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  1. There is some pretty froggy, deep water down from the access, but you'd be hard pressed to find anything but riffles at the access. A short jaunt downstream would probably net better results.
  2. Access is open, and the river was clear of all blockages as of 3 weeks ago from hazelgreen to 133. There WAS a big blockage just downstream of 133 (past the access) and that one was particularly dangerous. Kayak drag only.
  3. Might check with that new campground by the hwy 7 bridge. I've noticed the last couple weeks they have a trailer full of canoes and a van sitting on their property. I know they didn't do shuttles last year, but maybe they had enough calls to buy all the canoes. ..
  4. I actually live about 5 minutes from 133 and 10 minutes from hwy 7. Also have some family property about halfway down on the river. I saw 4 jet boats running close to wide open halfway between 133 and 7 (going upstream) last week. Braver fellas than I .
  5. PWC wouldn't last too long up here. Too many strainers and shallow canoe draggers. Would be fun to see em try, though. Tragic accident down there. Jet boats make me nervous.
  6. Has some contact information. http://www.visitpulaskicounty.org/rv_listing.asp?ID=1096&Company=Indian+Hills+Campground&BusinessStreet=24700+Highway+7&BusinessCity=Richland&BusinessState=MO&BusinessZip=65556&BusinessPhone=573-765-2959&WebPage=&Image_Filename=blank%2Egif&Map_It_Image=blank%2Egif&Map_It_Link=www%2Ebatchgeo%2Ecom%2Fmap%2F5d6ca5577f69b181d375676b36273032&Web_site_Image=blank%2Egif&Hotels=&Miles_FLW=10&Number_Rooms=7&Pool_Indoor=No&Pool_Outdoor=No&High_Speed_Internet=No&Wireless_Internet=No&Continental_Breakfast=No&Hot_Breakfast=No&Dining_on_Premises=No&Business_Center=No&Inside_Corridors=No&Room_Service=&Fitness_Center=No&Meeting_Space=&Microwave_Refrigerator=No&Kitchenettes=No&Pets=No&Laundry_Facilities=No&Coin_Laundry=No&Public_Hot_Tub=No&Hot_Tub_Rooms=No&Online_Reservations=No&Reservations_URL=
  7. No, it's run by different folks from the restaurant in the cave. I can get the number off the sign when I drive by today. I'll update you.
  8. Below the bridge. You literally drive by the driveway on your way into the public access. I went by and talked with the owner and he's a real nice guy. I hope the best for him.
  9. Noticed a new campground has been setup there next to the Mitschele Access near the HWY 7 bridge in Pulaski County. Not sure what all they're planning, but they've got an alternate boat ramp that's a hell of a lot better than the public one. Would be nice if they'd do some kayak/canoe transportation. I THINK they're called Indian Hills Campground, or something similar.
  10. UnCivE

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    Man, those look like potential family vacations this summer. Thanks guys.
  11. Yeah, it's been dwindling over the years from developmnt.
  12. Almost sounds like a line problem. I've used line that gave me similar issues, and I switched to a less memory type line and haven't had issues. I've been using 12 lb yozuri hybrid with good luck.
  13. Cool, man. Never seen a map of Bittersweet. Have you been back recently?
  14. UnCivE

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    I am getting back into it too. Honeyrun is only a 20 minute drive, but I really like Bittersweet. Trail of the 4winds is usually an butt-kicker for me.
  15. You picked a good weekend to float, I'll probably watch you float by from my lawn chair
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