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  1. I fished with a guide for the first time in my life last year. We fished all day long and didn't catch many fish. But I could tell he works his butt off trying to stay on the fish. It made me fill better about all the times I've gotten skunked. He charged us less but we paid him full price with a tip. I've now been fishing with him four times. I've learned a lot from him and that's what important to me.
  2. I've went with kris twice and have a 3rd scheduled in a couple weeks. Him and his wife are working very hard to make it a success.
  3. They have a good selection of crank baits and soft plastics. Kris has some custom cranks he does his self like wiggle warts. If your on Facebook look them up "stone creek lodge " he has pictures of the some of the tackle.
  4. 215hwy right before you cross the mile long bridge
  5. Stone Creek Lodge has their tackle shop open now. They have minnows and alot of the common tackle used on Stockton. Good people too.
  6. In my experience around 60 degree water temperature is when it starts being good
  7. Owl haven motel in Stockton. Nothing fancy but good price. You can get just a slip for $12 per night at Orleans marine, within a mile.
  8. frying eyes


    I believe the walleye are getting bigger on Stockton. I caught my biggest last summer almost 26in. This past weekend I caught 5 between Friday and Saturday and 2 was over 20in. I was using extra large minnows on a 1/2 oz jig up by the dam. I don't know if they spawn but they do go through the motions. Tried to download some pics but won't work. I'll be back Saturday.
  9. Great fish! Stockton is definitely producing some larger walleye. I caught a 25in this year my biggest after 30yrs of fishing stockton.
  10. I caught my biggest walleye on stockton a couple weeks ago little over 25in and over 5lbs. We were down for 3 days fishing was slow, but that fish made the trip.
  11. I caught my biggest smallmouth very late March 2013 slow trolling a flicker shad. Didn't have anything to weigh it with. It was a nice surprise, and I let it go. Hopefully the picture downloads.
  12. I seen a HP Saturday pulling out of Masters, Good to see. Fishing has been great to last 3 Saturdays, crappie limits 2 out of 3! I'll be back Friday for the weekend, hoping for walleye and crappie limits.
  13. Good to see the locals win.
  14. I fished around the pros today for a couple hours around the dam, thought I might learn something. I didn't. Ended up with 2 walleye, one nice one around 22in. Northland fireball with a big minnow. Around 40ft.
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