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  1. Best way keep hands warm?

    the first thing that i have found over the years of winter fishing is to dress warm. your extremities stay much warmer if you keep your core warm. other than that a good pair of mitts for running, and there are various fingerless fishing gloves to choose from. bo
  2. bumming rides is not always bad

    did the brownie go for the jerk bait too?
  3. bumming rides is not always bad

    well, it is very true that many big bass could be caught out of table rock back then. i can tell you that any trip was deemed to be very slow if we only caught one over 6 lb. bo
  4. bumming rides is not always bad

    very true statement, but that is what table rock used to be like. just like the trip i reported about. 12 keepers sounds like a heck of a trip, and it is by today's lake standards, but back before the fish kill, this time of the year, we would catch 40 to 80 keepers or more in a daytime trip. table rock, regardless of what the mdc says, still does not have a very large population of bass. since you fish beaver a lot, before they stocked stripers in beaver, beaver had bass fishing that was almost as good as table rock. i fished beaver quite a bit back then, but about the only time i fish there anymore is to go fishing under the lights during the summer. sometimes, there is a lot of truth about the good old days. bo
  5. bumming rides is not always bad

    kind of a statement about fishing on those nasty days when everyone else stays home. it would be easy to make a statement about the reasoning ability that some seem to believe bass have, but i won't. i know you will agree with me that bass are active many times on these types of days. i was also glad to see at least some 4 lb. lmg. sure miss the days when the lake was full of 5 lb plus bass. to show what the lake used to be like, back in 78 or 78, norman boles and i fished a tournament out of indian point. back then, it was a 10 fish limit. we weighed in a limit that weighed 52 lb and some change, and finished 2nd. vernon stultz and allen moudy took first with 53 lb and some change. this was a daytime tournament too, not night. it just does not seen that we will ever see the lake with that amount of big bass in it. it used to be that you could catch plenty of nice bass on lots of locations all over the lake on the same day, but that just is not the case anymore. kind of like i can remember when we could find quail all over this part of the world, but that is only a memory also. sure miss eating them. bo
  6. YIPEE!!!

    wish i could say fish more. bo
  7. i am having to bum rides for a while since the bottom half of my engine got knocked off by a pickup. but, it is still pretty much the same, when you are still the guide regardless. meaning that everyone that i fish with has me run the trolling motor. had one heck of an afternoon of catching this cold cloudy winding day. caught them on a 3/4 chartreuse zinc spoon, and on a 4 inch swimmer on a 3/4 GrassJig head. used a pearl Elaztek swimmer. most of the bites came 40 to 50 feet deep in 55 to 60 feet of water. caught everything casting. no bites fishing vertical. yes, catching suspended bass by casting and working it through them takes time and practice, especially when the bites are that deep. vertical bites have been hard to come by so far this year. the final tally was 12 keeps. of those, they were all lmgs, and there were 3 in the 4 lb. range and 5 over 3, and the others were over 16 inches. two of the bigger ones came on the GrassJig head and swimmer. no pics because of trying to keep the boat in place out in the wind, and also, you want to get these deep bass back into the water quickly. the longer they are out, the bigger the chance of them bloating up and not being able to swim back down. bo
  8. Keeping ice off equipment

    spray silicone. spray the line and guides. it also makes you reel cast a mile. bo
  9. Last weekend Dec 2

    glad to see some of all the brownies that i have hauled eagle rock and released are going to hang around. great day of catching! bo
  10. Cape Fair area, 12/6/17

    what was the water temp up the river?? one would think the shallow river bite would be going right now. this has been a weird year, and one of going out in search mode each trip. a spot that big is good to hear about for sure. bo
  11. Sorry to keep bugging

    are you talking about right now? i have not heard of too many shallow bite reports. anyone else know how the shallow bite is going? most of those that i know and fish with are fishing deep, and that was what i was doing a couple of weeks ago last time i went. bo
  12. SAT & SUN (2/3 DEC)

    awesome! bo
  13. Fizzing?

    i have caught lots of bass 70' deep and pinned with a ballon before releasing them. i did this for two reasons, one was to see if they went back to the school and stayed with them, and two, to see if they had trouble staying down. they did to the first test, and they did not have any issues to answer the second part. once in a while, you can reel one up too fast and they will not be able to get back done, but not often. i have fished and caught deep bass for several decades, and i do not see that it affects them if you quickly release them. since i have fished the same area for a number of days straight before, and have not witnessed any bass floating, i would have to think it is a none issue. bo
  14. a few linda pics

    linda is a very quick learner and pays attention. she still needs practice with casting, and therefore we have not got into covering water with moving baits, but she will hold her own with bottom lures. she has learned to set the hook when something different happened that should not have. forgot to mention all the bald eagle we got to see. she really enjoys watching them. bo
  15. a few linda pics

    here are a few pics of some of linda's fish from the last two trips. could not post the walleye. she had the phone on video. wish i had a video of her landing those. she gets kind of excited and tries to reel them through the rod tip once in a while. bo

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