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  1. Got 7 spots in about 30 minutes on Needle's Eye Point 20 to 30 ft deep. Purple Ned rig got em good...No keeps, but lots of fun. Thanks everyone for all the help!
  2. Check out the YouTube vids on the Raymarine Dragonfly 7. Hard to find a negative review on it. We're installing one with a trollong motor mount as soon as it warms up. Can't wait to play around with it.
  3. I'm a gp/orange fan too! Curious...Any one ever try sizing up the Ned presentation to target bigger bass? Like usin 3/4 of the Zinker instead of half and a bigger hook on an 8th oz head... Any luck there?
  4. Hey Bo- I love the idea of the NuTech design...always have. I could be wrong, but I swear the traditional bristle weed guard on most bass jigs makes me miss hook sets sometimes...and yes, I trim the bristles back. If the NuTech can truly swim through cedars better without the bristle style weed guard, I'd be a buyer. Got anymore samples?
  5. Somehow this thread started comparing apples to oranges. I love McSticks too ...Blue Bandit and Chrome Shad have both produced for me in winter. But for this time of year..I think this crankbait looks good for sight fishing the early morning shad chase. Honestly, almost anything white with a hook on it catches spots when your lucky enough to be there or follow the birds. I'm hoping this can more accurately match the size of actual TR shad the bass are feeding on...They are tiny. Casting a tiny bait sucks...Thought this might be fun to try as it seems heavy enough to cast a long way. I'll admit I'm a bit of a sucker when it comes to trying new baits...I guess for me it's part of the fun. Feels pretty solid..I'll give an honest review of the lure after I fish it.
  6. Thanks Bo...That's definitely one of the concerns I have as well. I'm hoping casting it through bait balls with a stop-and-go retrieve will trigger a bite. I rarely buy plastic cranks anymore. I prefer balsa. This thing just looked so cool...It hooked me from the rack! Hopin it hooks a biggun too...
  7. Thanks Carpsucker! I'll post a review after the holiday. We'll be fishing out of Needle's Eye in Shell Knob Thursday through Sunday. Getting up early each day to beat the holiday crazies!
  8. Has anyone had a chance to try these baits on The Rock? Live Target Bait Ball series by Koppers Fishing and Tackle Corp. Made an impulse buy today...Seems like a really smart new crankbait concept. Can't wait to throw it into shad balls. Could have an advantage like the A-rig without all the fatigue. The threadfin size and paint is impressive. This one is shallow (3 - 4ft)...They had deep divers and a jerbait presentation as well. $15.99 at Dick's right now...Buy 1 get 1 half off. New Crank 2.htm
  9. Fished hard around Shell Knob Thurs and Fri. Couldn't get bit on McSticks or warts...Finally tied on a jig and caught keepers only. LM, SPOTS, and a 3 lb 9oz smallie made for a great day. Best bite was on the bottom around 15 ft draggin from the bank. Today should be great! I was hoping for a good jerkbait bite, but jig fishin is just as fun when the bass are big. Is it too warm for jerkbaits?
  10. Ha! If you image search Zoom Fish Doctor, you will see pictures of people letting minnows eat dead skin off of their feet!
  11. Everyone here knows how expensive fishing can be if you insist on using the high dollar gear "all the time". I always want to keep tackle in the boat in our slip even though I know it could be stolen. If a huge school starts busting the top when I'm on the dock messin with the boat, I don't want to have to run up the hill for a rod...I know there's always 1 or 2 to ready and rigged in the boat. Champ's right, eventually they'll get you. Keep a couple of cheap BP reels on the boat...Take your nice stuff to the cabin. The pro theives will leave the cheap stuff alone...The opportunistic thieves or ornery kids may may steal it but it's a gamble I'm willing to take. Funny thing is, I bet I've caught twice as many fish on the BP cheapies as I have on the high dollar Shimanos and AGs. I'd love to catch someone in the act of peeling our cover back, but confronting a theif with a gun wouldn't do anything but make bigger trouble for everyone. We come to the lake to have fun...Think about how long it would take for a law officer to reach you on a dock while you're holding a thief at gunpoint. Then the time it would take for filing your report... (That's if you're lucky enough NOT to have to shoot...If you or he actually discharges a firearm in that confrontation, both of your lives will be forever changed and not for the better.) The bottom line is...My time at the lake is way to valuable to me to waste it dealing with idiots who will never understand to appreciate what we do. Be safe out there and learn to blow it off.
  12. C...You better be down this wknd. We should do some night fishin!
  13. This has been a troubling summer at the Rock in terms of thievery...We keep our boats in Needle's Eye Boat Dock and have had a lot of problems. Looks like the good 'ol days of leaving tackle in the boat without worry are over. Water Patrol told us there has been a big problem with joyriding too. We were a victim of this a couple of weeks ago. Many of the boat covers were peeled back and vadalized during the middle of the week. A couple sustained serious damage to their ignitions from tampering. Our Cobalt was found floating near Green Shores. Luckily the only damage was a broken speedometer. Needless to say...We don't hide the keys in the boat any more. I know a lot of the forum members trailer boats and ramp in every time, but if you keep your boat on a dock be please be aware of this growing problem. Most boat docks on Table Rock are PRIVATE and clearly posted as so...If you don't have a boat in a dock or permission to be on it, you are trespassing.
  14. Could anyone share their method for attaching the hookless baits to the the A-Rig? I finally broke down and decided to try throwing it this year.... I know we can only use 3 hooks on the rig at Table Rock and I'm trying to figure out the best way to attach the 2 dummies. Thanks!
  15. Bill - Thanks so much for all of the info you share. I have have been reading the Forum daily for a couple of years now and this is my 1st post. I grew up on Needle's Eye point at my family's cabin and, to this day, have never caught a walleye. I will be at the cabin for the next week and, based on what I've been reading, I have made catching my 1st walleye the #1 priority of this summer's Table Rock vacation. My question is: what is your preferred rigging method for drop shotting walleyes with crawlers? Are you just using a conventional drop shot rig with the weight below the hook and stickin the end of a squirmy crawler on there??? What size hooks work best? A picture of the perfect crawler rig would be a huge help! Thanks, Craig B.
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