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  1. Don't sell it short in some color, either.
  2. That little rig will ruin you πŸ˜‡.
  3. That was the word a couple months ago...
  4. Makes sense if you aren't pulling it more than an hour or so, with any regularity. Would give me hives pulling one from Kansas City.
  5. Other option is to drill a hole in the cavity, and run the guard out the side of the mold. Sounds nuts, but it works.
  6. It's impressive. We saw them open TR in the summer a few years back, for some kind of maintenance. For nice pics and video, since we happened to be at the hatchery when they did it.
  7. I had Marathons on my first Ranger (1997 462) as OEM, never saw a reason to run anything else. Put a couple sets on that boat...single axle, plus I pulled it a lot. A lot, a lot. The set I swapped out on the 521 in '18 still had great tread. Just didn't fully trust 13 year old tires, for obvious reasons. Still have one as a spare, in fact. The Endurance is a much more "solid" tire. Trailer doesn't jump around as much off bumps or at highway speed, or in wind. Better towing experience generally. Price isn't much worse than some other quality trailer tires.
  8. Endurance info. USA made, unlike the new Marathons. https://www.goodyear.com/en-US/tires/endurance-trailer-tire
  9. The Marathons were fantastic tires. Ran the originals on the barge for 13 years (garaged, of course). The newer version of the Marathon isn't the same critter. At all. That's why I went to the Endurance.
  10. Six of one, half dozen of another, unfortunately.
  11. Might as well start the stopwatch...
  12. We don't mind you a bit πŸ˜‚. Lack of a winter drawdown pretty much tells the tale. I just wish they'd update some of the accesses to handle the higher levels so folks can still get off the trailer.
  13. It'll keep it from dropping between some of the cracks in rocks too, although that effect is a little more pronounced if they're more off to the side.
  14. I'm with Dutch. 36v is always better if you can swing it. TMs are on that list of things you can't have too much of. That said, I ran a big 24 on my 18' Ranger and did fine. Fished a lot of wind, and the upper Mississippi, with it. I've gone to Goodyear Endurance for my tires, and they've been excellent so far. Not sure if they're available in 14". Improved the way the trailer pulls.over my old Marathons, and it's actually more comfortable on a 4hr pull.
  15. Thank goodness my wife loves Schooner Creek as much as I do.
  16. Wife and a couple of church lady friends were just at Big Cedar (timeshare). They were supposed to be fully open soon. Otherwise, I'm no help. Everything I'd recommend is a fish resort.
  17. And some is bound to fall on the Mississippi drainage, generally, which makes the local situation worse. Wish I was coming back down for a summer trip, instead of chauffeuring football practice. Love fishing it when it's up.
  18. Seems like Don House used to like the Mikey. I've never been able to keep it waking, except at high speeds. Same for the Mikey Slim.
  19. We were talking about good wake baits πŸ˜‚
  20. Yep. That was their top trick. Most of them ran great, but that hinge would go eventually.
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