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  1. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    There are workarounds that would at least address both issues. No wake under bridges, no wake in creek arms, etc. Those would bug a lot of bass guys too, but they are in place in some other states.
  2. Trolling motor repair near shell knob

    Tony worked on mine in April. That's where I would go, if possible.
  3. Hair Jig

    Yes, and as mentioned above, the 1/8oz used to be a killer. We threw it at Bull with the old U2 eel, a smaller version of the split tail eel. In addition to cold water, they will really catch them at night too.
  4. COE Private Boat Dock regulation change

    Indeed. I have very little interest in owning a dock. Just something close to a decent ramp or two.
  5. COE Private Boat Dock regulation change

    No doubt it's a mix of both.
  6. after dark baits

    They'll eat a Ned like crazy at night. Even the regular daytime colors. Plain old TX rigged salt craw is always good too.
  7. Here at last ...

    Find a pre-Z 521, have the glass and interior redone, and hang new a new pusher and puller on it. It's a better hull than the Z's.
  8. Tackle Junkies

    Lot of folks take them up. Dynamite on lake trout too. Don't overlook the pearl Zinkerz or Shadz up north.
  9. Cats out of the bag. Here it goes.

    Sometimes they will be on both, or only one of the other. To me, a swing plummets vertically more than a steep rocky bank does. Although some of those can be pretty darn vertical too.
  10. Tackle Junkies

    Strike King and Terminator sold the elaztech baits originally, back around 2000. Labeled as Snap Back, and 3x. Zman made the goop then, started selling baits later. Not sure what the relationship is. SK and Zman elaztech baits are the same animals, made by Zman.

    You do have to know how to drive one. At times, anyway.
  12. And worse I think within the last five years or so. In KC media, stories of deaths on LOZ are just blips.
  13. The State of MO has made it clear that life is cheap at LOZ.

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