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  1. I’m sure Dad is still around. He’s been known to catch em pretty good a time or two.
  2. I'd stay closer to mouths of big feeder creeks. Move in as needed. Water temp drops quick closer to main lake. Go slow. Idle.
  3. Had one white yesterday. Probably 14". Water is low. Water is muddy. 53-54.5 water temp.
  4. Can't truly remember how big this guy was. But I wanna say close to 8. Windy Spring day with my dad
  5. I think I remember you telling that Walleye was around 12lbs? I could be wrong. We caught a really nice one a couple years back. That one was about 8? @dprice
  6. Thank you for taking me. Had a ton of fun. Really enjoyed it. Not sure if I was more surprised about the 4pounder or the keeper Kentucky
  7. Andddd. You're back. Couldn't stand it
  8. Here's a response. Cause I know you were itching to get one. You've said your fair share of BS. Hope that eases your pain
  9. I remember as a kid a bait shop having them. But for the life of me can't remember where it was. Also used to buy crickets for a pet tarantula from pet stores. You could call around town and price them.
  10. I looked the wind up on Weather Underground. Where you can search archives and history from town to town. Stockton recorded wind speeds of 40 mph around 530ish. And a max wind gust of 46mph around the same time. Lucky you made it back.
  11. Sorry didn't mean to be 18" off. And for the people that care. Lots of junk coming down around the high point area.
  12. As if you all didn't know. The water is 5' high. Means you can get places you normally can't. Went fishing today and was able to stay safe among the reckless. Fishing wasn't so good. So here's a video from as far back in Turkey Creek as you can get and coming out. Plenty of water. Graphed 7' before a log jam.
  13. Sadly I work this weekend or I'd be there.
  14. Amen. Jim was an awesome guy. Truly blessed to have known him. Such a great angler and person.
  15. I hate to be the person to post this. But for the ones who knew him personally. And to the ones who didn't have the pleasure of doing so. We have lost a very influential member. Jim Breidenstein, Sac River Jim, passed away in a car accident early this morning. My father fished with Jim several times and became close friends. I was fortunate enough to meet him once. Very outstanding person. He was always there for anybody needing help on and off the water. He was very active here on the forums and was a great angler. He is in good company with the Lord. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. May they heal in time. Rest In Peace Jim. See you on the water.
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