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  1. lmt out


    Water clarity was good about like it is normally. 3 ft At least. Probably more.
  2. Went out today got on the water around 8:30 fished till 2. Had one keeper walleye and at that his tail barely hit the 15 inch mark. Bottom bounced in 15 to 35 ft of water. Caught 1 walleye. Jig and crawler and jigging rap for the second half of the day nothing but a bunch of drum. At this rate in 2 more trips I will have caught a limit. Lol.
  3. lmt out


    A buddy and I fished about 6 hrs today. Fished along the dam. Jig and crawler all the way down the darn thing never caught a walleye. I would have bet money that wouldn't have happened. Stayed to long in a unproductive spot. Thought we were going to get skunked. Finally found a dumb one to give it up and a keeper to boot. Got him bottom bouncing in about 17 ft. These kinda days really make you appreciate the good ones. As for fishing it couldnt have been better. Great weather. Did get to meet a couple great guys on the ramp from Nebraska that troll ozark anglers. Lol
  4. lmt out


    Thanks for the reports. Going to try to get out Tuesday and give it a shot.
  5. Does that mean they r going to start releasing some water? If some of those places r gonna be opened they r ginna need to get the lake down some aren't they?
  6. lmt out


    Has anyone been out fishing in the last week? Not much in the way of fishing reports. Someone has to be out there catching a few.
  7. Thank you for the kind words. I'll be interested to hear how you do on the white river give us a report on how you do.
  8. I had a pic in a post a couple years ago. I can't find the pic on my phone now but what I use is called a fireball jig. Northlake tackle sells them. They r basically a short shank jig head that you can tie a stinger hook on. And I do. I use 14lb florocarbon line and a no.1 red octopus hook. I try to stay 3 to 6 inches from the bottom dropping it down occasionally to make contact with the bottom. I believe I lost one jig yesterday. I tried using jigging raps also and lost 2 or 3 of them and didn't catch anything but a drum with them. I highly recommend northlandtackle.com I buy most of my jigs and all of my crawler harnesses from them. I use the baitfish floater rigs. Hope this helps.
  9. There is some debris in the water. Not enough to make fishing difficult. The clarity looked good, not gin clear just a little stained. Of course I grew up fishing truman so being able to see a jig 2 ft under the surface rarely happens up there. Lol
  10. I launched out of RB ramp and the doc was in the water but the kiosk that you pay to to use the ramp was underwater. LOL. My first fish was a smallmouth about 13 1/2 14in long that was the only bass I caught all day cut to drum three perch and a flat head and as it always happens I lost the best walleye just as I was about to net it
  11. Went for a short trip today fished about 4 hrs had 3 keeper 2 shorts jig and crawler in 18ft.
  12. lmt out

    If a fella

    Didn't get a chance to go today. Hopefully gonna try the morning if the rain let's me.
  13. lmt out

    If a fella

    thank you very much!
  14. lmt out

    If a fella

    I appreciate the info. Is Rb the ramp if you go past owl have hotel?
  15. Thank you to everyone that served. It's truly a testament to the American resolve when you think about what our military men and women have done to protect our great country. I was in the army and most of the men in my family have served in every branch of the service except cost guard. Thank you for posting that video.
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