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  1. Aubrees birthday

    thanks fellas last I heard aubree and her 3 year old sister Ava were still singing the koaroke machine grams got them 😂
  2. Aubrees birthday

    Sharing aubrees birthday pic camo party and finger nails she wanted a buck cake she's so cute thot you guys might crack up thanks for the tugs and smiles pa
  3. Good day Tuesday

    Bass fisher you are amazing to listen to
  4. Keepers still missing

    Large mouth learn same as any thing else
  5. Monday morning

    If you are eating the 4th crappie you probly should drink 8 buds first ??
  6. Iosr fishing tackle at old state park

    Love it guys been busy with hay and air conditioners in fact waits to start a new day im nobody But reading this post is flippn awesome ! im proud of you guys This is a gesture that this young lad will pass to the next person ! Thank you for the smile ! as the same have no idea where you live but I would enjoy helping also !!
  7. Took the grandson fishin'

    Mc basser is that a champion windshield peeking at me ?
  8. Hammer Time

    Hammer Glad to see you pulling thru love never ends bro dont forget about us
  9. Grandkids trained

    Yep that rod must be a good one so don't be looks at it !
  10. Catfish

    Rocky secondary points are loaded with 3-4 pound channels jason Try the beach at cedar ridge that should load your f150 bed
  11. Father's Day

    Ps got to fish a Friday night tournament with my son We had a blast but had no idea what we were doing what a week end
  12. Father's Day

    Audio Chem that's awesome very nice family looks like ! i have enjoyed mine as well granddaughters are still riding the razor 😂 I'm dozing in and out BBQ yard games my sons birthday and Father's Day And giggling grand daughters Thank you lord
  13. 6/16/17 With the Grandson/just pics

    No contest - Life's easier
  14. 6/16/17 With the Grandson/just pics

    Them hufferds always smile

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