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  1. Love fishing wobble head with Strike King Menace|Beaver. One of my favorites. Was a one day super hot bite in late May for me. Glad you got on them!! Happy wife!!
  2. Great LM & giant white! Nice.
  3. Please release those 2 under the famous "red dock". Betting it is a well stocked area.
  4. Any signs of quality topwater bite finally starting to take off? Been all spinnerbait, ned or creature bait/swing jig head bite for me. You all think this is just common during high water spring months?
  5. Rarely fish June through October any more. It's a shame it's come to this.
  6. As deaths or injuries or swamping incidents occur, who gets the blame. Where does the buck stop.
  7. Smaller (fishing type) boats vs. Wake/Ocean Cruisers! in·com·pat·i·ble \ˌin-kəm-ˈpa-tə-bəl\ adjective : not able to exist togetherwithout trouble or conflict :not going together well : not able to be usedtogether
  8. By the way, in post above, I was using 5/16 head to more slowly wind bait above bottom rather than letting bait sink in submerged stuff.
  9. Yesterday Kimberling city area to point 9 had good bite on open banks, shallow 1 to 8 feet of water, largemouth mostly, A few small mouth and spots mixed in. 25 in the boat total in 3+ hours. Best 5 LM 13 - 14#. Swing jig head w/ watermelon/red metal flake Menace. Swimming just above submerged grass/veg. Ticking tops it at times. No hard strikes. They would just pick it up and start swimming sideways. Today after the cold front was a different story. Quite a few bites but they would not commit to eating the bait. Finally when the sun came out caught a few small mouth. Will give it another shot later. Good luck.
  10. Jerkbait fishing with sticky hooks can be somewhat of a problem with gloves, or cranks. ?
  11. Good report! Hope you get into them next trip.
  12. Yes, everyone should stay off of the lake at least until Memorial Day. ? I'll let you know what's going on.
  13. The ongoing discussions will now be how much better the "pre-fire" Keitechs are vs the "new" versions.
  14. Think your brother is notorious for fishing from bags of baits. And I know what you did there with those dividers for the soft plastics.
  15. Mentioned this before but the 4" Yamamoto Single Tail Grubs have a very thin connector between tail & body. Fish can easily tear tail off. 5" version has thicker connector so does not have this problem. Still will need replacement after number of fish but not nearly as bad. Haven't bought any in a while, but that's how they used to be.