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  1. nemo ramp sunday. Red circle is the underwater attraction, green line is roughly where the water is on the google maps screenshot. ive heard it should be calmed down by august also, but its awful high.
  2. was up there yesterday, launched on the road at the nemo ramp. first time being up there with water this high it was insane.
  3. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Lifetime-Tamarack-Angler-100-Fishing-Kayak-Paddle-Included-90818/55604992?selected=true
  4. Man I sold one with a motor on it for less than that might should’ve asked more
  5. They’re both active on Crappie.com
  6. hambandit


    Any idea on Aldrich?
  7. I’m coming from springfield so I can go anywhere. Is the dock at the state park ramp usable? That’s where we normally launch and I’d like to be able to tie the boat up to something when I’m working on the trailer, as long as there isn’t a bunch of traffic.
  8. hambandit


    Anywhere I can put my boat in the water tomorrow? I’m needing to put boards on the trailer and run the motor for a little while.
  9. Anywhere I can put my boat in tomorrow? I’m needing to put boards on the trailer and run the motor for a little while.
  10. We run 25lb or so braid for main line to a snap swivel. Attach weight to swivel. 4-5’ flouro leader to bait also on swivel. I haven’t tied into anything heavy yet but my buddy had a huge carp on that eventually threw the hook at the boat. Those rods have an enormous amount of flex. I’ve got hung up and been completely doubled over to the point I was sure I was gonna break one, but nothing popped. I wouldn’t be scared at all of a 5lb walleye. You definitely need a good lightweight extendable net and running that setup solo would be rough. It really works best with three guys in the boat that way one dude can man the back rods and unhook as needed. We normally swap out so everyone gets a chance in the hot seats. Front generally produces way more than the back.
  11. Those are 14’ Ozark signature series. The guy I fish with runs 16’s, also Ozark signatures. Pushing under a heavy heavy weight is the way to go imo. We rarely will have more than 50’ of line out. Usually ~20’. That business with running them 300’ behind the boat or 50/50 with a clip on just sounds like too much work.
  12. We generally run 8 rods and push them off the bow under 3oz at target speed of 1.8mph. May run a couple long lines off the back too, but then turning sucks. It can get lively. Some flickers, some bandits, whatever feels lucky at the time.
  13. 115 for all or apiece?
  14. 56-60 as of saturday
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