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  1. Special thanks to Mike Dill And Rick Fishback !
  2. Pending sale to Mr Dennis thank you very much
  3. Bought it in October Used for twice for off shore ledges It is the correct stuff it automatically compensates for wind and wave directions has spot lock Has ipilot also has mega imaging transducer i gave 2550.00 for it
  4. Selling a minnkota trolling motor 52 inch 80 lb ultrex Used twice 1900.00 works excellent Ordered a new skeeter and it came with another ultrex Dprice 417)839-7951
  5. Excellent condition All accessories are top quality Im seldom on here so text is best way to get me 417)839-7951 $425.00
  6. Excellent condition All accessories are top quality Im seldom on here so text is best way to get me 417)839-7951 $425.00
  7. dprice

    High point

    Yes no way to treat each other I see now difference in seeing you around the Corp land parked and hunting And me driving thru the timber patch yelling are you having any luck ? I do beleive some people are so in thought with there self they really don’t seee what they really do to others
  8. dprice

    High point

    Deep for me last weekend Pre frontal and post frontal most Our fish bit in 1 ft or less We flipped midlake with I dunno how many But a silly number today I went upriver to miss the crowd skeeter
  9. dprice

    High point

    Yep scott home now Just figured I should be the one to mention it (loose your respect over my ignorance ) we were having fun sweat in our eyes Being with my family If I broke his minn Kota that’s a shame Just getting my point across Comparable to surf board on top off a big roller it was a community hole just a channel swing end With gravel flat leading off it timber and breaklines not to mention 8 brushpiles following transition Real nice spot high skies slick surface river water but still I fish quiet and slow I catch so many more extra fish by accident truly - something is abnormal and you stick one it may have been a regular spot for him I dunno I was just following post spawners Skeeter190 boat in 20-27 Bull worms and senkos (Thick fat worms) In mid level
  10. dprice

    High point

    Today we slept in and went fishing around 10 am We loaded at 1 pm to bale hay and go to church fish bit Back of boat landed one as I left trolling motor down and turned humminbird on It was a non keeper From there we fished deep water and caught some nice fish I had a couple of 4 pounders I’d say Mary had 13-14 herself lol Now I’m not proud of this but I had a guy pull up on me and get way to close and wake me ?? Mary lost her balance and said a few things I returned the favor 2 miles down I’m over it now ! Fishing shallow and 4 ft Wakes kinda sucks huh bud Now I kinda Sorry now that I didn’t remain patient with him as I try extremely hard with great success
  11. Nope can’t have that I need a ned rig lesson still
  12. Diving suit. Buddies
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