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  1. got out and did some daytime fishing. with rain in the forecast, i figured it would scare several from getting out and it did. kind of a hodge podge day. fished with a 3" swimmer quite a while with no love. ran some banks and coves to have a look see as to what the bass were doing spawning wise. saw lots of nests with no one home. saw a few with a small skiddish bass. saw nests both on main lake and in coves. my water temp was showing 64, but when you pick your bait up out of the water, it felt pretty cold. so, my opinion is that some of the juniors are up looking around and the old folks are still out to lunch somewhere, so to speak. never saw or heard a carp up shallow. did not see hardly any perch up shallow. those two factors will tell you when the bass are spawning. when you see or hear carp up wallowing and hear perch pecking around the bank at night, then it is right for most of the bass to spawn. as far as the catching went for yesterday, we caught them on tubes, doodles, and weenie worms. had 8 keeps with a couple of 3's. all the keeps were lmg's and none had spawned. only one keep came from right on the bank. they were mostly in the 10 to 12 ft. range. the best basser i ever knew, Glen Andrews, always told me that in our area, tr and bs, "the bass spawn in may" and i have found that to be a pretty good "rule of thumb". we have had quite a bit of continual water flow through the lake so far this year, and with the water being very clear, the better bass will spawn deeper than they have for a number of years. the water is still fairly cold at 10 ft. i am not for sure if the brown bass have spawned yet. i have not ventured downstream but a couple of times so far. bo
  2. if would be better if they go by on plane to have it lit. not too much wake from a boat that is sitting on nothing. bo
  3. well, i was going to put a post up, but i can just put my two cents in here. the night bite has faded and it sure seems that many fish are suspended, many out in the lake. your fishing report just proved what i thought to be going on. we fished the k.c. cow creek area last night and did not have a bite after dark. guess we will have to wait for the moon to get smaller before the night bite picks back up unless you want to fish from 2 am to daylight. bo
  4. in any tight quarters, one should idle by boats are fishing. what gets me is i will come off plane and idle by someone fishing up in the kings, and it will not be very long that same boat comes by us on plane and about throw us out. it has made me, many times, want to pull up the trolling motor and follow them and give them a taste of their own medicine. almost kind of glad my journey here is getting shorter all the time. it has become a world that i am not accustomed to. bo
  5. did not say he was, and i liked his response, which clearly shows he in not the enemy and is fully aware of the issues we have going on lake wide. bo
  6. well, boat docks used to cater to fisherman, and we bought gas, pop and ice, and snacks at the marinas because they did cater to us. but, along came the pleasure boat crowd and the fisherman got kicked to the curb so to speak and pretty much were not really welcome around the marinas. cambell point comes to mind very quickly. now back to the big pleasure boats and wake boats. does what you spend justify all the damage that is done from the big wakes? not to mention the fact that those in smaller vessels are put in peril to be out on the lake. those big waves are not just tearing up many docks, but also the lake shore is massively being eroded. does it justify for many others that use the lake to actually not be safe out on the water in their boat?? does it justify you wake actually going over the side of other boats and filling them full of water??? and speaking of your $2100.00 dollars worth of gas for the season, back when i fished all the time i burned more than that a month. but, every business can cater to the crowd they want to. so, in many instances it is not entirely what it seems about who does business with who. the fisherman have become outnumbered for sure, but the smaller craft owners still have a right to use the water and not be in peril while out there. and that is where we are at unfortunately. bo
  7. i have the same feelings about boat docks. bo
  8. and when you put more length in the shank, it also diminishes the swimming action of your swimmer. bo
  9. not really.it always seemed to me that there was a lull from 12 to 3 and then it really got good again. that was from back in the day when the weekend night tournies were from7 to 7. bo
  10. it is april and the moon is out. we had a big front go through with cold temps and cold rains. dropped the water temps 2 to 3 degrees, but april bass are all about eating getting ready for spawn. went last night and even with the colder water and post front conditions they still bit fairly good. was just missing the bigger bites. there were still a few bites fairly shallow but most were out 10 to 15 feet deep. caught all of them on a 3/8 GrassJig brown and blue with a blue trailer. ended up with a dozen keepers with two that would make 3 lbs. not too shabby for fishing from dark to 11. these pre-spawn bass are always hungry until they begin to nest and then they can get harder to catch many times. i always try to stay with the pre-spawners as long as possible and when they run out then go back to the areas where the bass first spawned and they will be back to eating. pretty good way to not bother them much while the are nesting. on a lake the size of table rock, the bass do not all spawn at the same time. do not be surprised with the water very clear as it is this year, for many of the bigger bass to spawn 10 to 15 ft. deep. anyway, right now is a great time to get out after them either day or night because even with the fronts bass have really got the feed bag on to bulk up for the rigors of spawn. they just seem to move a lot from day to day. bo
  11. one of the problems for us is the hooks we use are a custom design and something you can not just readily buy off the shelf. because of my head designs the bend in the neck of the hook is a compound bend, not just one single bend. not only does this allow the hook to fit the head as it should, it also lowers the level of the eyelet and opens up the hole throat of the hook much as a straight shank hook. but still maintaining a lever to help rotate the hook. so, to justify having a custom hook made, their has to be sufficient sales of that hook to be able to use up a minimum number of them each year. so, what basically is a "swim head"? the "swim heads" on the market do not basically hook well by their design, but they are made as they are so they will not roll over on their side during retrieve. you will find that any of our heads, by design, will never roll over during retrieve. so, any of them work quite well to swim. many folks have a big misconception about hook sizes. in a jig hook, the distance from the hook point to the eyelet is the same in a 2/0 hook as it is in a 5/0 hook. where the extra hook length is added is from the hook point to the bottom on the hook bend. so, the straight part of the shank is the same in both of them. so, a 3"swimmer will fit a 2/0 and 4/0 jig hook the same. the reason that NuTech heads will not roll over is because of head design. the cams and flats work as hydrodynamic plane, the the guide arms act as stabilizers and make the head track straight regardless of speed. it would be possible to put enough tork by drag behind the head to make the want to lay over, but i have not found any swimmer that would do it. i caught a whole lot of bass this past winter on a 3/4 GrassJig head with a 3" z-man swimmer. many people are figuring out that the 3/16 and 1/4 Pro Series heads work great to load their a-rigs with. they not only swim great, but hook better, and you can pull your rig through the trees and not be hung up all the time. hope this helps bring to light a few things about head design and hook sizes. bo
  12. for very shallow bass and a 3"swimmer, i use the 1/8 Crappie Jig. many will say that the size 2 hook is too small, but i have not found it to be an issue. earlier i was putting them on an a-rig to see how they would do using 50 lb. braid and i caught a tub full of 3 lb. plus whites and several lmg's in the 4 lb. range. that smaller hook allows the swimmer to work well. for a 1/4 oz. head, i use the 1/4 Pro Series, which has a 4/0 owner hook. for 3/8 and up, i go to the GrassJig. i adjust sink rates by using different sizes of line. i like the z-man swimmers. they would up very well. basically, many setups will work. the most important factor is to be putting them in front of bass. bo
  13. you are still right about the bass being on the move constantly. just very hard to figure out where their next move is. bo
  14. see how well this works out for me? everyone is sleeping and i have the lake to myself! keep up the good work (sleeping)😄. bo
  15. not really. most often from dark to 1 am or so. if going downstream in the summer on a friday night we do not put in until around 10:30 and fish till we get tired or daylight comes. bo
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