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  1. dprice

    It was a very good day.

    I’m excited just seeing her thanks
  2. dprice

    It was a very good day.

    Very nice What depth did the fat girl Bite ?
  3. dprice

    Finding Road Beds

    Something different for a migration purpose I totally agree with fly smallie the road above clothwell has some baracades on it in curve lots of asphalt chucks with brushpiles
  4. dprice

    Finding Road Beds

    Drops of any size from ditch’s Will help Corp still line them with brush tho
  5. dprice

    Water color

    Mid lake has a slight dinge from Saturday’s 6 ft clarity Biggest differences Wind blown banks show the most color from winds surgace temps cooled 3-4 degrees fish are biting We had around 30 in 4 hours today Post frontal conditions Yesterday was smoking hot tho flip a bush hang a fish Ketchup watched me boat 6 or so in 10 minutes flipping bushes in clear water
  6. dprice

    Beautiful but dangerous

    Think this was it from a few miles south
  7. dprice

    Spawned out?

    So many bass on beds I don’t see how the crappie could move up ? i thought they spawned after bass ?
  8. dprice


    Great job They were on fire this morning
  9. dprice

    Organized Chaos

    Nice day just to fish from a camp ground
  10. dprice

    Spawned out?

    I’m no crappie fisherman in the slightest they look developed to me on the other hand no a spammer to me now my question is ? They are just coming to the nests Arndt they ? I mark a lot of them in the middle portions of coves just off beds
  11. dprice

    Check this out!

    Awesome That dude is stoked East Texas has them also my friends catch them on buzzbaits
  12. dprice

    Diseases form Ticks and Mosquitoes on the rise.

    My bottoms are full of them but the Timothy is over y head all the way around
  13. dprice

    I know it’s their right, but!!!

    I beleive I can place top 5 in Webb pro am this week end I am not going Because of my turn around Instead I’ll invest my money in a new set of power poles

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