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  1. Super work. Not the easiest of crappie lakes at the best of times.
  2. 1/16 ounce Ned heads or lighter, just a well tested thought...
  3. It bothers fishermen a lot more than it bothers the fish. They still live, bed, and feed in it.
  4. For anyone wanting to follow Mark Easterling... he's @lapbass on Twitter. Dude catches them.
  5. Well, the same could be said of me, lol. I genuinely miss Bill Richey when I'm at the lake. He was a good fisherman, and a good friend.
  6. Dobyns Fury 795 is the one I bought last year. I can barely find my way out of a paper bag with these baits, but that rod helps immediately. It's a serious tool, and a bargain. Would be a fantastic rod for the chandelier too, if you're into that sort of thing. Mark Easterling recommended it. He's a guitarist in Tennessee by trade, fishes kayak stuff and has a relationship with the Bull Shad folks in his free time. Worth a follow if you have Twitter. I'll find his tag there. Just like with the super finesse stuff, this big junk requires some real changes in mindset.
  7. Yep, I keep in contact with Billy a little. He had some pretty significant health issues going. He absolutely brought the floater back from Dale Hollow. Taught me about the spoon flipping deal...one of the best at that. Didn't care a bit how much he tore up his boat doing it, lol. I may or may not have ruined him with the little guy. I meant the member here who used to post all the swimbait pics in the winter. Used to kayak fish around the docks. Richy was his handle here. Caught a lot of big fish on them.
  8. No doubt. Thoughts and prayers for your debit card.
  9. This one works, if you can find it. On advice of one of the Bull Shad guys, I throw it on a Dobyns Fury swimbait rod, 25# mono. That one is actually the 4x4, kind of a big square bill. The one I prefer is the wake version. Both work, slightly different thickness and lips. The wake bait floats.
  10. Is Richy still around? He was the big hard bodied swimbait guru.
  11. And, funny thing...we replaced the coupler, winch stand, jack, guide bunks so might have been moot anyway. Redo on the other bunks is a summer project. KS is weird too...no titles on boats, motors, TM, or trailers under 2k weight.
  12. It's a freaking catacomb of regulations. We decided to add a tin boat to the fleet over the winter. Ended up buying one here in KS just to avoid the issues.
  13. Turned into an excellent thread. Just rewired a tin boat trailer a few weeks ago. Spent a lot of time showing the boy how to avoid some of those problems when running the wires. Good times.
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