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  1. *T*

    Megabass 110 help

    So many good colors! Look them over. GP Pro Blue is a solid pick for one, or GP Pro Blue 2, and French Pearl early & late in the day.
  2. *T*

    Eagle rock

    So good to see bigger lm being caught. Hope you pointed her down lake a bit to areas I more often frequent. Good one! Fish a few different jerkbaits but sure like me some McSticks.
  3. *T*

    January 6 Upper End Report

    But you recovered......right?
  4. *T*

    Tagged largemouth in Kim City area

    Or could have removed it from the bass and reattached it to a big gar.
  5. *T*

    garmin panoptix livescope question?

    Worked fine here, thanks! Good stuff.
  6. *T*

    Bull was kind this weekend

    Why that 'eye's head is bigger than yours! And its length is from your knees to near top of head. My guess is 30#. Never caught one near that big. Seriously, great fish.
  7. *T*

    Shallow Bite Continues 12-8-18

    Nice spotted bass!
  8. The format of counting 5 largest fish daily should give a contestant who is way down the leader board a better opportunity to more quickly move up with a few big fish. And thought I had heard that mentioned as the method to be used. Puts more emphasis on quality vs. quantity. Either way of looks to be a move in the right direction
  9. *T*

    FOUND!!! rods and reels

    So, this is like a contest? How many guesses do we get on describing rods & reels. And, if we get any part of the answers correct, say the rod or reel or bait tied on the line, do we win that prize?
  10. *T*

    The 8 year old mind and fishing

    Excellent! My favorite fishing outings are when my daughter and wife fish with me just after spring sunrise on Table Rock. 🌤️
  11. *T*

    SAFETY while boating

    I’ll keep eyes open for steering system issues but Seastar hydraulic on my boat is 20 years old with only one small top-off of fluid. Thanks for warning though.
  12. G1! TMAMT. (Took me a minute though.)
  13. *T*

    April 26, Big M area

    Shhhh! Folks were just starting to forget about that bait.
  14. *T*

    Annual trip coming up

    I want one!! Nice boat!!
  15. *T*

    Another Tough Day on the Rock

    I seems like, as you may have seen mentioned here before, there are areas with great concentrations of fish and others that are barren. Fished 3 days this last weekend, 2 up the James and 1 up the White. Found good concentrations of fish in a few locations on both, many FAT keeper size spotted bass with one good largemouth at 5# on jerkbait. Key for us was (as always at TRL) fishing wind blown points/banks, cedars and certain docks. Baits were jerkbait, swimbait, nedrig & Menace on swinghead jig, mostly main lake areas and not too many shallow fish, most maybe 10' - 20'. Also, morning bite was poor but late morning early PM was very good. I'm still learning that if you're not on fish - move. If you're catching fish there are probably more around. Good luck out there!

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