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  1. Congrats, awesome fish!
  2. There was 1 other boat that went by us right above Taylor, but they had come from the lake. As far as the ramp goes at Taylor, they had actually just put new chat on the ramp and all the way up to the paved road. But now that we've had so much rain the water level at Taylor on Sunday was right to the top of the boat ramp. I would assume its going to keep coming up as well with this rain from this morning. Hopefully the boat ramp will still be usable after the lake returns back to normal level because before they put the chat down I would not have backed a trailer in there.
  3. Floated 215 to Taylor with my father in law, a buddy and his father in law. LOTS of water, the slack water was few and far between. I assumed the creeks is where we would find the fish stacked up, this was not the case. We didn't catch a white out of any clear creek water until the one right under Taylor. We caught 4 out of it. We did however watch a bobcat climb a tree and jump out of it and try to catch another branch unsuccessfully. He landed in the creek and then took off up the hillside. That was in slagle creek and pretty awesome to see. My father in law caught a 10 or 11 inch walleye out of the creek. Really only found fish in 2 dead spots before we got to the s curves. We stopped at a few great looking spots that didn't produce. That was a little surprising. It took a quite a bit of work but my buddy, me and my father in law ended with our limits. My buddies father in law had 6. My father in law caught another 4 or 5 inch walleye right before the s curves and we all added a few dink whites. All in all a little quite a bit slower than what I expected but you can't argue with 50 plus whites.
  4. Not sure about last year but I had a post in '17 about catching a bunch out of the parking lot on May 6th
  5. I think this huge rain muddying up the river will actually give us a couple more weeks with the whites. I'm looking at my fish log and in '17 when we had the flooding to start May I caught a couple limits of whites on May 13th. I didn't go back over there any more after that trip that year so not sure how much longer they could have been caught.
  6. It is still blocked off
  7. I would take them to Taylor if you don't have a boat. We have been catching loads of them above Taylor in the last couple of weeks floating from 215 to Taylor.
  8. In my experience, early on in the run when the water temps are still cool the afternoons are generally better. I think because the water has time to heat up throughout the day. As we get later into the run, usually by end of March or so I don't think timing matters much. I've never noticed much of a difference in the amount of fish I catch between morning or afternoon.
  9. Yeah i float that several times each spring with my buddies. I like that float quite a bit because you cover several good holes of water, especially during higher water years. We always wear waders because a few of the riffles have hazards that we don't want to risk riding out. There were 4 of us in a jon boat and a canoe yesterday and we had 51 whites and 2 walleye. My buddy lost 2 more walleye in about a 5 minute span. 1 of which was a 4 or 5 lber that broke his line.
  10. If we get the rain that brings the river up tonight then the s curves should be loaded with fish next week. That gravel bar through there is always loaded with fly fisherman after you start catching fish in the riffles thru there.
  11. I put my 14 footer in there this morning. It is definitely not easy but it's not terrible by any means.
  12. The s-curves are the riffle above Taylor. If you make it up to the gravel bar above Taylor you will realize why they are referred to as "the s-curves"
  13. Congratulations, those are some nice whites!
  14. If you're coming from Morrisville it's the house on the left as soon as you cross the bridge.
  15. If you do decide to float from 215 and you park on the east side of the bridge to unload your canoe/kayak/jon boat please do not block the driveway to that house. Please do not throw or drop any trash. The people in that house have been kind enough to allow people to fish there at 215 but that may not be the case for much longer. I talked to the homeowner and she had to put a lock on the gate because people would push it open and park their vehicles in her yard. THIS IS NOT OKAY! People like this are why there are no trespassing signs ALL OVER the banks of the little sac now. It did not used to be the case. Please have some respect for the gracious landowners that allow us to use their accesses to chase whites. They do not have to do this!
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