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  1. the Elite Mega Blade has a blade about the size of a trash can, and uses the GrassJig head. the CrazyBlitz has a normal size blade and uses a Blitz football head. if you want a normal size blade and the GrassJig head, it is called the Elite Blade. i had great success this spring before the bass went of beds using a 3/4 Elite Blade and fishing it in areas where we were catching them on a Wart. i would think the Elite Blade or the Elite Mega Blade either one would be a better fishing tool than the "Jack Hammer". you are getting a better head and hook that you can fish through about anyt
  2. i will see if i can rummage up a couple of pics of the better half with a fish or two. i have been fishing at least 4 times a week, unless weather or something else came up. boat was out of commission for a while, while the powerhead was being rebuilt. in all that time, i only lost 4 lures. still using the same wire frame on my black widow that has caught close to 100 smallmouth, and it is still ticking. and that frame is made out of .030 wire. there is something to be said about applying science to fishing lures. there is much more to it than sticking some lead on a hook. bo
  3. it is a zoo out there. surfers out at night, crouch rockets with no lights, other boats running around with one or no lights, big boats running constantly (right by you). where the hell is the water patrol??? bo
  4. fished the lower end all summer. brownie fishing ruins a person. basically, since june, i fished 3 lures. a 1 oz. Elite Black Widow, a 1 oz. Elite Mega Blade (aka big wobbler), and a 3/4 GrassJig. no pattern to where you would catch them other than there had to be shad present. they just follow the kitchen. could not tell you the numbers of 3 and 4 lbers, but lots of them. had three that were definitely over 5. right now, there are few bass 25 to 30 ft., and some up in 8 to 10 ft. so, there are certainly in a state of transition. sorry, but most likely the catching will get sket
  5. true statement. they were surfing after dark the other night, and the best bite is from 1 am to daylight if you can fish those hours. bo
  6. happy birthday champ, but sorry for the loss of your dad. i know that i miss my parents, but i also am happy for them at the same time. they are on to the next step of our journey, and we will be with them again sometime. bo
  7. i know that lady justice is supposed to be blind, but you know what they say, that blindness hightens the other senses, and that blind lady can smell money 10 miles off. bo
  8. sept. and oct. can have some great full moon night fishing. sept. day fishing is as hard as it gets. bass are scattered everywhere from breaking up summer camps. water is beginning to turn in some areas, and the first three weeks of oct. can be just as bad. mid- november on is good. bo
  9. there are many situations where there are witnesses to which boat caused the problem, and with about everyone having a cell phone, it is much easier to film the event happen. bo
  10. well, in not too past, there was a girl that got her leg cut off between two boat that were resting. boat or boats came by causing huge waves and that caused the injury. if i recall news articles they arrested the operator of boat or boats that caused the injury. and i believe you can find the actual rule in the coast guard manual. here is an interesting article on the subject that goes into depth of the law. https://www.boatus.com/seaworthy/magazine/2015/october/boat-wake-damage-liability.asp bo
  11. you actually are responsible for your wake. bo
  12. hint: forget about specific spots and go look for where most of the bait is. table rock bass have become very nomadic and just follow the kitchen, so to speak. brush piles will hold a fish or two, but not a big school. when you are fishing where there are numerous bass, they are easier to get to bite, and a single. hope this might help, but it does require a different mind set of hunting bass. bo
  13. i've fish out of the 19 ft. express. fishes great other than you really have to stay on the troller all the time in the wind. they blow around quite easily. one other issue was the livewell boxes both came loose and that let the water out of them into the bottom of the boat all the time. took a lot of work to get them sealed back permanently. bo
  14. we will see how the nada or kelly blue book goes. that is what the bank goes by to loan money. ever heard the old saying "spit in one hand and wish in the other and see which one gets full first. so, guess we will see how the loan value holds up on them. bo
  15. first, at least glad, bpr will continue to provide parts. but, the bad part is the big hit in the pocket book that every e-tec owner just took because your trade-in or resale value of your rig went to about what the boat and trailer value are. pretty sad. bo
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