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  1. Robo Ned worms

    Precisely this.
  2. Decent summer fish

    Slowing down is so often the key. Fishing on the clock during derbies has messed up a lot of folks.
  3. Buzzbait prep.

    Coffee cans. Back when they were metal.
  4. Cape Fair 9/17

    Shoot it!
  5. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    Bring it to me medium rare, and I will finish cooking it over the centerpiece candle.
  6. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    Not when you like it that way. Or if you have taken microbiology. Lot of critters going straight to plates.
  7. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    We call that "cooked" at our house.
  8. Phone service

    We switched to Alltel back before VZ bought them for this exact reason. There are a few spots on the lake where I drop to 3 bars, that's about as bad as it gets.
  9. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    This seems like the grease on the slippery slope.
  10. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    Thank you. Better have hooves, feathers, or fur, if it's going on my plate.
  11. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    You, sir, are a bad man.
  12. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    Yeah. That's about right.
  13. Missouri Water Patrol

    You'd think. But I'm not sure of the outcry part. Look at LOZ. Almost business as usual.
  14. Been Fun!!

    Uh oh. There goes your super secret location.
  15. Spy Baits

    Mine are all Duo. Didn't bother trying others.

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