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  1. MrGiggles


    Tonto say, "Only good snake, dead snake. Make'um good belt." I'm sorry, they give me the willies. Big time. That water snake sure don't like getting his picture taken.
  2. Been playing with the DI on my 7SV. Shows a lot more detail.
  3. MrGiggles

    Crappie Bite

    I did not have much luck yesterday either. The spots that were good 1-2 weeks ago, are pretty slim pickins' now. The good mid-70*s trolling weather that I'd been looking forward to all summer is done and gone, just like the crappie spawn in the spring. I saw a lot of tiny shad flipping around the cove at Masters over shallow water, and bait balls in deep water too.
  4. MrGiggles

    Who likes lily pads?

    That is the best thing you can do, a lot of people worry about overfishing a pond, when usually the opposite is true. Keep pressure on the crappie and bass especially, or you'll have a pond full of 12" skinny bass and tiny crappie. Those 12" bass are good eating. Stocking some forage is not a bad idea either. Grass carp will help keep the vegetation down. Some is good, but it can really take over a small pond, to the point that you can hardly fish it.
  5. MrGiggles

    Big and Small We Like 'Em All!

    On the water. Still got some small things to finish up, and a windshield is needed.
  6. MrGiggles

    Walleye length limit

    They changed it a few years ago.
  7. MrGiggles

    Tree hugger or red neck?

    Just having a bumper sticker at all will prove your identity as an old man.
  8. MrGiggles

    Tree hugger or red neck?

    Ya might get mistaken for a millennial with that rig.
  9. MrGiggles

    Where have they gone?

    It's been a tough summer. I've been reading some of my old posts from a year ago, water temps last year in mid-August were hovering just below 80. Even though it's October, the lake still seems like it's in a late summer pattern. I don't bass fish, but the crappie have been cooperating. I even caught a short walleye last weekend, first in a long time.
  10. MrGiggles

    Gotta love Stockton.....

    Looks like a good day. I caught probably 20 crappie on Tuesday night before the storm. Only six keepers though. Went again tonight, caught 5 keeper crappie, a bass, and a short walleye. The trolling bite is starting to heat up again. Talked to a nice guy in a bay boat at the ramp, said he had done pretty good with the walleyes.
  11. MrGiggles

    Crappie Bite

    Haven't been in a couple weeks, it's just been too hot. I picked up a couple here and there on bridge columns. Trolling cranks has been unproductive since mid-July for me.
  12. MrGiggles

    Big and Small We Like 'Em All!

    My 84 Tracker Tournament V17 project. It's coming along slowly, hoping to have it on Stockton soon. Some before and after shots, will have some more once I get it on the water again.
  13. I ended up getting an 84 Tracker Tournament V17 with a 60hp Merc a month ago on Facebook. It's been a project, but the price was right. It's a little longer and wider than I wanted, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
  14. MrGiggles

    September bass fishing

    Water is still clear, up about 8 inches from where it had been most if the summer.

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