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  1. I think next time I will try evening fishing. seems to be the best time at sons creek from what I read lately.
  2. Mtneerguy


    Fished around the boat ramp at 39 highway and sons creek. started at sun up till around 11am. only caught a few. a nice 12inch male. he was right on the bank, the rest were out about 20ft or so. Still just a beautiful day on the water. a lot of turkey hunters out too. good luck fellas. and tight lines..
  3. nice catch!! looks like a great day. biggest I've seen
  4. I have been trying my luck for carp on a fly rod, with no luck. I am new to this too. boy they spook easy. what fly did you use for these two ? nice catch.
  5. That's what I have been wanting to hear. Nice fish. I just went and got my tackle box stocked up with bobby garland lures too.
  6. The wife and I went on Saturday and fished at cc. Tried fishing around the bluffs and then across to the peninsula. no luck at all. quite a few fellas bank fishing for crappie too but they said they just were not biting. I did manage to catch a small bass and got a few bites over at sons creek!
  7. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Was thinking of going to CC and try some bank fishing off the bluffs. Or on the other side, Just wondering if the water is still way up and if there is a place to fish from the banks. I want to take the family and try our luck for some crappie. Just not sure of where to go or where good places to take them?? Thanks,
  9. looks like a great day on the lake!
  10. yes I did catch one once for about 10sec. Ha. man he was gone! very strong .. I can't wait to try again..
  11. blacknoseddace, Thanks for the tips ! great pictures by the way. you know I forgot to ask what size tippet should I be using for carp? 1x 2x ? The carp I am after I am sight fishing as well, and it is hard to get anything close to them without spooking them.
  12. Hello every one, Pretty new here on this site. Lots of great articles. I am also new to Fly Fishing. It is a lot of fun and I even started tying some of my own fly's. I love going after bass but I have wanted to try my luck at some carp I see swimming by. any particular fly work better? some pointers. or let me know of some people to follow on here that have this experience ? Thanks for your help, and I look forward to getting to know some of you on here by reading your posts.
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