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    Crabtree, Masters, and Cedar Ridge are the ones that I know are usable.
  2. Figured I would give it a shot tonight, avoid the crowds and rain this weekend. Trolling was slow. Had two crappie and a few short bass. Nothing spectacular, for sure not as good as it has been. Worked a jig and crawler for a little while and caught a couple of big drum, and a 14" walleye. There was a lot of debris back in coves, but the water was still pretty clear in the main lake. Crabtree is open, they have pulled the dock and the ramp is totally underwater, but you can still float a boat there. Water temps still high 60s.
  3. I don't really fish for them, just catch a few here and there on accident, so I'm not the one to ask. I believe the fish that are seen hitting the surface are whites. I imagine casting a jerkbait, swimbait, roostertail, etc. would work pretty well. Letting out half as much line with the same baits you use for crappie would probably work just about as good, so they run around 10' deep.
  4. From what I've seen, they are higher up in the water column, from the surface to 8 feet down or so. I'm usually trolling 15-17 feet down. I have caught them on cranks, but it's usually while making a turn, retrieving, or doing something else to make my baits run higher up.
  5. Anyone know where to access ramp closures?
  6. Do you ever see these fish on the graph, or is it just a try and see approach?
  7. I have only used them one afternoon, so I cannot say if they work any better than solids. Only that they do indeed catch fish. I will say that the Pro series with holographic slick patterns have been working better.
  8. Went tonight, caught a half limit of nice 11-13" crappie. Two short walleyes, a few whites, and a largemouth. The flicker shad pro series, and jointed in slick firetiger have been working the best for me, although regular firetiger was working as well.
  9. I don't know, I've been catching females that are still packed with orange eggs, and males that are pretty black. Some females with no eggs as well. With water temps creeping into the 70s, I'd say the spawn has to be about over with. They may have only been spawning at night, or deeper than normal because of the clear water. I have not seen many reports that showed a shallow bite, nor have I caught any shallow.
  10. I was wondering if this had something to do with it. Been pretty bright at night, with a full moon coming on the 18th.
  11. 20ft in the back of coves. Walleye were the same, but they sure weren't in the same places that they were on Sunday. My cranks were running 15-17ft down.
  12. It's not unusual for a 2 stroke to drool a little bit of oil. But I've only ever seen it drip out of the lower unit, or through the prop hub. Usually it'll be blue, or whatever color the oil is.
  13. Had a couple spare hours so I went down over to Crabtree for a couple hours. Crappie were cooperating. Firetiger was the ticket once again. No walleyes though, not sure where they went.
  14. Try going 50ft ahead of the bait. Unless you're trolling in >50 fow, you should be able to pull up enough line to unclip the weight and use a plug knocker. I don't have much experience with them, the clips that I have are a terrible design, but I followed the 50/50 method, let 50 feet of line out, attach weight, let out another 50 feet. I'm going to get some better snaps, in hopes that it'll be a little less aggravating than lead core.
  15. I usually have the best luck from now till mid October. Once the water dips below 60 it's pretty well over with.
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