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  1. FWIW-- Keith Jones is the scientist who developed Berkley's line of scent products--- Powerbait, Gulp and others.
  2. Bump. Still available.
  3. It is way into the bushes...don't know the exact level, and it's probably changing anyway. It is high enough that the COE has opened all four flood gates. https://www.ky3.com/content/news/Army-Corps-of-Engineers-opens-all-four--509966321.html
  4. Yes. When I moved from Arkansas, I brought my boat with me. However, neither Arkansas or Washington (my previous home state) require titles on the outboard. So I needed to get a bill of sale for the motor AND have the motor inspected by the state patrol. FWIW-- when I asked the state agency, the person said that I had to take the boat in to an office to have it inspected, and the closest was in Lees Summit. However, a quick call to the local dispatch got an officer out to check the motor to make sure it wasn't stolen and, I guess, to see if it matched the bill of sale. I assume the boat and trailer would follow the same process.
  5. I'm kind of wondering if a jet needs a trim and tilt...I know the really big jets in the PNW have that function so the guides can trim the motors up and spray down their buddies, but on a 50?
  6. I've got three new-in-box Mitchell 300X spinning reels. Two are the Gold series, and one is a Silver series. They're roughly a 3000-size reel. The Gold reels have 10 bearings, while the Silver has 5. They hold, according to the box, 240 yards of 8-pound test mono. All come with a spare spool. The reel in the photo has been used but is in fairly good shape as these reels are the second-generation of the iconic Mitchell 300. I also have a Gold 308-size (smaller) that is used but will sell for $10. Used reels don't come with a spare spool unless I can find them. The Golds in the box are $15 each, and the Silver is $10. Buy all three, and I'll throw in the used reel. You pay shipping or pick up in Clinton or Warsaw.
  7. That sorta reminds me of a time when I worked for Bass & Walleye Boats. We were on Table Rock at a media thing, testing various boats. For a Full Ride piece, we had to do fuel usage at various rpms as well as speed. This particular boat was a new 20-foot Pro Craft with an "experimental" 300 hp Mercury on the back. It was on a Saturday with the lake fairly busy. My colleague was running the testing, and I was driving. We found about the quietest water we could and started the test, running at idle, 1000 rpms, 2000 and so on. Finally, we had to do the WOT test, and we hit 72mph over some pretty rough water from boat wakes when I looked at him, and he was up in the air, standing on the ball of one foot and holding the test equipment with one hand while grabbing for a handhold with the other. I shut it down at that point--it scared the stuffing out of me. I don't remember now if that piece ever did publish. We didn't flip, but I'm not sure we wouldn't have.
  8. As much as I like "free" when it comes to anything to do with a boat, that particular trailer is overkill--even if I could launch the boat in Truman to get rid of it. I need a trailer that is rated for 1500 to 2000 pounds as the road in to our cabin will beat the living stuffing out of a light boat on a heavy-duty trailer. And, thanks, wily, but I'm looking for a trailer that is on the newer, few-problems side. Unfortunately, the link griz sent doesn't have a light-duty trailer. I'll keep looking to see if I can find a place that wants less than $1200 for one.
  9. I'm guessing the boat has a Mercury on the back...
  10. After spending too long deciding what kind of boat I need for the conditions I'm fishing, I've finally figured it out. I have three choices-- buy used, build a stitch-and-glue boat or buy a new hull and rig it. For the last two options, I need a trailer, and the options I see from dealers of the hull I'm after (basically an improved jon) seem overpriced and not what I'm after. Are there any decent sources of trailers for light boats in the 14-16-foot range? I've tried searching without a lot of luck.
  11. For what I'm anticipating buying, a 15 or 25-hp is about it. I've been seeing a lot of Evinrudes on the used boats in Florida--which is where I'll be next week. Thanks for the info, Wrench. Basically, I'm looking for a 15- to 16-foot glass boat. A big 14 might do...
  12. I'm in the process of downsizing/re-thinking my boat/fishing situation. I'll be selling my current boat and looking for something smaller. Because I'm cheap, er, thrifty, I'm looking at used. Can older outboards be retrofitted with tilt and trim? Can an older outboard be changed over to electric start? I don't have a particular boat/motor combo in mind, but I'm thinking Evinrude, Yamaha or Honda for power. I've also been looking really hard at the StumpNocker boats as I think one will fit the upper LOZ/Truman thing fairly well for what I want to do. I realize that a smaller boat will bring safety considerations into play, but I'm semi-retired, so I can pick and choose where and when I fish, assuming winter ever leaves. Part of the smaller boat thinking is in regards to the miserable dirt road that gives us access to our LOZ cabin and partly due to the very upper end of Truman.
  13. Rapala's braid scissors are the ones I use. They have mini-serrations that hold and cut. Avoid the Berkley scissors... Mustad has a split-ring pliers that has a braid-cutting feature that works very well in the KVD series of tools.
  14. I've not fished Bull, so I can't say what colors I would choose for that lake. But, it is difficult to make a bad choice in colors if you're building a bunch of spinners as most every color combo will work at some point. Silver, gold, copper, chartreuse and white blades all work. So do orange and red-and-white, blue, purple and some of the baitfish patterns. I prefer floats for bodies as I like the bit of buoyancy they provide. Colors of bodies almost mimic those of the blades. For a basic stock, I'd choose chartreuse, orange, silver and gold blades and chartreuse, gold, silver and orange bodies. Having said that, I'd also stock some of Yakima Bait's Spin-N-Glos in some of the same colors. Those little, spinning floats are deadly on walleyes.
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