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  1. Shad Kill

    Well heck I must be mistaken about the threadfin up here. I could have swore I have seen some. Did some quick searching and it appears that threadfin have been tried in Nebraska but supposedly they don't survive our winters. Must have been a while ago at a time when they tried to stock them up here that I saw them.
  2. Shad Kill

    We have them both up this way too. We do have more gizzard shad though.
  3. Shad Kill

    Up here our water gets WAY colder than 42. Yes we have a shad die off every year. It does not kill them all; not even close. Always seems to be way too many shad swimming in the summer up here.
  4. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone as well!!
  5. Got a new boat.

    I changed the hosting site for the first pic too.
  6. Got a new boat.

    Yeah that pic is not how the lids look when fully shut. I will try and get a pic of the deck when I get a chance.
  7. Got a new boat.

    Do you have a link to that facebook page?
  8. Got a new boat.

    Lids set even with rest of deck. I have not seen the facebook stuff as I don't do facebook. I am guessing in those pics the lids just are not shut all the way.
  9. Got a new boat.

    Trying a different picture hosting site to see if pics will show for everyone. Will someone who couldn't see my first pic tell me if this one shows up for you.
  10. Got a new boat.

    Thanks Quill for getting it to show for everyone! I have no idea why my original pic shows for some and not others. Thanks for all the nice compliments everyone!
  11. Got a new boat.

    Pic shows up for me. Is it actually not showing up for you?
  12. Got a new boat.

    Wife and I traded boats and the new one was finally built and ready to pick up; so we made a quick trip to Ulrich's on Thursday. With Christmas obligations we didn't have time to stay and get it on the water so it will be a long winter waiting to get it out. LOL Any way here is the new boat; Charger 210 Elite. If anyone sees us this spring swing by and say hello.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! Hope you all have a great day!
  14. War Eagle bought by.....

    Poor Champ has his boat company bought by Johnny and now his spinnerbait company bought by Pradco. Hope there is a good counselor to help him through this. LOL
  15. War Eagle bought by.....

    All of you stocking up owe me 2 spinnerbaits each for giving you the heads up.

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