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  1. The old All Stars were made in Houston, TX. I have what some people would call a soft spot for those. Others...rod snobs, wives, and such... might call it other names.
  2. My buddy Dwight loves the old ones, pre re-design. They sell like crazy on the fleaBay.
  3. +1 on the fingerless wool gloves. Went to those after several years of using neoprenes. Keep a couple pairs in the boat so I can switch out wet ones. Even wet, they help a bit.
  4. We must have passed each other on those central Iowa lakes in the early 90s. Little River Lake, IA October 94 Mama kprs with an Iowa pond fish. Catching 'em up north. Pelican Lake- Orr, MN 1992. Two from a winning limit, Smithville Lake, April 94. Don't win your first derby. Mrs Kprs with a fuzzy hat bass at Stockton in the old red 462VS (wearing my Gore Tex), April 98. Mississippi River backwaters, and view up a chute, near Prairie du Chien, WI- 1994.
  5. Lot of good people left in the world.
  6. Boat ramp. He'd be the guy in front of any of us.
  7. Thx. Real life has been weird. Good, generally, but weird.
  8. Words fail on this one. But it's definitely winterized. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJpMtDFjMpN/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  9. The little panfish ice jigs work great in the summer too, under a small float.
  10. I've done basically this, many times. Usually with factory gel and flake, and a good clear resin. Heavy packing tape works well for bigger repairs. 3M makes a couple of good compounds for getting a nice shine on it. One hand, one machine. Hard part is not turning a color flake silver. That's also why my current boat is mostly white and silver. Easier to fix. Bo Dowden did a Pro's Pointers on this method for the old Bassmaster show many years ago. It works.
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