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  1. On “The Hill” has to be Charlie Gitto’s Great food at reasonable prices
  2. Great trip! Hope to be back again soon. Thanks everyone.
  3. Jeremy Your help paid off. I caught my biggest rainbow to date on your egg pattern today at KOA. We also had the best day we had ever had. Hooked up several times and landed quite a few. Thanks again Jim
  4. The reason Robbie and I drive 5 hours to Taney instead of going to a few of the closer destinations is the fisherman. The people that fish taney are some of the friendliest and most helpful we have ever run into. Yesterday was the first time we had been able to get back in a year. We struck up conversations with several guys yesterday, but 2 stuck out. We met John on the lot above KOA. He offered to give us tips on fishing sculpins and was a great source of information. The other fisherman we met turned out to be Jeremy Hunt. I had never met Jeremy, but had read several of his posts. I was watching a guy catching fish after fish right across from me. I finally asked him what he had on. Turned out we were using the same fly, he just knew what he was doing. He offered to tie me up a fly, re-rigged my rod and gave me a quick on the spot lesson. Needless to say I was doing more than a few things wrong. Anyway, thanks to John and Jeremy. You guys are why we love to spend what very little free time we get right here.
  5. I wish they were far fetched. We spent over $600K to fly this clown to work. Our minimium wage is now $7.75, placing us in the top 5 I believe. The state was held hostage while he tried to get businesses with more than a certain number of employees to pay for health care for all employees. The guy is a joke. We are sending the wrong clown to Washington.
  6. So where is Bluff Landing. I did an internet search and got locations in Corpus Christi TEXAS?????? LMW
  7. A bit off the subject. Someone brought up our pain in the butt govenor, and I decided to vent. same party, same political machine Same geographic area I was hoping Obama would pick good ole Rod B as his running mate. thenm we get rid of both of them if they win.
  8. Hint Time Who has NEVER spent a night in the Govenors mansion becasue his wife HATES downstate IL? Who flies, on the taxpayers tab, to Springfield from Chicago to work? Who was elected by the Daley machine to promote Upstate IL? WHo decided that the minimium wage in IL needed to be one of the highest and fastest growing int he free world? Who tied up the budget to get a bad health care plan forced down the throats of the businesses in IL (unsuccessfully) Who shut down the state in the process? Who had casued the peole south of I-80 to considerer seceding from the satte to form the "Real State of IL?" Who lives in an area that can turn out 109% of all registered voters to vote in an elections? Who make it almost impossible to run a small business in the State of IL? WHo's lack of tort reform has driven many of the doctors out of the state to rpotect themselves from hugely inflated insurance costs? Nope, I am not bitter at all. LMW
  9. Being a native of IL it really upsets me to see this man running for President. He started running BEFORE the election that made him a senator in IL. He was elected to this position because the republican party leaders in IL are complete morons and put forth a candidate with the same last name as the man that was to be indicted as soon as he left office. Ryan was what stuck out. Then they did not back the candidate that they put out there due to a sex scandal. Next, we find someone that does not live in IL to run. Nice move guys. Obama could have won this race without spending a dime. So I apologize for the inept republican leadership in my state that has saddled us with a senator that has no experience in his current office, and very little that qualifies him for the office he now seeks. LMW
  10. We have been to Lilley's Shop twice. Have not stayed there yet, but that will change with our next trip down. We saw the cabins from the water, saw his docks and loved them. Now I just need to get the time off. Anyway, we drifted Taney today. We got to the dam to check out the water too late and were totally amazed at the difference in the water level. We are going there first in the morning. Back to drifting. There is something to be said for the level of relaxation you get drifting. Up until the time some over zealous young lady decided that the area in front of Cooper Creek and Lilley's Landing was her own personal place to do full throttle power turns, it was very relaxing. Robbie made a few threats to me so that i would not say anything. The funny thing was once she got past the docks, she calmed down and idled up the river. Back to fishing. After reading Phil's articles, we decided to fish with 4 pound test line, white and pink power bait and very small hooks. we caught several fish, Including a 16 ich bow, which was a personal best for me. All in all it was a great day on the lake! One more partialday and we are homeward bound. LMW
  11. Hey Guys Got down late Wednesday night. It took a while to get the motor on our boat. Not to self, don't borrow sons truck until you know it runs right. Shorted out trailer plug is a bad thing on a holiday run to taney. Thursday started early. We needed to get some time in on the boat with the new motor. One look at Taney on Thursday and I was convinced that I was not making it out first outing. I had to get use to the new motor and Robbie has a new trolling motor to learn. We decided TR was the place to be. Worked out OK. Caught a bunch of nice blue gill. Went to taney agian on Thursday afternoon. Water was way up and fast. No way. Back to TR. Friday we decided to hit TR in the rain. Robbie hooked a 2 pound bass on ultra light, caught a few but wanted to get taney now that we were sufficiently schooled on handling the boat. Robbie was pretty good in the front with the trolling motor. So miracles do happen. OUCH Got to taney about 1:30 only to find some fast high water again. Went to Coopers and put the boat in. We hit Lilley's at about 3 after making two runs up towards the dam. This was our first time ontaney with the boat. I recall Michael taking about guys hung on the gravel bars and I decided not to join that little club so we hit Lilley's for bait and maps. They were pretty busy. Parked the boat in one of the nameless slips only to find that it was taken. RObbie played the I can't drive the boat card so they were cool about it. Floating taney was great. We did not have the tackle right today, tomorrow will be different. We had the wrong line on the spools, wrong size hooks and the wrong bait setup. I spent a lot of time on the sitre reading and we will do better tommorrow. We have spent our last dollar at the condos in Kimberling. Lilley's looks to be the place to be. Robbie got one look at the setup and asked why we were driving all the way to Kimberling. Alright, enough is enough. See ya tomorrow morning, early, before generation I hope. Oh yea, thanks Phil! The maps were great. The articles will help. I think a guide may be in our future on the next trip.
  12. I beleive it is from the mouth of Fall Creek to the cable. check Phils map
  13. Phil First, I am not your typical local customer, but I am the guy that comes and drops about a $500 EVERY TRIP just because. I am the guy that makes you profits go up. Having said that, I like toys. OAF hats, (which we wore out last summer), the stuff that hangs from your neck to it is easy to get. Cute expensive tools that I cannot find anywhere else, even expensive Tilley hats like the ones at River Run. A loto fthis stuff I will never use. We always go to Bass Pro because it's here. We never buy things there that we can get at the local shops. My most important thing. I need to buy flys that catch fish. What is hot. What is not. I get limited trips down, so I come to you guys to make sure I am not wasting my time throwing a fly that is going to be ignored. I also come because I know you guys will talk about presentation if I ask, and tell me why I am not catching fish if I saw I got skunked. Which happens a lot, but not lately. Are trout smarter than crappie or bass? You guys, meaning the small fly shops, sell soemthing that the big boxes do not sell. It's called guest service. And for the most part it is dirt cheap.
  14. Can they handle the current on Taney, especially during generation
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