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  1. We're still two weeks away from the moon, too. Folks usually get excited before the fish do. Especially understandable this year.
  2. dtrs5kprs


    That's saying something.
  3. Well, I guess I'll be there huddling in a slip, covered in three suits of Gore Tex. Reminds me, I need to pack extra rope, and the folding saw.
  4. I resemble the swimbait part of this. Took most of mine out of the boat this spring.
  5. The TP1 Black is a nice stick for the dollar. Bought three of the 7'6" "open water" spinning rods last spring. It's as close to my custom 7'6" Ned rods as anything I've seen. Really liked the Abu Venerates, which of course were discontinued. An Avid, or the other rods built on the SCIII blanks, will fish well and last. To me, they run just a little light of rating, so it's worth trying to find some to play with vs ordering online.
  6. Our fish tank is just across the room, lol.
  7. Same deal as current, basically. Moves them around for sure. Be nice if that water color holds up through April.
  8. You could probably get there with a $100 bill at Petsmart.
  9. Fair hand at that as well. Or was. Haven't done it in several years. Kind of fun if you have the time for it.
  10. Heck, I'd shoot it for you if I wasn't 4hrs away. Probably learn a thing or twelve in the process.
  11. Yep. That's the animal. Or animals, I guess. Nightmare is quite accurate. Oddly enough, it worked well the rest of the time I owned it.
  12. Wrench will no doubt correct me, but I think it is. Had one go out on my college boat close to 30 years ago. Paid to have it "fixed". Went out again when I put it on the trailer after Day 1 of an Iowa Federation state tmt. One of my club guys had done one on a duck boat, and we fixed it in the parking lot of a motel, with him chain smoking by flashlight. If it's the same deal, there's a little hole that a "ball" fits into to close it. Genuine PITA.
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