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  1. cat fishing ... mind blown... looks like a great time!
  2. zmcc6 - I have done this trip and it is a blast. We did 2 nights and 3 full days of floating. The last sections required quite a bit of paddling to get to the White so be prepared to work for it in near the end. You might want to consider bringing: extra paddle or 2. If you lose one, especially right when you get started, it'll make for a long hard trip. Walmart has some sort of environmentally safe soap options if you plan to bathe in the river. Don't forget some whiskey to keep you warm on those chilly nights Tarp and rope
  3. sounds like a great trip, nice fish
  4. Excellent report. We had similar results on Sunday at the White. Fishing was much better from 7 to 11 around Rim than the rest of the day above Wildcat, by mid-afternoon it was basically casting practice.
  5. Just got off the phone with Dally's, they said water clarity was good and the fishing was about the same. They did mention some mud lines were present. Projecting 1-2 units until Newport gauge/Mississippi goes down however I think the M is looking to crest this weekend. Could be only 1-2 generators on for a few weeks? We are coming over on Sunday. Gunna try out my new Airstream rod spooled with 6lb Nano, don't have any Zig Jigs though... Have 10 dozen on order but I'll just have to swing back buy to try'em out. Thanks for the reco on that Ham, I need all the help I can get...
  6. ness - Winkley is the same as Barnetts or swinging bridge. Gavin - Some fly fishing club from Memphis planted some egg boxes in the Little Red in like the 70's, but I'm not sure where those came from... I think that's the story at least...
  7. Man that is a heck of a bass! congrats
  8. Ness - Winkley Shoals on the Little Red
  9. Thanks dudes. We're all pretty lucky to live in an area with such great fishing opportunities.
  10. Man those are awesome. Fly fishing out of a kayak is a blast once you figure it out.
  11. Got lucky, hit a BHPT with a sow dropper. Just over 24".
  12. Never seen the fit/finish of a Topwater so I cannot comment on their quality, but I am certain it is excellent. In 2014 I ordered a new 1648 Shawnee with a Yamaha 40/30 and it exceeds my expectations, gets me where I want to go and keeps me comfortable while fishing. One thing to consider when buying new is if the manufacturer will work with you on custom mods and features that you want. Rob at Shawnee was very pleasant to work with and handled all my question/requests/ideas wonderfully.
  13. Found: Winston 8.5 foot 3pc 5wt rod tube end-cap Found Saturday afternoon at the walk-in closest to Parker Bottom. Would like to return to owner.
  14. This is an excellent fishing report. Love the play by play story line. Thank you for sharing. Sounds a lot like the trips I go on except reduce the fish caught by 2/3's! ha...
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