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  1. Well, had a great weekend at Lake Taney. We caught fish after fish, the majority of our fish from Coopers Creek all the way down to Branson Landing. We cleaned a few Bows to take home, can anyone tell me why some of the trout have pink colored meat while others have a white flesh. I fish mainly Meramec Springs and Montauk and they are usually always a white flesh. I just figured that this pink color was due to the trout's diet in this body of water...?
  2. Hey Guys, I am looking forward to coming down this Friday through Sunday to try my luck. I have never tried my hand at this body of water, I normally fish Montauk and Meramec Springs. It seems like most of you guys on here are experienced with the fly, but since I will be having my dad and brother along, we will primarily be doing live bait drifting from a boat, starting around Cooper's. I was wondering if i could get a few helpful tips. I bought a nightcrawler inflater, has this presentation drifting on the bottom been producing lately, also do the Gulp worms (I have a few different colors) have a similiar effect on the fish? We will also try our hand with some powerbait, spinners, and I have made sure to stock up on plenty of the trout magnets! Also, just wondering about techniques to use once the sun goes down for that nighttime bite...? Thanks for any help guys, I understand most of you are fly fishermen so I hope i havent bothered ya too much! Take care and hope you lines stay tight Dave
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