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  1. Steve, thanks for update! I'll be heading down in the morning. Regardless it will be better day than workin!! But catching some would help too.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I saw Tim post some pics of the C&R area w some new boulders. Hope to have a good day tomorrow.
  3. Planing on fishing Friday, what shape is the river in from the rains? Any help is appreciated! Thanks
  4. Planing on fishing Friday, what shape is the river in from the rains? Any help is appreciated! Thanks
  5. Taking the family up to bucksaw this weekend. Been keeping up on past and present post concerning reports. anybody fish in the area recently, and if so with what luck? Have always had luck on this lake but with all the rain in the past couple weeks was unsure how the lake is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dont really care what type of fish, figured for the most part we would be hitting crappie and cats...I just want to get the boy and wife on some fish...Thanks for the help
  6. good looking fish man, glad to see someone catching them in there...
  7. I havent ever heard of this. not saying its not true...where abouts were ya?
  8. not sure if you still can but what was once called flat creek resort right there by the bridge, you were able to use their ramp. it may cost now but couple weeks ago saw a lot of trucks/trailors there.
  9. If I believe correctly there is a park a little further down from tailwaters you can park or if the water is down you can park pretty dang close to the dam itself. The last time I was down there that is what I did. I have only fished it once or twice however. Heard a lot of good stories of fish being caught there. Good luck!
  10. People at Cape Fair are top notch! always enjoy a quick visit when swinging through....
  11. Micheal, thanks for the post. good to know we might have a shot at catching a fish or two...good luck hunting!
  12. anybody had any luck at blunks this week? planing on taking the kayak and wife out tomorrow.
  13. Well I bought the wife her first pair of waders and took out to the Springs on Saturday for a little while. I forgot about the fishing ending at 4 so we only got to fish for about an hour. We were downstream from the spring and had what I thought was a pretty good day. I hooked into 6 fish and landed 4 while my wife caught her first trout as well. Im realativly new in learning what different flies and such are called but I caught 2 on an orange san wan worm type fly and then not sure what you would call the other but it looks similar to a crappie jig but is about 8th its size, i used a white with a pink head and my wife used a pink with chart head. Wasnt too crowded and I was successful in getting her hooked on trout fishing...although I think she just enjoyed walking in the river and watching the fish gather around her...
  14. awesome pictures man...that would be incredible to say the least.
  15. awesome man thanks for the info...good looking fish
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