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  1. So a guy can put it an Aldrich and run upriver to the good spots? Anything to watch out for? Might give it a try on Wednesday, since the main lake hasn't been giving up much of anything.
  2. You can buy the Navionics app for your phone as well for 9.99. Worth every penny, and a whole lot cheaper than a chart plotter.
  3. Went on Tuesday. Could not find them. Had some success a couple days before but it was not hot and heavy by any means. I'd expect them to be moving into creek mouths any day now.
  4. I'd like to make a trip down this summer, probably early to mid June, as soon as the trolling bite starts to heat up. I'm just not sure where to go, hoping to get into some walleyes. Most of the reports I see are from K-dock, so that is an option. Also thinking about going to Theodosia, as the humps south of the 160 bridge seem like a good place for walleyes.
  5. Yep, 38 on Saturday. Put in at Mutton, didn't catch a thing. Did catch a few on Pomme tonight though.
  6. I have never been a fan. Prices are usually 15-20% higher than their competition (what is left of them anyway.) I have seen the same thing in Springfield. Seems like they only ever have two lanes open. The place is always packed, it's more of a tourist trap than anything now.
  7. It's just a single. Hoping that I can talk the boss into a twin for next year, this one is barely big enough. We've got more than enough tractor.
  8. Yeah, its been a wet one. Been running this rig for 4 years, never been stuck with it before, sunk to the frame last week.
  9. They do. The donor motor was a long shaft, with a really flat prop, from a pontoon I imagine. I bought it in KC, a lot of lakes up there have a 10hp restriction. Unfortunately I sold the motor last spring. I'll have to dig around, but I don't think I have any photos with the cowl off.
  10. It really depends on the motor. I convertered a 9.8 Merc to electric start pretty cheaply. Found a donor identical ES motor on CL for 150 bucks. Cheap because it didn't run and had no title. Swapped all the parts over in an afternoon. On that motor it was easy, it retained the recoil, you just bolt up the starter and swap over the electrical parts. On the 25 Johnson that I just sold, it was more complicated, because it did not retain the recoil, so you had to purchase a starter bracket and cowl along with the other required parts. As for tilt and trim, I have no idea.
  11. I just called the office in Stockton. They can take a credit card over the phone and mail it to you.
  12. I didn't do much better. Was running short on time, decided to go to Crabtree. Got there around 4. Did not see a crappie on the graph until about 5:45. Then it was on, 3 casts, 3 fish, they were gone again after about 10 minutes. Still, was nice to catch a fish, been almost a month. Main lake brush, 30 ft deep in 42 fow. 38*. Lots of boats out today.
  13. MrGiggles

    CC area

    Might try putting in at Mutton this week. Been pretty dang tough on the main lake.
  14. MrGiggles

    CC area

    Good to know, that's what I figured. Is there a lot of timber down there, or just shallow?
  15. MrGiggles

    CC area

    Was thinking about making the run in my boat a couple weeks ago, and I measured the distance with google maps.
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