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  1. *T*


    Not to excuse those using no running lights, but isn’t there a 30 mph speed limit at night on Table Rock?
  2. *T*

    7-4 to 7-7

    19” spot, wow! Guess on the weight of that? 4+?
  3. How is the following going to impact this event? Haven't heard specifics but curious to see how this works out and if some of the hotter areas are "managed out". "The region’s extreme geography also calls for league officials to manage where anglers can fish due to MLF’s stringent connectivity requirements because the MLF NOW! live stream and SCORETRACKER™ are critical components of the event’s execution and coverage."
  4. Nice White! They sure can pull.
  5. *T*

    Help wanted

    It's time! Some of the best quality bite of the year should occur in the next 6 weeks or so. Prepping for that. Jig, grub, spoon, swim bait, jerk bait & crank bait will be a good mix to work with. Good luck!
  6. Correction: For Fishing, Small game hunting, trout stamp & migratory bird permits you will need to puchase “Conservation Partner - Lifetime Permit”.
  7. Lifetime also includes migratory bird permit.
  8. No, a bunch = 12-14. Not like some of the collections I’ve seen on here. But I fish mine.
  9. Know this has been discussed many times here, but didn’t find info in a quick search. Appreciate best suggestions. Time to prep for WW bite. Have bunch of pre-Rapala ones to update. Thanks.
  10. with paint removed or if repainted, how can you distinguish between “pre” or new?
  11. So many good colors! Look them over. GP Pro Blue is a solid pick for one, or GP Pro Blue 2, and French Pearl early & late in the day.
  12. *T*

    Eagle rock

    So good to see bigger lm being caught. Hope you pointed her down lake a bit to areas I more often frequent. Good one! Fish a few different jerkbaits but sure like me some McSticks.
  13. But you recovered......right?
  14. Or could have removed it from the bass and reattached it to a big gar.
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