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  1. 1farmer

    A couple short BilletHead hunts,

    Snows were in the air all afternoon here. Saw one nice size group of Mallards.
  2. 1farmer

    Hooks in hand

    Yes, tension spring opens them, they fit in hand just like pliers.
  3. 1farmer

    Crankbait Rod

    All Star: AS Nano series 7' 10" medium heavy moderate action 89.99 at academy.
  4. 1farmer

    Hooks in hand

    Don't let that white slip either, if you do you can end up with an inch long gash across the palm of the hand. The best way I've found to deal with the step method. This is done like this: Put fish in boat, place foot on fish, grab needle nose pliers and remove hook, then gently grasp fish with pliers by the mouth and release back into the water.
  5. 1farmer

    Hooks in hand

    8 inch bolt cutters are what I use. They're a lot cheaper than a good pair of diagonal pliers and will cut things diagonal pliers can't.
  6. 1farmer

    Champ starter set

    It will not save you money, first the empty pegs will need to be used, then you will notice that they can be moved closer together, thus creating space for more pegs which will need filling.
  7. 1farmer

    Polar Bear

    It's amazing what one will do after they start a purely instructional guide business.
  8. 1farmer

    Indian Creek 12/3

    I'm gonna guess 1/2 oz war eagle football pond scum perch rage menace trailer green pumpkin.
  9. 1farmer


    On a grass jig?
  10. 1farmer

    Dam area 7/17

    Champ188, your getting old enough that a spoon or carolina rig should be your lures of choice. They are the two techniques that require the least amount of energy to catch fish.
  11. 1farmer

    Couple ways to catch them

    You need to see the other side
  12. 1farmer

    Fly by nite guides

    Have thought about starting a guide business. My only consistent area of expertise would be drum, if client didn't want to fish for them we could target gaspergou or sheepshead.
  13. 1farmer

    Braid to Flurocarbon

    When tying the fg knot, instead of holding the line with my teeth, I make four or five raps around my top shirt button to hold it. Those that wear jersey's will need to sew a button on .
  14. 1farmer

    Braid to Flurocarbon

    BC, I tie the same knot, have had the best luck by looping the fluoro and making 7 to 10 wraps with the braid. Lite braid doesn't hold up very well in sharp rocks, this could be the culprit as the braid may become frayed and be breaking above the knot.
  15. 1farmer

    Waiting out the storm at SK 4/16

    Fixed it for you, and don't blame this on champ.

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