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  1. kjackson

    F/S Predator MX Kayak

    I have the MX, and it is a great kayak. Wished I needed another one...
  2. kjackson

    Pool 8 Mississippi River tips.

    We didn't see a pike--at least that was what I heard--doesn't mean that they weren't there, but most of the fishing I did with pros was in deeper water, and the general emphasis was on bass. One of the guys I fished with did catch a walleye.
  3. I fished Green Bay last week for a day trip, and when we went after big fish, the guide used clip-on weights to bring the deep-diving crankbaits down close the bottom. With the newish deep Bandits, we were able to get down to 30+ feet. In the past, I've used downriggers, Dipsey Divers and Jet Divers to get gear down to where i wanted it, and clip-on weights are the easiest. The only issue I have with them is that you have to remove them when bringing a fish in, unless you put the weight close to the lure.
  4. kjackson

    Pool 8 Mississippi River tips.

    I fished out of LaCrosse three years ago in the same timeframe at a media event. Swim jigs, crank baits and some finesse stuff ruled. No pro was fishing a frog that I heard about, and given that Spro was one of the sponsors, frogs probably would have been used... I just returned from a week in Wisconsin, and water levels are still extremely high, FWIW. I'd sure give the shallow stuff a chance especially if the weather holds.
  5. Rather than do that, I'd use a clip-on weight ahead of the crank bait...or lead core. An in-line weight is another possibility, but that takes more effort to dial in.
  6. kjackson

    Lure Identification

    Number 5 are not Wally Divers, and I don't believe they are Cordell baits. Bargain bin. generic baits seems right, but I'm pretty certain they aren't Cordell of recent manufacture.
  7. kjackson

    Patagonia fly vest

    Sold, pending payment.
  8. kjackson

    Patagonia fly vest

    I have an older version of the Mesh Master II fly vest made by Patagonia-- probably the original Mesh Master. It has never been used and is in unworn condition and is an XL. This is a great vest for warm weather as the fabric of the vest is a mesh. This thing has more pockets than you'd want to fill-- there are six pockets in front for fly boxes and assorted gear plus two large, zippered inside pockets accessed from the front. Inside the vest are two more long, slim pockets with zipper closures There is a neoprene collar that spreads the weight of the vest a bit. Can't tell you what the differences are between this vest and the Mesh Master II, but here is the link to the newer version: https://www.patagonia.com/product/mesh-master-ii-fishing-vest/81961.html?dwvar_81961_color=FGE&cgid=sport-fly-fishing#tile-52=&start=1&sz=72 I'm asking $45 shipped to you.
  9. Here's the second article I've written for Bass Pro's 1Source ezine. https://1source.basspro.com/index.php/component/k2/81-kayaking/4050-shopping-for-the-right-fishing-kayak-answer-these-five-questions
  10. kjackson

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    I've seen a few pods of whites go crazy on top on the upper end, but as soon as they come up, they disappear. At least they are there, which is more than I can say for last fall.
  11. kjackson

    A word about Kayaks

    For those interested in the new style of what I really don't think is a kayak, but fun, check out https://blueskyboatworks.com These definitely not car-toppable and may not even be something you can slide in a pickup bed. But with the wheels on the hulls, they would be easy to slide off a flatbed trailer and get them in the water. I saw two yaks at ICAST that I might consider adding to the fleet--one is the Old Town Topwater, a 10-foot boat with a cathedral-hull bottom and the new Jackson Big Rig angling kayak. It was definitely a trailer boat--fairly large and with some fishing bells and whistles I've not seen in other kayaks. But what I need is a boat to leave in town so that I can fish the strip pits, and that means a beamy 10-footer. The Topwater paddle version would be a good choice for that...but all I need is money...
  12. kjackson

    A word about Kayaks

    Kayaks are fun-- no doubt of that. I've been fishing out of an Old Town Predator since last October and love that boat. It is a sit-on-top and easy enough for old legs to get out of. While I've done more paddling than real fishing out of it, it's become an addictive way to fish. The whole stealth thing is hard to believe. I've had fish--carp and carpsuckers-- hit the boat. Turtles will pop up at boat side, and I've seen a lot of things--like a flock of turkeys on shore-- that I am pretty sure I would have missed in my big boat. The fishing kayak thing is an explosive trend--at the ICAST show this year, there were something like a dozen kayak manufacturers there plus the not-quite-a-kayak boats. One of the latest versions is a double-hull type of platform boat. Think pontoon but with the pontoons being really narrow kayaks joined by a platform. One, the Bi-Yak is designed so that you can slide the deck/platform a bit and make a wide boat into something like a very wide kayak. That one, as I recall, was rigged with a small gas outboard. There also were a several kayak accessories exhibitors at the show and plenty of others that had kayak-targeted accessories on display.
  13. Crestliner is an obvious one, and so is Lund, but the sticker on the Lund may be a shock... I'm looking at Alumacraft; they are pretty good boats and less expensive than some others.
  14. kjackson

    ICAST 2018

    Dunno on the last as all the info I got was that they were an intro this year. The casting versions cover the bases. Haven't done more than look at titles of things as I leave early tomorrow and still have to pack and do the usual stuff before a trip... One thing that came in this morning was a preview of Livetarget's new soft-body baits. One that should strike a chord with the Table Rock guys is the hollow-body crawdad. It looks good and may well be too good. There are quite a few fishing apps and games this year, and the new electronics look really good online. Kinda wish I was there tomorrow to see the on-the-water demos.
  15. kjackson

    ICAST 2018

    Couple of things popped up today: St. Croix has the Mojo Yak series of rods new this year as well as fiberglass spinning rods. I've tried the FG casting rods, and they feel very, very good Also, 13 Fishing has a lipless crank bait out this year as well as a new walking bait.

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