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  1. I use to sell hondas and i think its a great price.... if this doesnt work i know some honda dealerships buys cars from people as long as ur not asking way over what kelly blue book is saying.
  2. Send me a pm some time before u go... if i can ill meet u down there to show u some spots.
  3. What to use.... frogs over the pads. Weightless worms dragging over the timber... white spinner baits bumping over the timber. Hook and split shot with a minnow under the docks going up the river from the park.
  4. Big bass crappies sunfish and there are some really big cats.
  5. I also believe its a 4 horse not 6 on that lake then no jug lines. Dnr told me if you see some with no name tags on it destroy and bring them in and put them in the trash.
  6. Does anybody know what the fine is if your caught with a bigger motor on that lake...even if u use it or not....250 bucks. Should of been out fishing during that snow...fishing was great. I catch the most fish and bigger fish when the snow comes down....for some reason the bass and crappies turn on.
  7. Yup must have to go catch one... even if i did they wouldnt believe the pic anyways unless you go to the spot where i caught it and you know the background of the place. Anybody can catch a fish and take pics of it saying you caught it over here when you really caught it some place else. Its ok not going to waist my time trying to prove some people are wrong.
  8. Nope.... im sure it was a muskie.... big difference between the two. I was less then 10 feet from them.
  9. Im huge on muskie fishing when i lived in minnesota these were 100% tiger muskie. Female was about 30 inches i guess and male was around 24 maybe. Found these behind the o.c. in ozark.
  10. Oh by the way bass are hitting my horny toads early in the morning. Lol
  11. I was out bass fishing or trying to this afternoon and what did i see? Two muskies on their beds. I didnt know it was possible but u never know i guess. Has anybody seen them before?
  12. You will be shocked to see how many people keep bass that are 11 inches or a bit less. Its sad but u cant stop it.
  13. Ive been catching alot on purple and white jerk baits or blue and white rattle traps but if water is all calm in the morning use horny toads.
  14. If ur using corn... i hope your keeping these trout. Believe it our not corn kills trout... they will choke on it.
  15. Ive been catching some between 5 to 10 lbs with shrimp around 830 at night.
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