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  1. Well, I was wanting some marabou and all that, like the ties, hooks vice and that stuff. I hunt so I can get some stuff.
  2. Like I said. Im looking to get into tying. Wanting to buy components to put together a kit. Thanks, Logan
  3. wow. Maybe I will catch some of you guys down here fishing sometime!
  4. If anyone else has any PM me!
  5. go to weavers. great folks. check their report as well. I always have lots of luck on black and yellow and glow balls. got a few spots there that I can always squeeze a limit out of even if its slow fishing.
  6. I love bennett springs. On the weekdays its a great place.
  7. Recently got to take a striper trip. These are 2 of em!
  8. I like fishing. Doesnt matter what for. Just whats biting.
  9. We go fishing a lot, we just dont wanna waste our day to go somewhere and get skunked.
  10. Hello, Im still kinda new here, but I was wondering if anyone had been having any luck anywhere in the springfield area. Class was cancelled thursday so me and a buddy were gonna go fishing. Fellows lake, McDaniel, Valle Watermill, and of the rivers in the area? Any tips, advice or places that you have information on? PM me if you dont want it all over the forum but any help would be appreciated. Tight Lines, Logan
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