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  1. Thanks. Now all I have to do is get things together. I figure white and chartreuse are naturals for the major colors.
  2. It's a slower-action rod...rather than the "fast" ones that were hot a few years back. These rods were never sold in the U.S. I got them when Tom Bedell was onto the "world is our marketplace" giving folks the ability to access any Pure Fishing products sold anywhere in the world. So, what I have is the Iron Feather IFF 140-9/10-3E rod, a 14-foot for a 9 or 10 line. I should add that the Iron Feather line used either Aramid or Kevlar scrim in the blanks.
  3. Back in the day when I was flyfishing more than attending classes at UM--the real one for you Missouri folks-- I could almost shoot the whole line on my little Orvis Fullflex 5-weight. And considering that the Clark Fork River ran along one side of campus, it's a wonder I graduated. I've got a stripping basket and have used it, but when I was fishing the saltchuck in Washington, I started using one of those collapsible laundry baskets in my boat. That worked better than the strap-on kind. But still the blasted line would occasionally tangle up in there with the whole thing shooting out
  4. I've got a lefthand-crank Charlton fly reel with spare spool I'll let go for $2K... Seriously, I'm trying to triage gear in order to put it on the block. There are 20 reels trying to convince me they need to stay in the lineup, and since none of the previous offering sold, they may be safe for now. I do have a Humminbird with GPS (external receiver) that will be showing soon. I'd do rods, but shipping is an issue on them, with the exception of two Euro-style Fenwick spey fly rods that I would happily ship.
  5. The radio is gone, pending pick up.
  6. I saw the Bulkhead in some videos, and I am going to tie it as well. So 34007-- what sizes are you running? The only problem I have with my flies is that I have a bunch of saltwater flies from the PNW, and I hate to ignore them entirely. If I blend those in, I'd need a couple of mega-boxes...but I guess that can make it fun.
  7. Saw a friend's FB post on his epic pike fishing, and watched the way the fly he was using would do the walk-the-dog below the surface on the retrieve. Since one of my delayed fishing goals is to get back into fly fishing and fly tying with an eye to whites/hybrids/stripers/anything that swims, I asked him about the fly as it was a new pattern to me. He sent me a couple of links and then a pair of flies he tied . There are quite a few videos on Youtube on the Buford, and that will be my next tying project-- which suits considering the type of year we're having. Here's a link:
  8. And here are two more items...the first is a NIB (it's never been out of the box) Shakespeare marine radio. I also have an antenna base that I will throw in as well when I find the thing. Let's see if $25 plus shipping (or meet for pickup) is of interest. Next up is a box of, hmmm, not really what the generic term would be, so let's call them USAs after the manufacturer's description. These are hollow and you put them on your line by threading the line through the central tubing. Then you add whatever you like in the body, whether it's pizza, cut shad, chicken livers or the little scent
  9. It's probably two decades past due, but I'm finally going through my hoard, er, bunch, of various tackle items. I've listed some NIB reels in a previous post as well as some reels that are going for a song. So to start, I'm listing two line-counter reels. The first is a Shakespeare Arsenal 20 that has never been out of the box. Price is $20 plus shipping (or we can arrange to meet in Clinton, Warsaw or Lincoln). The second reel is a Cabela's DepthMaster 15 that is loaded with some superline--don't know what , but it looks like a pink Fireline. This reel has some obvious corrosion b
  10. This year, we planted a couple of tromboncino (aka tromboncini or zucchini rampicante) squash. After nearly losing a hawthorn tree, alienating friends and neighbors and eating our way through several of the buggers after freezing enough to feed a small continent, I'm looking for ideas on what to do with the 10 we have left. I've used the tromboncino in "apple" pie, "pumpkin" pie, "apple" crisp, enchiladas, fresh pickles, zucchini bread...and I have run out of imagination. I have two more that need to be used before they spoil, so I'm open to suggestions. The other eight will probably ke
  11. A passing cloud, or fly, or a speck of dust on my glasses would do it for me. I came to dread the annual trip to Vegas for the tackle show. At first it was kind of fun, but then the entire thing became one of folks after money. Orlando--the current site-- is sooooo much better.
  12. For those who may be thinking that one or two or more of these reels might be a deal but don't want to break into Christmas funds--I'm looking for a good, used portable fuel tank. Ideally, this tank would come with a Yamaha hose. If such exists and is sitting in your garage all alone, let's talk trade. I should say that the lack of a Yammie hose isn't a deal breaker, but a metal tank is. I want plastic.
  13. We did absentee voting 10 days ago...
  14. New additions: US Reel SuperCaster Pro, selling on eBay for $80 (supposedly), unused-- $25, you pay shipping--look at it online to see features Okuma Cayenne CY-200--right-hand, 9 bearing reel, spooled with 10-pound fluoro-- eBay has a couple for megabucks-- $30, you pay shipping Eagle Claw TrailCaster TCS200 spinning reel, 6 ball bearing, unused-- $10, you pay shipping New prices and more reels...
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