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  1. Snap weights are just an egg weight with a planer board snap on them, you clip them on the line ahead of the bait.
  2. I used Thill Pro and these. I like the latter better but I can't remember why, been a while since I used them. https://www.lurenet.com/thill-gold-medal-supreme-stealth
  3. Interested as well. Tried them all and have yet to find one that doesn't become an aggravation in spinning rods with small guides.
  4. I use it. I usually run about 60-75ft to stay close to the bottom in <20ft. I use a longer leader too, 20-30 feet. I really don't like it that much. It's like fishing with steel cable, but it works. Snap weights are a little handier, but I don't use them all that often either. Most of the time I'm trolling over shallower water for walleyes. I don't even bother with a lure retriever anymore. I'd say 3 times out of 4 a snag will free if you turn around and go the other direction. My opinion would probably change if I used more $8 Rogues and Wally Divers though.
  5. Works slick on aluminum too.
  6. The flu vaccine is what, 50% effective on a good year? And the flu has been around for centuries. That's what concerns me the most. Covid isn't going away any time soon, a vaccine isn't going to be a cure-all. Getting a lot of Americans on board with vaccines is a challenge in itself nowadays.
  7. The Amish (or Mennonites) that I've seen at Stockton drive trucks worth 10x what mine is, and spend half the time talking on their smart phones.
  8. Do you fish jigging raps vertical or cast them? I clip the front hook off and don't lose as many, that is when I don't forget to open the bail and send them flying into the sunset.
  9. One caught in Caplinger a few years ago, it was posted here if I'm not mistaken, and I saw a Facebook post from someone that said they caught one in Stockton. Take that for what it's worth though. Probably not enough in there to justify fishing them, but they're in there.
  10. Don't think there's any way to get a compression number through the computer. Misfires and cylinder contribution, probably.
  11. Crazy. I have the exact same boat with a DT75 Suzuki on it. Didn't think I'd ever see another of that combo. The boats an 84-85? Motor is likely a little newer, somewhere around 89 or so? Does the Zuke run?
  12. Ordered and didn't end up needing, retailer won't take it back because of the virus. It's new and unopened. This is what the Helix 5/7 SI models come with, may work with others. $150 shipped or $140 picked up, OBO.
  13. Only got 8 tenths here in Collins.
  14. Crank pulling is hot right now for crappie. Doesn't seem to matter much where you go, but the mouths of coves are a good place to start.
  15. 24 inches, pulling crankbaits. Only been after them for 3 years.
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