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  1. Anyone else see this?

    Deaded me.
  2. Kimberling City Bridge

    Nice. Can't recall seeing that one before. Not shot from that angle at least.
  3. Know of a couple of long time members who are hurting and in need of prayer. The pharmacist and friend in me prevents me from being any more detailed. A physical issue, and a personal issue, in separate cases. Both are men of faith. Please hold them up.
  4. Anyone else see this?

    Hadn't noticed, but yes. Right there with ads for rods and tires.
  5. Thank you, updates, some jig stuff

    Standards 😀. Wouldn't dream of imposing on anyone that way. If the fish have to eat raw lead for a bit, I'm sure the world will spin on.
  6. Thank you, updates, some jig stuff

    I know you mean it. We'd much prefer your prayers. Know you're a man of deep faith. Thank you.
  7. Be My Valentine Day

    For being an awful process, we're doing far better than we deserve. Very fortunate.
  8. Be My Valentine Day

    Hopefully you get all techified and rectified soon.
  9. Thank you, updates, some jig stuff

    Better than getting the whole shebang shut down, lol. That was rough.
  10. Thank you, updates, some jig stuff

    I'll see you, and raise you 29:12-13 too. Thanks Mark.
  11. Thank you, updates, some jig stuff

    Thanks for sharing her story. That's pretty much the course we're hoping for. If anyone wants to know how those "little old couples" in church got to be that way, I think we could both tell them.
  12. Not even sure where to start with this... Some of you know I posted an unspoken prayer request on 1/8. A few know the specifics. Well, these are the basic details. In December my wife had a flare up of headaches and dizziness. Nothing super alarming, especially for a pharmacist in winter. Then on 1/2 she woke up with double vision. A week later she was having surgery to remove a brain tumor. You probably won't hear a lot of folks say "Hallelujah! My wife is having brain surgery!" But I did. We did. Because it wasn't inoperable, which it certainly could have been. God is good. Never doubt it. The pathology report really hit us for a couple of weeks. All we knew for certain was that it wasn't the always benign tissue they expected based on the MRI. Local pathology wanted extra eyes on it, sent it out, to Mayo as it happened. Both identified it as a different type, but also benign. Requires a little more watchfulness on everyone's part, but still a good prognosis. Did I mention that God is good? Overall she's doing very well, just in the middle of a long recovery. She's struggling with some double vision, lot of possible causes, but none emergent or requiring intervention. We're hopeful that it will resolve, but realistic about the possibility it might not. Compared to how things might have gone, she is so very fortunate. God does not forsake His own. Throughout, we have felt surrounded by the prayers of faith filled folks, many from the members here. It was like a wall was built around us, around our family. We lived on prayer and faith. Can't thank you enough. Not if we did it every minute. So I guess that covers the thanks, and the update. That leaves the jigs. We are obviously behind on everything from production to getting back to folks about orders. We're working on it, and we're getting there. For now, we're basically in a backorder situation. We're still trying to make both unpainted and painted jigs. At some point, it may be that we just have the unpainted available for a while. Painting is obviously the slowest part of the deal. I cleared some space in my inbox. My email is still the same, feel free to use it. Honestly, it's probably the easiest way to reach me currently. There's so much more to tell. About lessons learned. About friends. About faith. Would be happy to talk about it with anyone. Especially if you're struggling. Hope everyone has a great spring. "My" fish probably needed a year off anyway 😉.
  13. Prayer request

    Thanks to everyone for the prayers. We could feel the prayers of the faithful surrounding us and holding us up. Was going to post an update/testimony here, but I'll do it over on the Table Rock forum, for a variety of reasons.
  14. Sad News

    We've lived on prayer for over a month now. God will not forsake you.
  15. Crank wraps

    Don't put a blade on the back of a silent red eye shad or Duo. Poor man's Cordell Super Shad.

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