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  1. Question on Distance

    A little warmer water up by Gale in the late winter, as well as pretty clear water much of the time. But just no fish there to speak of.
  2. Champ starter set

    I have a complete bogus board set up as you enter my fish tackle area. Anything to steer "friends" in the wrong direction and get them to spend valuable cash on worthless baits. Actual baits I use are stored in the boat. What? Don't you know that if you don't have 250 pounds of baits in your boat your odds of a successful outing are very poor? Happy New Year all!
  3. Black Bear hit by Macks Creek

    Unless they’re real hungry.
  4. Shell Knob TODAY

    Thanks for the report. Some encouragement!
  5. Spy Baits

    Only have 2 different size Duos that haven't used yet. I could see them as alternate baits for located fish that you've worn out on otherbaits. Kinda what was done in the elite tourneys recently. Will try in couple of weeks on schools we locate. Nice finish on these baits.
  6. Spy Baits

    What brand/ model are you all talking about? Do you put them all in same category as far as success?
  7. True Pioneer and My Friend

    Our condolences and prayers for Mary and the entire family. He was a long time friend of our family. His kindness of heart and soft-spoken demeanor will be long remembered. Rest in Peace, Bill Beck!
  8. Thoughts on this lure???

    Just need a less snag prone version. That bait sitting motionless / suspended in late winter/ early spring could find good bite.
  9. Eclipse

    Plan on watching full total eclipse no glasses and taking pics with camera on tripod. Lot of rumor going around.
  10. Spinning Reel

    Thanks all for the input! I will look around a bit before taking the plunge.
  11. Spinning Reel

    Well, setting up new rig. Have had 3 Stradics, 2 - 4000s & 1-2500. 4000s have been good, but the 2500 developed a bad case of the dreaded "locking up when reeling". So recent Shimanos have not had this issue? Anyone?
  12. Spinning Reel

    What's the latest information on a quality spinning reel? Probably in a 4 or 4000 series. $100 - $200 range. Could be used on variety of baits. Best options in your opinion. Thanks.
  13. no more fishing lessons

    Ha! That is great!
  14. New RKcrawler colors

    There, corrected that for you! 😆
  15. New RKcrawler colors

    Here you go! http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/ICAST17.html?ccode=SPRO17E They look good!

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