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  1. MrGiggles

    Mixing Batteries

    Yeah, I think these green carp guys get a little stir crazy when they haven't thrown a topwater in a while.
  2. MrGiggles

    Mixing Batteries

    This thread has taken a very strange segue... One that I sure wasn't expecting. Thanks all for the advice. Not even sure if I'll be getting this motor, I'll know more in a few days.
  3. MrGiggles

    Mixing Batteries

    Well, I hate to spend 600 dollars on the motor and then have to drop another 200+ on batteries. I understand that it's pretty trivial in the world of boats, but my budget is stretched already, it's not just a matter of me being cheap. I can't imagine that my battery has degraded that much in a year, I don't think I've ever discharged it more than 50%, since my trips are usually pretty short.
  4. Looks like I may have a chance to upgrade trolling motors. Unfortunately the new one is 24 volt. I run a single group 29 battery now, it's a little over a year old and is in good shape. Am I asking for trouble by buying a single new battery connecting it to my old one in series?
  5. MrGiggles

    Deep fish

    I've wanted to do this. Might give it a shot tomorrow. Do you search for any kind of structure (channel swings, points, etc.), or do you just find the shad and go from there?
  6. Did it look the same when you were traveling faster? When at a standstill or drifting very slowly like you were anything will just show up as horizontal lines. Best thing to do is turn around and make another pass at idle speed.
  7. MrGiggles

    Your first fish of 2019

    First of 2019 was a drum, no picture. Redeemed myself after with a mess of crappie from Pomme.
  8. MrGiggles

    Your first fish of 2019

    It's still swimming, came down with the flu on Monday, and have been super busy at work. Thinking I'm over the hump now, might make it out this weekend.
  9. MrGiggles

    New Years Eve - you all let me down

    Wanted to go yesterday, but ran short on time. Hard to find when the says are so short. Good job, hoping to get out this weekend, weather looks decent.
  10. MrGiggles

    14 Alumacraft Semi-V

    Already purchased and in the garage.
  11. MrGiggles

    Christmas Eve Crappie!!

    Dang man leave some for us!
  12. MrGiggles

    Mercury starting issues

    Sometimes the Bendix gear can get sticky as well, the starter will just spin and not engage the flywheel. Had that problem now and then on a 9.8 Merc, a little spray lube fixed it.
  13. Want to get on Bull Shoals sometime during the spring or summer for some big walleyes. Would have to make a trip out of it, because it's a bit of a drive. As far as boat upgrades: Finish rear mounted trolling rod rack, before summer Trolling motor upgrade to one with spot lock. Network my bow and console sonars River boat build? Strong maybe on that one.... All smaller goals working to a single big one, which is "catch more fish."
  14. MrGiggles

    Mono vs. Braided

    Spiderwire stealth, Power pro, and Sufix are pretty popular. I use mono most of the time, but braid has advantages. The slim profile gets more depth with less line out for trolling, and it's more sensitive. Braid does not degrade in the sun either. There are a lot of specialized knots for braid, but I'm not that good at remembering them, so I just use a triline knot with a couple extra twists and leave a little tag line. There are also fused lines that behave similar to braid like Fireline and Nanofil, if you want to experiment more.
  15. MrGiggles

    Saturday, 12/15

    Dang man, good job. I was out there last night too, only caught 1.

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