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  1. dtrs5kprs

    Kimbering Docks?

    If you're talking about POK or the other marinas, it was a district specific Corps deal with the marina restrictions. They were off limits on Little Rock district lakes. That said, I saw a bunch of boats flipping and drop shotting the big docks last week. Not sure if something changed, or if they were just tourists. Or maybe just didn't care.
  2. dtrs5kprs

    White River Area Report 6-18-18

    I just stick the boy's head under the water and have him make fish noises. It's imperfect, but cheap.
  3. dtrs5kprs

    White River Area Report 6-18-18

    Fish farther down the White definitely moved around yesterday. Same today. And traffic was a bear either direction of Mill Creek. If the bait moves, they move. Becomes pretty obvious, pretty quickly. Our best deal was still the swing head, but we did catch some vertical fish. Much shallower though. Wind didn't help us line things up.
  4. dtrs5kprs

    Bugle lips!

    Traffic was almost as bad this morning as it was yesterday. Plus wind.
  5. dtrs5kprs

    Line Size Question

    Yep, if you plan to respool every day, cheaper is better.
  6. dtrs5kprs

    Line Size Question

    Sunline is velly good line.
  7. dtrs5kprs

    Line Size Question

    The Excel isn't bad mono at all. We've got 6# and 14# fluorescent blue spooled now on our night sticks. Champ turned me on to it a few years ago. I'd say 6# Excel handles like 8#. Nothing measurable, just how it feels.
  8. dtrs5kprs

    Different day, same bite

    I'm too busy rubbing out aches and pains for the reflexes to be a problem 😀 That one had a recently bloodied tail, along with several other largemouth we've caught...food for thought.
  9. dtrs5kprs

    Quite the day

    Yep. Think the generation schedule is in play. Sure seems to coincide with the bite.
  10. dtrs5kprs

    Different day, same bite

    Yesterday was unreal. Today was a little slower, but all of the same places and stabby bits are working. Had something like 8 good keepers, mix of the usual three, plus the boy's contribution. Beginning to understand why the old guys I used to fish with always said "I hate young people".
  11. dtrs5kprs

    Quite the day

    Tapered tube head...jam it in the front like a big crappie tube head.
  12. So it's even worse now?
  13. dtrs5kprs

    Quite the day

    It's a good hook for Texas rigging short, thick plastics. Use some on swing heads we pour. We're fishing the tube on a 3/8 speed load head, 4/0 Mustad ultrapoint or Eagle Claw 570. The cheapie is hooking up better, but the fish are straightening some out. Mustad just isn't stabbing them well. Normally our tube fishing is a change of pace from Ned. Wanted something that wasn't a Gammie or Owner, as I expect to end up using cutters on several hooks during the trip. Will probably look at some vmc 60 degree hooks, tweak a mold for them.
  14. Had some times like that fishing with Bud Erhardt on Bull. Can get big and chunky water down by Noe and Howard.
  15. Until they flood it for half a year and you can't put in. I'm really not one on the wilder lakes. I like a few docks to hide under when it comes up storming.

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