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  1. Like new Iron 5.4.1...Great cranker!! $30
  2. I have a like new BB1 6.4.1 for sale. $80.
  3. I'd have to have $70 for it....I've literally used it once. I'd have to charge for shipping it.
  4. It's a small group of guys who will all know each other fishing (as we would most likely be there anyway) for bragging rights. If you want added to the "PRIVATE" Facebook group, message me and I'll add you. The TV show starts next year anyways... Pssssshhh
  5. I'm looking for something to throw spooks and Pop-R's with. I have nerve damage in one hand and the handle is to thin for me. Great rod though. Note...I'd be willing to do a swap for tackle in part or completely for the 7 footer. I failed to mention that both are casting rods
  6. I have two Fenwick HMG's I'd like to trade. One is a 7' MH and the other is a 6'6" M-F. I'd like to trade the 6'6" for a good topwater rod and I'm up for any good rod trades on the 7'. Both are relatively brand new, only used a couple times. soxpac@gmail.com
  7. outdoorsmandirect.com is looking for guys/gals to join their pro staff team. Follow the link below to get registered and they will be in touch with you. Put Daniel Wooley in the box that asks who referred you. Thanks! http://form.jotform.us/form/40154312833142 The company is www.outdoorsmandirect.com
  8. Has anyone ever used Vicious X-A.C.T. copolymer before? I'd love to hear some reviews.
  9. If you are interested, inbox me your name and number or email and when we get the right amount of people we'll start up.
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