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  1. MrGiggles


    Looks more like a 10 and a 14 to me, may just be perspective though.
  2. MrGiggles


    I always thought it was because those lakes had too many short fish, Pomme in particular, although this year has been way better when compared to the last couple.
  3. Check ebay. Aftermarket companies are reproducing some of those obscure plastic doodads that are NLA from Merc, NLA Marine is one of them. There are some sellers with NOS stuff as well.
  4. Occasionally I would mark a fish separated just above the pile but for the most part they were down in it. If I run over the pile at idle speed first, I will get a better snap shot of the pile as a whole, and any fish that are on the fringes will show up better, as compared to just hovering over the top of the pile. That reminds me, next time I need to run over the pile with DI, as that is supposed to be much better for showing fish that are close to structure.
  5. I was out on Saturday from the dam down to State Park, whatever that big island is called between the main lake arms. In 2 hours I had 6 keeper crappie and a few shorts. I caught fish on just about every pile that I hit, but some were better than others. It was definitely a one here, one there type of afternoon. I was using a 1/16 oz jig and a blue ice baby shad. Almost all of them whacked it on a dead stick. No movement was best.
  6. I have a first Gen Terrova and the spot lock is about one step above useless IMO. Drifts about 20 feet before correcting, over shoots, wraps up the cables, you name it. The new ones are way better but it'd be nice if it didn't take a whole paycheck to buy one.
  7. MrGiggles


    Crappie were finicky. Caught more on cranks at dusk than I did jigging brush. Found a couple 'eyes too. Water is cooling off fast, 60*.
  8. MrGiggles


    I can't help but wonder if those big time tournament guys actually enjoy fishing, or if it's just a job (albeit a good one). For me, the best way to ruin a hobby is to make a job out of it, the minute I have to do something, it becomes a chore. The money right now is in specialized trades, STEM applications (aside from teaching), and medical. College has become outrageously expensive, and unless you have a free ride from parents or a scholarship, stagnant wages and high living costs have made it next to impossible to recover from that debt burden, and most kids do not have the forethought to see the long term impact of borrowing that much money. College ain't the sure-fire path to a good life like everyone told me it was, and I got off easily as far as student loans go. The military is a good option as well. My younger brother has surpassed me in pretty much every way possible with the USAF, so there's that. Us young guys have it tough, being the first generation to have it worse than our predecessors. Make sure they choose wisely, times are hard and the future is uncertain.
  9. MrGiggles


    Yeah, still got a couple weeks to go yet. I was still showing a deep thermocline last weekend. Water was ~65 degrees.
  10. I have had more consistent luck with walleye from the dam down to Mutton and Sons creek on the big sac, although I have caught many on the little sac towards Masters and Cedar Ridge. I would consider staying at Hawker or State Park, those are pretty centrally located and you could run down either arm or up to the dam pretty easily. I have more luck with long, shallow, rocky points with wind blowing into them. But I ain't exactly loading the boat so take that for what it's worth.
  11. Found one tonight after a couple hours. Crappie were more cooperative.
  12. I had a lot of luck in October/November of 17 doing pretty much the same things I did in the summer. But this year, and last year, I haven't had much luck. I know a lot of guys catch them shallow on jerkbaits around this time. Something I hope to get better at. I usually have the best luck during summer, when the thermocline keeps them confined to the top half of the lake.
  13. Almost surely a black rat snake. Common around here, I see more of those than anything else. I read somewhere that they are evolving to not rattle when threatened, since it gives away their location and they're usually killed. The silent ones get passed on and reproduce. Scary.
  14. There are a couple Alumacrafts on CL that may interest you. I've seen the same thing. Jon boats, pontoons, and bass boats seem to be the majority around here. I've often thought of running up to Minnesota where aluminum V-hulls are pretty much all there is.
  15. Yeah, as mentioned, it will only show things like a total loss or major repair that was claimed by insurance. Some of the bigger marinas may report to them for smaller repairs, but I wouldn't count on it.
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