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  1. 1farmer

    Steamboat springs Colorado

    Try garden hackle, they'll bite it anywhere.
  2. Ham, sorry for your loss. My dad passed away (28 year ago this February) and like you I know now that I lost my best friend. He was always there for me, even if he didn't always agree he always supported me. As I look back now , I realize the many times he did for others instead of himself. We don't always remember how lucky we are to have someone like that in our life. I'm so thankful that the good lord blessed me, not only with dad but also with Teresa. He was there for 32 years and she has put up with me for 35. I think that God made them from the same mold (except from gender) their only faults were they never put themselves first. Here are my numbers: 32 trips, which is about 150 less than most years. The farm got in the way and as Teresa said your just not into it. 14 tournaments, 8 of which were prior commitments. 6 different pools of water, in two states. 12 different partners. 16 different species. 5 crappie for the year. 3 second place and one third place finish, pretty sure winnings didn't cover entry fee. The one thing I did learn from this year make that two things. 1)Something dad told me along time ago, and Teresa brought it to my attention when she said your just not into it. IF YOUR GOING TO DO SOMETHING ALWAYS GIVE IT YOUR BEST, and this is something I didn't do in the tournaments, as Teresa said I just went through the motions. 2) If you have committed to something and not prepared to give it your all, it is better for all parties involved if you just back out and let go.
  3. 1farmer

    Where’s the...

    A duck flies south for two reasons, water and food. There is more food available to the north with the inception of no till. As long as they have food they can get to and water they won't come to visit us. This year with the prolonged harvest and wet weather they have millions of acres to feed on to the north.
  4. 1farmer


    I see 1 or 2 golden eagles around here almost every year and have for at least the last six year. I know where 4 bald eagle nests are within 3 miles of the house. The coolest site I have seen was a group of hawks in a field I was plowing. It was in winter of 2014 -2015. There were over 100 of them in the group. When I got home I looked them up and found that they spend their summers in northern Canada and normally winter just below the great lakes. Tell me why the were this far south.
  5. 1farmer

    A couple short BilletHead hunts,

    Snows were in the air all afternoon here. Saw one nice size group of Mallards.
  6. 1farmer

    Hooks in hand

    Yes, tension spring opens them, they fit in hand just like pliers.
  7. 1farmer

    Crankbait Rod

    All Star: AS Nano series 7' 10" medium heavy moderate action 89.99 at academy.
  8. 1farmer

    Hooks in hand

    Don't let that white slip either, if you do you can end up with an inch long gash across the palm of the hand. The best way I've found to deal with the step method. This is done like this: Put fish in boat, place foot on fish, grab needle nose pliers and remove hook, then gently grasp fish with pliers by the mouth and release back into the water.
  9. 1farmer

    Hooks in hand

    8 inch bolt cutters are what I use. They're a lot cheaper than a good pair of diagonal pliers and will cut things diagonal pliers can't.
  10. 1farmer

    Champ starter set

    It will not save you money, first the empty pegs will need to be used, then you will notice that they can be moved closer together, thus creating space for more pegs which will need filling.
  11. 1farmer

    Polar Bear

    It's amazing what one will do after they start a purely instructional guide business.
  12. 1farmer

    Indian Creek 12/3

    I'm gonna guess 1/2 oz war eagle football pond scum perch rage menace trailer green pumpkin.
  13. 1farmer


    On a grass jig?
  14. 1farmer

    Dam area 7/17

    Champ188, your getting old enough that a spoon or carolina rig should be your lures of choice. They are the two techniques that require the least amount of energy to catch fish.

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