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  1. Went down there Thursdays morning, cpl little males and watched a boat going by catch an 18-20" walleye...
  2. Teddy passed Wed night down at the Landing, he liked a cpl of ya messin with him now and then, thanks for your kindness. You will see his girlfriend down there now more I am sure. I think the hatchery area was one of the old boys favorite spots. 9 yoa.
  3. Nope, we had just got out of the vet, chest and all sounded good they said, was down to 157 from a high of 172. We went down for a short walk at the Branson Landing, 200 yards from car he did a little spin, let out the most god awful little hounddog yawl, and went down...I really kinda think it might have been some sort of aneurism in his head.
  4. Teddy passed Weds night...Just Honey and I for now on.
  5. Both mine are fixed, chipped and adopted or I should say re homed, got them from a friend that breeds them in Aurora. Had Teddy the male for a bit, added Honey to maybe perk him up a tad, he is 9 yoa, he needs a reward. 235, what a beast it was. We need a cpl Tibetans .
  6. We are going to get down there as early as possible tomorrow, just getting home. Was a little to busy to cut my female loose, she likes to roam the banks.
  7. No sir, you have some studs, Bordeaux? The back guys have mines head. We went down there, looked kinda packed, truck blocking road and a mudhole. So we drove to Forsyth and struck out. Did not really try to hard, we were just on a cruise. Hope our dogs meet, mine are babies, big guy 160 lbs at 9 yoa, girl is 110 lb at 5. The kid that wanted to fish never showed up
  8. Pretty much be a check things out trip, fish for a bit. Taking a kid from Detroit down there maybe (should be interesting). Say hello if you like. Guess I will drive to Blunk.
  9. We snuck down to your dock recently and visited a customer of mine fishing
  10. The mutt and I went to the Landing today for a walk, I carried a little ultra with a 1/8 white/grey jig, did catch 2 little trout, 1 little crappie, and a perch lol. (Earlier pic, I know there is no snow on the ground now)
  11. Last year someone fired a shot over my head at 4 am, dogged parked right before and made us move lol.
  12. Can't wait for the little spring run so I can come over from Branson and say hello. Fish off the bank. Teddy is still around (Top), will have a new girlfriend (bottom), when you see us Don't shoot us lol.
  13. I am only over there during the white bass run, CAN"T WAIT FOR THIS YEAR. So I just use two pretty much, swimming minnow, or a vibrex rooster tail lol. We will see you there this year, plus one more puppy probably lol.
  14. Will have to check out this summer...I always stay in St Charles when I go to the ballgames anyhow (They let me take my puppy).
  15. I was bankfishing on Long Creek for cats late last year, about 4 am someone fired a shot over my head from woods. First time I ever heard the 'wiz' of a bullet go by my head. Just a cpl seconds before shot, my Bull Mastiff down the bank let out a loud bark, I turned and headed back a split second before shot. He very well could have saved me. Needless to say we ran like jack rabbits back to car and got the hell out of there.
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