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  1. we will see how the nada or kelly blue book goes. that is what the bank goes by to loan money. ever heard the old saying "spit in one hand and wish in the other and see which one gets full first. so, guess we will see how the loan value holds up on them. bo
  2. first, at least glad, bpr will continue to provide parts. but, the bad part is the big hit in the pocket book that every e-tec owner just took because your trade-in or resale value of your rig went to about what the boat and trailer value are. pretty sad. bo
  3. when did that happen? i posted of such an event in one of my rants. seems like it was in march. bo
  4. i will use one when you have to get up under stuff. but, for me that is not often. bo
  5. i know that i am the odd man out, but i use a m 7' pro qualifier with a bait caster. i use a 10# test braid that is smaller than a 2 lb. mono. sure can feel them breathe on it. sticks really well, and have not had any issues with losing them. of course when they are stuck through the top of the head, they are pretty hard to lose. bo
  6. well, i still say the best fishing tool you have is your brain. it does not cost anything to update it. bo
  7. do not know why, but those same bass seem to disappear at night. have been catching some really nice quality as you have pictured, but can't catch them in the same type places you are. and, i sue can't tell that they have spawned yet. with all the fronts, yo-yoing water, and sub-fifty degree nights, i don't see it happening for a while yet. bo
  8. no, the facts are out there if you yourself take the time to go find them. you are just like talking to my buddy that is union. he never has any facts to back up anything. the actual facts are out there on shortages when the pandemic began, especially with medical supplies. when Barr got involved, miraculously there were warehouses full of stuff that had not shipped. why was that? bo
  9. and guess what inspectors belong too? you connect the dots. bo
  10. and right there is the problem and that is your source. fake news at its best. bo
  11. and just why is it that those people in the meat packing plants are all sick?? i can tell, but it would just start a war on here, and i will leave it at that. bo
  12. i find this to be another rip off to the consumers. tysons and george's have both been working, and i would assume all the packing houses were also. never did hear that any of them were shut down, as eating is an essential. farmers did not quit raising beef and pork, and the chicken growers did not quit either. and why we are on the subject, why was there an shortage of eggs. just some more of your bs ways to gouge. bo
  13. NICE ONES! i here you about the crowds. for me, i am done with daytime fishing. too many people. bo
  14. yes, there is a learning curve to the "Big Wobbler" (Elite Mega Blade). it will become effective again once we get through spawn and the bass move back out and go to feeding. it is very effective when fishing out on flats where you might be throwing a deep diving crankbait. i caught a couple on it in the kings river last week while night fishing. as far as videos, i have got to get chane to get the stuff mounted unto my boat. we got the stuff so that i can film while i fish, but have not got it wired and mounted. the other problem now, is the fact that it is time to fish at night, at least for me. way too many people out in the daytime for me, and it is getting too warm. but, the plan is to do more informational videos. bass catching on table rock has changed so much over the years. it will never be like it once was. even pre-spawn habits have changed. i never go fishing anymore with a plan in mind because the bass are doing something different everyday, and are in a totally different location. you literally just have to go hunt them up each trip. when the spawn gets over and they move back out, use your electronics to see which areas have the most bait. the bass literally just seem to move around with the bait. which makes sense because they eat for a living. there are not too many crawdads in the lake anymore and all you have to do is to take a look at the rocks to see why. they are all covered with the brown sludge left from the sewer moss that grows each spring and then dies. there is nothing for the crawdads to eat. i know several folks that put out crawdad traps, and everyone of them have the same story. very hard to get any. so, bass for the most part just stay with the shad. here are a couple of pics from friday night. fished from kc to indian point. did not have very many bites but had some good ones. best 5 would have weighed 23 very easy. everything we caught was 15 to 20 feet deep. the two in the pics were both 20 ft. deep. bo
  15. yes, we just left off another 6 at eagle rock the other night. did not get to bring very many last summer because of depth we were catching and water temps. we live in cassville and the upper end is on the way back home. the lower end has such a great brownie population that there is hardly anytime that you can't go and catch a bunch of brownies. fronts and what not do not seem to bother them. it would be nice to have that many up here on the upper end and not have to drive as far to go catch them. so, every trip possible, we bring some back up here. back in the late 80's early 90's there was a weekly night tournament out of big m. we would run down to kimberling city and catch a limit of brownies and bring them them back for weigh-in at big m. over a period of time, that is how the brownies got started around big m. they are now taking hold around eagle rock from our efforts. they are successfully spawning too because we have caught a few sub-legals. this also demonstrates that stocking does work, and the mdc could really help the bass population on the upper end with some stocking. up until we began hauling the brownies up here, it was extremely rare that one was ever caught up on the upper end. i have fished table rock since 1963, and grew up fishing just the eagle rock area. it used to be one of the best areas of the lake to fish. but, when they started stocking trout below beaver dam, and we got the constant releases of cold water out of beaver to keep the trout alive spawn success went downhill. couple that with the fact that all the tournaments are held on the lower end of the lake, there is constant removal of the bass on the upper end to never be seen again. the brownie transportation proves two things. when you transplant a bass, it stays in the area. then, it proves that stocking works. ARE YOU LISTENING MDC!!!!! bo
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