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  1. That's one. He does some other watchable videos too. Surprisingly, it's an entire genre on YouTube. Just search "girlfriend tackle challenge", or similar. Some are hilarious.
  2. Easily the least favorite I've used on that pond.
  3. I'd watch. Shoot, I watch the dude on YouTube who sends his girlfriend in to Walmart to buy $20 worth of baits he has to use.
  4. Glad you made the trip. Great fish, safe travels.
  5. That's the only other one I've ever seen. Have a buddy who was close to Virgil and Bill. One of the KC finesse guys. I'll see if he can find anything out on what happened to the other shows.
  6. Lots cheaper than buying factory spoons.
  7. Nice. Look pretty similar to the ones I use from Lure Parts.
  8. I prefer it when they fall out of the bushes and miss. But I'll take the chance for a big rod bite.
  9. Nothing wrong with that. Time to fill the boat with branches, snakes, and bass.
  10. Sluggos were indeed the first soft stick type critter. Unless you want to count the Danny Joe Humphreys floating worm. Late 80s for the Sluggo. Herb Reed's originals were hand poured. Used to get them from Northern Bass Supply (as advertised on the Billy Westmoreland Show). Yep. I have issues...
  11. That seems likely, based on previous high water springs.
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