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  1. lmt out


    Did not get out today decided to stay home and mow yard, work on duck boat. Hope everyone that did tears them up.
  2. lmt out


    I'm gonna give the wind a try tomorrow as well. Have no clue where to try to catch a walleye. Well I have a clue, but its been a couple weeks so much can change, just hope to find some.
  3. I agree with Mike. For the last month and a half when we have caught fish mostly from 10 to 16 ft was the best. I have caught very few this year deeper than 16 ft. Dont have a clue why. Usually 18 ft is my go to depth. And as Mike said I can only keep 4 and rarely do I keep that many. Also there r a lot better walleye fisherman than I on the lake, I get lucky once in a while.
  4. I am not much of a tech guy so I am sure I'm not getting the most from my electronics. But I switched from hummingbird to lowrance about a year and a half ago. And I have notice more fish on the bottom. I normally just fish structure that I feel is the right depth and right structure. But this year I have kind of adopted the "theory" if I am jigging or jig and rapping no fish on sonar no fishing. When I'm bottom bouncing I dont worry about it as much because I'm moving much more.
  5. Great job Mike. Took the Mrs. Today and she didn't even let me catch a walleye. She had 3 keepers and 2 shorts.
  6. Some times you have a really good trip and think I have it figure out then..... You have a day like today. We had (the wife and I)5 keepers and 4 shorts. Sister and her boyfriend in her boat 1 short. All keepers were better than 17 inches biggest 22. Had to find fish on fish finder or you weren't getting bit. On the good side got to fish with my beautiful wife which has not happened near enough this year.
  7. Well I am trying to supply information on what I have notice while I am down fishing. When I started people that posted reports helped me a great deal just trying to return the favor. Probably done taking people this year. May squeeze in another trip or 2. Will try it again next year in the late spring and summer. Then in a year or 2 maybe try do more trips. The folks that I have take have been some if the nicest people you will meet and made it very easy on me. I appreciate it very much and hope they hop in the boat with me again.
  8. I use northlandtackle.com fireball jigs. They r a short shank jig with an extra eye to tie a stinger hook. I use a no.1 red octopus hook. Tied with 14lb florocarbon. You want your stinger about 2 to 2 1/2 inches behind your jig hook. My father used to and a lot of people just use a regular 1/8 or 1/4 jig with or without a plastic body and a have a night crawler. Both will work.
  9. Decided the weather was too good today to not go fishing. Really glad I did. Had 26 Keepers and five shorts. jig and crawler 12 to 22 ft water on one Rocky Point. Had 8 fish over 20 had a 27 incher, (2) 24 inchers, a 23 incher, (2) 22 inchers, and (2) 20 1/2 inchers. Most of the rest were 17 inch or better only had one that was close to 15. All the shorts were around 13 in Long. Never had that many big fish that quick. Felt like I was at Devil's Lake. Not little old Stockton
  10. Looks like a lot of fun was had. Congrats in a great day with your family.
  11. Just got lucky and found a few.
  12. 20th. Had 29 walleye with 12 being keepers 2 biggest were 23 in. 21st Had 21 walleye. 9 keepers. Biggest 21 inches. All of the rest of the Keepers were in the 16 to 17 inch range with a couple 19 thrown in there. Bottom bouncing with crawler harnesses in 14 to 16 foot of water was the best did catch fish all the way into 10 foot of water. 1.0 to 1.1 mph
  13. That one was almost 21 inches. I was told it is because of severe temperature variations while they r in the egg. But I am not sure.
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