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  1. Makes me wonder how they did it. I can't hardly sleep if it's any warmer than 75.
  2. Yep. 18hp should be 5/16. Here, farm supply stores have it way cheaper than Oreilly's and other parts stores. If the line that's on it has crimped clamps, just cut them with dikes, reuse the fittings, slip on your new hose, and replace them with worm drive clamps or zip ties.
  3. I just use plain automotive fuel line. I probably wouldn't use it on an offshore rig with an enclosed bilge, but on most boats it will work just as well. I will never use that silver crap again.
  4. Dang, I usually settle for a slice of pizza at Hannah's. Guess I've been missing out.
  5. Went after them again tonight. The walleyes weren't grouped together like they were. Caught one short and one keeper. Also found 3 keeper crappie and the typical amount of drum.
  6. Thanks. I've caught more walleyes this year than I have in the past, maybe because I've been focusing more on the Big sac arm, in the past I fished the little sac exclusively. Last summer I only caught a few until mid July. Fall was such a wreck weather-wise that I didn't catch any then either.
  7. Yep. Black boat with orange life jackets on? Was wondering what you were doing, thought you might have been running bouncers.
  8. It's still somewhere around 17ft over pool.
  9. Put in at Crabtree tonight after getting my trailer back together. Trolled the flats North of Mutton. Found 1 crappie. Trolled a point close by and found a couple drum, nothing really in that area to speak of. I decided to hit a spot on the way back that I had caught some fish in about a month ago, an island which is now submerged. Caught three eyes from 15.5-22", which is my PB. Not really sure what is so special about that spot, but they're in there. 18-20 feet, trolling chart and jointed purple tiger flicker shads. Crappie was on blue tiger.
  10. They actually make specialty .5mm oversize sockets for this exact purpose. That's how big of an issue it is. Specifically on Dodge and Ford, although others have them too.
  11. From what I've seen the Ghost will be right at 3k as well.
  12. Crappy 2 piece lug nuts that swell with age and stick in your sockets.
  13. All at a price nobody can really afford. Who is the intended market? The 100k sponsored bass boat guys?
  14. Doesn't bother me a bit. The banter is what keeps this place entertaining.
  15. I think every truck I've ever owned needed them. But I drive ragged out junk, so that's not really a good example.
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