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  1. I don't know much about bottom bouncing, but I do see them while pulling cranks. Very rarely am I not marking anything and still catching fish. Walleyes are usually elongated marks, within a couple feet of the bottom. Bass are more football shaped, same with crappie, although they are often suspended. It's worth noting that the apparent "length" of the fish is entirely dependent on the speed of the boat, and the activity of the fish. I'm usually rolling over at 2-3mph and get a pretty good snapshot of them in-situ.
  2. Seconded, where I got my Terrova. They're very fair.
  3. Went last night and had one short and one barely legal. Found a couple nice crappie on brush but I didn't spend much time trying to find them. JME but the walleye bite seems to slow down during a full moon. Should get better soon.
  4. Found them tonight as well. Pulled cranks around a long, shallow point in 15-18ft. Had one just over 22" a 20, a 17, and two that were just under 15. The wind seemed to pick up at dusk, and it was on like Donkey Kong. All pulling flickers and a wally diver. This was the only photo I took, had my hands full dealing with snags, tangles, and fish. Layed her down on the golden rule for a better pic, went to reach for my phone, and in one expert flop she went right over the gunnel. So that one got released.
  5. There an app called Onxhunt that may be helpful. Shows property lines and owners.
  6. I have seen it in some areas, but not in others. Where I have seen it, it was close to 30ft. I think the steady in/outflow has prevented it from forming.
  7. If you are trying to advertise your guide service on this site, it is working! 👍 Found a few as well tonight, 7 shorts and 2 keepers. All pulling rogues and flickers in 16-18 feet. Seems to me that the walleye bite really picks up in and around a new moon. Waa catching them every pass, with doubles a couple times until the sun set, then nada. This was the only pic I took.
  8. Any ~1a 12V DC wall wort will work. Dig through the bin at the thrift store, I'm sure you'll find one for pocket change. You'll have to clip the plug off and verify polarity with a multimeter first. Computer power supplies will work as well, although that's a little overkill and needlessly complicated for the task at hand. Alternatively you can probably go on Amazon or Ebay and buy a 12V power supply for ~10 bucks.
  9. Gauge was probably leaking, or had way too long of a hose. If the Schrader valve is not placed close to the end of the hose, the volume of the hose adds to the combustion chamber volume, effectively lowering the compression ratio. It's why you get low readings when using an automotive gauge on a chainsaw. If it truly had compression in that range, I imagine there would be other symptoms.
  10. I'm just a part timer, I run down there three days a week for a night class, in Hope's that I might someday earn an engineering degree. The only gripe I have so far is that the desks are pitiful. Even OTC has proper tables.
  11. I get a touch over 3 with an 80lb Terrova. Check your batteries. With a 24V system, you're only as strong as the weakest battery. Trimming up the outboard helps a lot more than you might think as well, although things can get a little hairy if it's windy, without a "rudder" keeping the stern in check.
  12. I just transferred to MSU this semester. Not sure what I think of the place yet.
  13. A heat gun will help release the adhesive and make it easier to peel them off. A razor blade makes for a good scraper but can scratch the aluminum underneath. Once they are off you can use whatever solvent you want to get the goo off. 3M adhesive remover aerosol works pretty good. It is not cheap but a can goes a long ways.
  14. Easiest would probably be Masters, Cedar Ridge, or Crabtree. Take 13 to Bolivar, go west on 32. Cedar Ridge and Masters are just past Fair play and Crabtree is a few miles up from there. Greenfield is just a few minutes closer.
  15. Only made it on Saturday afternoon. One short and what I believe was another that I only caught a glimpse of. The crappie were cooperating much better, brought a few of those home for dinner. Pulling crankbaits, fooled around with BBs some too, but after getting hung for the third time and breaking a rod I went back to cranking. For me, they always seems to slow down some when a full moon is near, I have not been having nearly as much success as I was 2-3 weeks ago. This was on a flat, little sac arm. 16-20 feet.
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