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  1. I was afraid of that answer, but thats what I expected to hear. Thanks guys. Benalt thanks for the tip on the blue river, we may head that way.
  2. I dont know much about the water generation and flow rates aside from the good info ive read in the most recent posts here. So, I'm looking to draw on the experience of others. I've been keeping an eye on the flows and river levels at the LIR this past month or two and havent seen any wadable water in that time. The flow rate has recently dropped to 2000 cfs which is still high compared to average, but low compared to what we've been seeing. My brother is coming in this weekend from CO and we'd like to wade fish the LIR, anyone think the lake level will get to 632/the river flows will decr
  3. Awesome. The beginning of your story sounded like my day on the LIR yesterday. I left my house at 3:50am...but our endings are different, you caught 10 more 'bows and 17 more bluegill than I did yesterday! I enjoyed the blog. nice story and reflections there at the end, I hope to fish as long as I am able!
  4. Thanks for all the advice. I went yesterday and fished above just north of Watts parking lot in the morning. I caught two fish. Probably lack of technique and not that I was in the wrong spot. I saw a ton of trout (and plenty of other types of fish) swimming by. I must admit I was impressed by how nice this place was. One of the nicest places I've seen in Oklahoma in terms of natural beauty. I'll definitely be back to try this area again. what fly types were you using that were so productive? (if thats a fair question)
  5. Awesome. Thanks a ton to both. I'm gonna go give it a shot tomorrow if I can escape.
  6. Hey guys, not trying to ask for anyone's secret holes here, but I'm new to OK and would like to get out fishing on the LIR. Can anyone tell me where to access the standard trout spots people talk about on this forum (Watts, gravel pit, kiddie pool, Marval, etc.). I can see a few roads shooting off of Hwy100 North of Gore (power plant rd, fishing rd, E0990 rd., Marval ln.), but I'm not sure if this is where a guy should go to give this river a shot. Any friendly suggesstions? Is this land along the river public or private? and does MarVal allow any ol' joe blow to park there and fish, or do
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