanting to Buy Fortrex

    I measured the shaft and unfortunately it is the 45” so it is shorter than you are wanting.
  9. Hunter53

    Wanting to Buy Fortrex

    I will try to remember to measure shaft length tomorrow and let you know. What would you consider a fair price considering it was only used a few times one year? If you are not in a hurry we will get to Kansas City this summer for a couple royals games.
  10. Hunter53

    Wanting to Buy Fortrex

    I have a 80lb that was only on my boat for a year so is basically like new. I would have to measure it as I am not sure if it is 48" or 52". Only problem is I am in Nebraska.
  11. Hunter53

    Merry Christmas To All!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!
  12. Hunter53

    Video of a deer I passed up tonight.

    Yeah I really didn't think posting this would start a pissing match.
  13. Hunter53

    Video of a deer I passed up tonight.

    From what I saw the other night (around 10 different bucks and 15 or so does) the balance where I am hunting seems to be ok for now.
  14. Hunter53

    Video of a deer I passed up tonight.

    Here is a good article to help with judging deer on the hoof. It says for the southeast but it is good for up here as well. http://extension.msstate.edu/sites/default/files/publications/publications/p2206.pdf

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