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  1. If you haven't been by Eric's shop, put it on your list. Really neat selection of tackle that suits the local fisheries, kayaks, fly goods, archery... And good folks who know what they are selling. I stopped in during one of last month's downpours, spent about two hours talking everything from finesse fishing, to kayak bowfishing, to Iowa bird hunting. Diverse knowledge base. Plus you can get a Dinky burger in the same parking lot 😀.
  2. Turn those ladies loose with a Ned in the back of the boat, and you're apt to end up designated photographer and net man.
  3. Dang. Snowball is an '05. Need to add another club.
  4. Champ and V...which club is most effective for eradicating the local vipers? I'm thinking maybe a 3 iron?
  5. I'll take your word for it.
  6. So stay out of creeks around 13. They're full of snakes. Just saying.
  7. There were hordes of them in the bushes a couple of weeks ago. Not the trees, but the green outside stuff. Lot of them weren't sunning, but we're smack in the middle of the greenery. They would drop straight down through every so often. Didn't see any in the yard trees.
  8. Same MDC that denied the existence of mountain lions in the state?
  9. Plenty of them in TR, including some brutes. They were thick in the bushes right after the big rise. Black, not brown.
  10. Yeppers.
  11. Big old jug of sun tea and some boiled peanuts. And have the camera pulled up.
  12. Darn good looking baits.
  13. Different when they might be 30' under your bait.
  14. That might keep some shallow longer. If they drop it fast they may get goofy.
  15. Glad you were able to get it done. Quite the challenge with a bunch of boats to put in.