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  1. Y'all do your best to bust the band on your sweatpants today. Safe travels if you're out and about.
  2. https://www.tulsaworld.com/sports/beast-of-a-fish-broken-bow-angler-lands--pound/article_23e1e6f2-4842-5760-9bc0-7aeadbc09b51.html May or may not know who made the jig 😉
  3. Full clown show. Never go full clown show.
  4. When my kids were younger, we ran a lot of 20# and 30# braid on a variety of spincast reels. Power Pro and Daiwa J braid mostly. Works great, but I don't know about dropping down smaller than that. Needs some diameter to function. Also keep it soaking (as in dripping) in reel magic or another line conditioner. They mostly threw topwater and plastics with an FC leader. Braid is fantastic on redfins and other wake baits. Once in a while I've thrown some of the lighter wake baits on those set ups. Fat girls and Hondas, lol.
  5. Good on you for passing on the craft.
  6. 10# invizx on docks, 15# on most everything else, 20-25# mono for flipping bushes or junk in high water.
  7. Maybe you should stop going in April. This seems familiar (2017).
  8. Yep. That pillar is a problem. One guy (who actually knows stuff 😉) said we might be able to build out and just hang a long single door. Tear out the decorative bits. But we don't have the offset issue. Just the two doors.
  9. Had similar thoughts, but hadn't gone as far as bids.
  10. Got that right. And you've seen the "fitted" look of my storage. Definitely fished more when I had the 18' boat.
  11. Oof. That was close.
  12. Bill nailed it with "PULL". You don't always have to wind it along. Pre-Ned, it was pretty much what I had settled into doing most days in the spring. Still enjoy it.
  13. Is this our annual monolithic thread?
  14. We rehabbed my old F150 for the kids over about two years, with tremendous help from a friend. It's a genuine daily grab bag of disaster at times. But well worth it when it runs and is reliable. Prayers to you and your family for the circumstances necessitating all the work.
  15. Super work. Not the easiest of crappie lakes at the best of times.
  16. 1/16 ounce Ned heads or lighter, just a well tested thought...
  17. It bothers fishermen a lot more than it bothers the fish. They still live, bed, and feed in it.
  18. For anyone wanting to follow Mark Easterling... he's @lapbass on Twitter. Dude catches them.
  19. Well, the same could be said of me, lol. I genuinely miss Bill Richey when I'm at the lake. He was a good fisherman, and a good friend.
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