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  1. Bed Bug Heat Treatment services

    Chootem Phil chootem
  2. 3/21 fishing report

    Awesome skeeter Glad to see your posts there are beauties smoken them again I see ! Meanmouth has orange eyes
  3. 45 blackpowder stuff

    45 pyrodex pellets hard to find went to powder in my pro hunter
  4. Bridgeport boat question

    This is a great idea ! It’s like Clinton foundation! Send me 2.00 to use any ramp you like This is substantially cheaper
  5. 3-12

    Good to see you on here Jerry appreciate this i tore my right bicep completely in 2 in September i sign on once in a while seems the site is almost extinct Puzzles by this now to find ole hammer
  6. 3/10 Bass Report

    Just signed on Good to see you Montgomery keep up the posts !! We’ll hook up soon
  7. 03/02/18

    Looks like the water would make the kayak very cold ?
  8. Tournaments with boats

    Just don’t seem to do it any mor e
  9. 3-4-18

    What are 12 dollars cheaper ?
  10. Tournaments with boats

    Thank you Hyde If you guys find any more please send them my way !
  11. Tournaments with boats

    I was wondering if anyone knows which tournaments this spring will have boat prizes? Id like to stay around tablerock Stockton id like to be advised on his as I never have internet time ? Thank you
  12. 3-4-18

    Awesome to see your post jerry
  13. 3/2/18 fishing report

    Heck yea That water is warm
  14. 2/28 Bass Fishing

    How many did he catch
  15. 2/26 fishing report

    Bout time some one post some pics of there catch. Made me smile to a post from you

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