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  1. Vernon, allow us to help you with your snake phobia. Here is a harmless little worm snake to get you started, notice how it's protecting the rose from all those bugs.
  2. It could be worse, you could have these things to contend with.
  3. I have a few questions about the two yellow wires. Do they run from the stator to rectifier? You stated one time that they were unhooked from rectifier and another the two yellow stator wires were unhooked and the engine ran both times. How much trouble would it be to replace these two wires? Could they be grounding out somewhere?
  4. I've read this whole thread and looked at all the pictures. I don't understand why all the fuss. All I've seen are bream, black perch, and pumpkinseed.
  5. 1farmer

    2019 Garden Thread

    This is a picture of a volunteer peach that my uncle sent me yesterday.
  6. 1farmer

    2019 Garden Thread

    Slug infested verbena's. They would really look good if the slugs would quit eating the blooms.
  7. 1farmer

    2019 Garden Thread

    Last of the lilies, these will bloom throughout the summer and into the fall.
  8. 1farmer

    2019 Garden Thread

    Pesky Japanese beetle.
  9. 1farmer

    2019 Garden Thread

    Second round of rose blooms.
  10. I have had braid tangle in the hooks when throwing a spook, have also had it happen with mono also but not as often as with braid. I was one that would use a short piece of mono to minimize this happening, but as Bill Babler stated the knot gets some wear passing through the guides. I have found a better mouse trap that all should be excited about. Here it is: Tie straight to the braid ( makes Bill Babler smile) now use a magic marker and run it down the braid from the lure 6 to 12 inches and it will stiffen the braid to keep the hooks from tangling ( Seth Clarkson will be happy now). There I've solved all your braid to topwater issues. One last thing my spook setup is : falcon low rider lcd 5-167 weightless worm 6' 7", 6.4 preferred to 7.1 ratio reel, 30 preferred to 40 lb. power pro super slick, depending on the lure use either a snap or loop knot to tie lure to braid, instead of using a magic marker I usually use a spike-it pen in light blue to stiffen the braid
  11. 1farmer

    2019 Garden Thread

    Teresa has had some dwarf dahlias in the years past, this plant with it being so much taller I never even considered it to be a dahlia. Just shows I know very little about flowers.
  12. 1farmer

    2019 Garden Thread

    I'm sure not going to disagree with her.
  13. 1farmer

    2019 Garden Thread

    Here are a couple of close up photos.
  14. 1farmer

    2019 Garden Thread

    Thanks MoCarp, it is unlike any of the peonies I have seen around here. All the others that I have seen have more oval shaped petals on the flower so therefore I didn't even consider that it could be a peony. The characteristics of the plant are the same as the peonies around here. This plant happens to be a (product of Mexico) it was given to Teresa 10 years ago.
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