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  1. I went Saturday Nov 3rd and fishing was ok. Caught 5 keepers on crankbaits between the mouth of Beaver Creek and Forsyth. Pretty tough but they came on the steeper bluff banks and steeper chunk banks on jigs and crankbait.s
  2. BFos here, Just wanting to hear a fishing report from the lower James to the Baxter area. Also, I have started painting some real good looking wiggle warts, actually any crankbait. thanks
  3. Hey Greasy B, what ramp/location would you launch and fish that time of year?
  4. I will be heading up to St. Roberts at the end of May looking for some smallies, crappie and goggle eye on the Gasconade. I talked to a guide up there in Feb and he said to put in at the Hwy 28 bridge and I could go up toward Riddle Bridge or down toward the mouth of the Big Piney. I was wondering what baits, techniques, etc will be good for fishing that stretch of the the Gasconade this time of year. I will be in an 18' Alweld jet with a 40 hp Evinrude and it is great for the James River in Stone County. Any advice/comments would be appreciated and suggestions on baits for all three species. Im not looking for all your secrets, just some general advice.
  5. I ran along this issue somewhat near Branson in Roark Creek. The landowners told me to hit the road as I was wading up the stream near the charcoal plant. I was wondering if they are leagally able to do that. Also, the original law does mention navigation. Navigation according to Gibbons v Ogden is most indeed commerce and when it deal with either, the federal or state government has the jurisdiction. Since that stream had one been used for navigation and the buying and selling of timber, I would say that still constitutes navigation and commerce. Bottom line is this. If you live along a river, do not take it upon yourself to define the law as it suits you. Sure, nail up your POSTED signs and keep people out, however, I promise this much, if it is me or any of my crew floating down it, we will leave it better than we found it.
  6. Just thought I better create an account and get to talkin. Born and raised in the Ozarks and love to fish James River. I use a river jet boat and love to catch those big smallie from Hootentown to Galena. This last year, my daughter caught one just over 17". I just started a bass fishing club at Branson High School and I am excited about getting to take some kids fishing. Most of my fishing is on the Rock and I spend most of the early spring "soremouthing" the white bass and crappie but then I generally switch to mostly crappie as the spring wears on. I do fish for bass in the late spring and summer. Just a comment on the blog about the size of the bass in Table Rock. I have fished the lake since 1985 (could barely hold a rod then, too young) but this last year I caught 4 or 5 fish that were in the 5lb range and one that was approx 6.5 lbs. The lake has never been in any better shape than it is now. Very few fish have sores on them and that was common place 15 years ago. I urge all of you to take care of the lake and the fish in it. Leave it better than you found it and release those line touchers. They will grow. Take a kid fishing. The survival of skills and the fishing sport depends on you. I am an avid lure maker and love just about everything there is to love about fishing. Just wish they made a majic potion to get my wife to love it as much as I do.
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