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  1. The format of counting 5 largest fish daily should give a contestant who is way down the leader board a better opportunity to more quickly move up with a few big fish. And thought I had heard that mentioned as the method to be used. Puts more emphasis on quality vs. quantity. Either way of looks to be a move in the right direction
  2. *T*

    FOUND!!! rods and reels

    So, this is like a contest? How many guesses do we get on describing rods & reels. And, if we get any part of the answers correct, say the rod or reel or bait tied on the line, do we win that prize?
  3. *T*

    The 8 year old mind and fishing

    Excellent! My favorite fishing outings are when my daughter and wife fish with me just after spring sunrise on Table Rock. 🌤️
  4. *T*

    SAFETY while boating

    I’ll keep eyes open for steering system issues but Seastar hydraulic on my boat is 20 years old with only one small top-off of fluid. Thanks for warning though.
  5. G1! TMAMT. (Took me a minute though.)
  6. *T*

    April 26, Big M area

    Shhhh! Folks were just starting to forget about that bait.
  7. *T*

    Annual trip coming up

    I want one!! Nice boat!!
  8. *T*

    Another Tough Day on the Rock

    I seems like, as you may have seen mentioned here before, there are areas with great concentrations of fish and others that are barren. Fished 3 days this last weekend, 2 up the James and 1 up the White. Found good concentrations of fish in a few locations on both, many FAT keeper size spotted bass with one good largemouth at 5# on jerkbait. Key for us was (as always at TRL) fishing wind blown points/banks, cedars and certain docks. Baits were jerkbait, swimbait, nedrig & Menace on swinghead jig, mostly main lake areas and not too many shallow fish, most maybe 10' - 20'. Also, morning bite was poor but late morning early PM was very good. I'm still learning that if you're not on fish - move. If you're catching fish there are probably more around. Good luck out there!
  9. Wish all best of luck at the OA tourney. Would like to make it some day. Remember it only takes one bite of the right kind to win. Just maybe the weather will cooperate.
  10. *T*

    I need to thank everyone here

    Prayers from our family.
  11. *T*

    Keitech 4'' Swimbait Jighead Size?

    Different tools for different tasks. And I don’t mind using superglue.
  12. *T*

    Keitech 4'' Swimbait Jighead Size?

    For 3.8" - G Money Swimbait Heads, 3pk $3.99, 1/4 or 3/8 oz, Mustad Ultra Point Hooks, Tackle Warehouse
  13. *T*

    Border Lakes Permit (BLP)

    Response from AGFC today; Thanks for your question. Yes legally taken fish may be transported through our state with the licenses you stated. As long as the fish also meet length and limit numbers specific to the body of waters where the fish were taken.
  14. *T*

    Border Lakes Permit (BLP)

    You need a MO Resident Fishing Permit to be able to buy a Border Lakes permit? Don't think so if you are 65+ or have a Lifetime Permit.
  15. With a MO license & a BLP, if you launch and take out in AR, can you legally possess fish while in AR traveling in your truck back to MO?

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