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  1. This time of year is normally tough. First week of October is usually when it gets good.
  2. Now is one of the best times to go. Bottom bouncers are the go-to for most. I prefer cranks or jig and crawler.
  3. Is that Helix a SI, DI, or GPS model?
  4. A light drag helps with trolling. You'll get better hookups if the fish can actually get ahold of the bait, and not just rip it away as soon as they touch it. I set them just tight enough to keep them from free spooling, sometimes the clicker alone on a line counter is enough. I don't know if it makes any difference casting though.
  5. Facebook is undoubtedly a larger community, but with way more morons and BS. I much prefer what is left of this community.
  6. I've never fished the island much, but the cove to the north is a good one for crappie.
  7. Be careful once you get past the 245 bridge a little ways. Lots of timber down there.
  8. For channels chicken livers are supposed to work pretty good. I've caught quite a few with crawlers too. My neighbors fish a lot of catfish tournaments on Truman, they're always catching bait in the little creek by my driveway. Evidently those little bluegills and stuff work well. I've heard bullheads work good too, if you have any muddy ponds nearby.
  9. I was there yesterday. It is my preferred ramp for that arm of the lake. For whatever reason, it is not nearly as busy as Cedar Ridge, a lot less steep, with two extra lanes. It's a pretty quick run down to High Point area, if that's where you're wanting to fish.
  10. Rivnuts are a threaded inserts. You drill a hole and pop them in with the tool. They work like a pop rivet. Once they are installed, you can thread the corresponding fastener into them (machine screw, bolt, whatever) and it'll stay put. I've got two of them in the gunnel of my boat holding the trolling motor, in addition to thru-bolts in the bow plate. Self tappers tend to strip when removed frequently, or loosen.
  11. Rivnuts are pretty slick for that. They'll hold way better than self tappers, and you can use studs or wing bolts for easy removal. You can buy the tool and a bunch of inserts for ~$50 on Ebay or Amazon. With the expense of catfish tackle, and the strength of those fish, I would want those mounts to be solid. With a good solid mount, you can use them for snagging too.
  12. A guy walks into a bar. He see's a miniature man playing the piano on the counter. Intrigued, he decides to stay for a drink or two. He sits, the bartender says, before I get your drink, you have to rub this magic bottle and make a wish. The man does, suddenly there's a big plume of smoke, and the bar is littered with ducks. The guy says, what the heck, I asked for a million bucks, not a million ducks. The bartender laughs and replies, do you really think I wished for a 12 inch pianist?
  13. Dang boomers, ruining everything. In that report that I mentioned earlier, something like 60% of anglers are between 45-65+, so that makes sense.
  14. I'm not talking about the pandemic. I agree with you there. I mean overall fishing participation trends. From what I have read license sales are down steadily despite population growth. Was Stockton ever a little honey hole that only the locals knew about?
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