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  1. Congrats to the wife; that is a dandy!! You all had a good day for sure.
  2. Ha Ha; jokes on you this time. Wife and I will be getting to TR on the 22nd for a little over 2 weeks. With our luck from the past; water should be high and dirty by the time you get here.
  3. I don't do facebook but my brother does. I will let him know about Beach Customs. Thank you!
  4. Thanks Dutch! I will let him know about them to see what they can do.
  5. Does anyone know of a place in the Springfield area that does 3D printing? My brother in Nixa has an older boat that has a plastic dash insert that holds the gauges. It has gotten brittle over time and broken so he needs a new one. Boat company doesn’t have any and said the place that made them went out of business years ago. He has the insert taken out and taped together. He is hoping someplace can 3D print a new one but is not having any luck finding a place.
  6. I think the sticker is a jerkbait like mentioned above. The one that has me baffled is what a 'floater' means??
  7. I am a little late but Merry Christmas to everyone!!
  8. Me and a buddy used a sled and it was still work to say the least!
  9. Shot the biggest bodied deer I have ever shot. The pics don't do it justice. It was HEAVY!!! The rack is nothing special except for the mass; I can't get my hand around his bases.
  10. Horrible news!! Prayers for all involved.
  11. So sorry for your loss! No matter the circumstances it is always tough. Happy Birthday also.
  12. No. With that said I still really like mine. For brushless it is either the garmin or lowrance.
  13. Yep and self reported having 6 in the livewell. That will cost him 2lbs.
  14. For a big blue; go to Milford lake in Kansas. I have not personally fished for them but have seen tv shows and heard from people who have; there are some big blues in that lake!
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