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  1. linda and i put in a bit before 8 and was back on the trailer at 11. but, we did catch a few. 10 keepers. caught 3 off one spot and 7 on another. all brownies and most of them were thumpers. some of these were pushing 30 ft. deep. seems like they are creeping out a bit more. the Elite Mega Blade got everyone of them. bo
  2. like hooking onto a mack truck. and it jumped about 3 ft. out of the water once. bo
  3. don't know. just wanted to get it back in the water, and we were sitting out in the middle of the ocean and the wind was blowing. i don't have spot lock and all of that, and we were fishing a spot not much bigger than a good sized living room. lucky that i took time for a picture. doing a bit of measuring and gong by the pic, it was at least 24 inches. bo
  4. still getting them deep. big wobbler. bo
  5. wow!!!! that is just crazy to do that with divers in the water!!! another good reason that we need to have to have pass a on the water operators test in the vessel you are going to be driving, and a second one to be allowed to be driving a vessel at night. when people can not pull up to a dock safely, launch and load their boat, just how safe of a boat operator are they????? it is just getting way too crazy. bo
  6. been out enjoying the beautiful moon the last two nights, and there were a few meteors thrown in last night to boot. too knickmeyer fishing on monday night and taylor for his last trip before he is back to college. on monday, the bite was pretty good, but knickmeyer was not feeling too well and left all the catching to me. ended up with 12 keepers, and what i discovered was that the fish are making a major depth change. caught most everything 25 ft. deep. caught them on the same three baits, 3/4 GrassJig, 1 oz. Elite Mega Blade, and 1 oz. Elite Black Widow. still had to have lots of bait in the area, and the bait is still coming up close to the surface after dark. really seeing more evidence of a thermocline beginning to form. tuesday night we really put the hammer on them. over 20 keepers, with most being of the brown variety and nice ones. same three lures, but the big wobbler really was putting the hurt of them. taylor caught 3 or 4 on a naked 3/4 GrassJig head with a rage craw. we caught a good bulk of them off one spot. it was about the only place we could find any breeze at all. had some idiot in a big boat dang near run over us while fishing that spot. i should have bounced that big wobbler off his head while he went by. got water in the boat from his wake. had we not been just railing them at the time, i would have picked the trolling motor up and run him down to get his boat number. what the HELL is wrong with people???? rant over. anyway, it has been fun getting out to enjoy the big moon. bo
  7. and, yes, i hear about i need to go practice some more๐Ÿ˜‚. bo
  8. linda and i got out for a bit last night thinking that the lake would be calmed down, wrong. we were still trying to stay in the boat at 11:30. caught them on 3/4 GrassJig, 1 oz. Elite Black Widow, and 1 oz. Elite Mega Blade. caught 10 keeps total, and a 7 lb. flathead. most bites were in the 18 to 22 ft. range. same old thing about not fishing until you find an area full of bait. we quit about 12:15. the moon was pretty. linda claimed victory on the basis that she got the big one, even though it was 7-3 my way on keepers. she got the big one on the big wobbler (1 oz. Elite Mega Blade). bo
  9. one thing that you do not know for sure is if the fish you are marking are bass or something else. next, do you see lots of bait in these areas? any game fish is going to move around with the dinner table especially given the fact that table rock does not have the crawdad population it once had. shad, like it or not, is the main forage now and many of the bass have become very nomadic and just follow the kitchen table around. if what you are marking are bass, you just need to keep experimenting with getting them to trigger to your presentation. i see you mention a host of different lures, but do not mention if you change whether you tried vertical fall verses horizontal. how many different weights did you try? these are all factors into getting an inactive bass to strike at your offering. it is something that time on the water helps with. and, time spent learning what you are actually looking at on your electronics helps also. fish as much as you can, and learn each time you go. bo
  10. one that doesn't show old men?๐Ÿ˜‚ bo
  11. took ol' kinckmeyer fishing last night. they were a bit hard to find. lots of bait out in the middle of the lake and scattered. was a strange line of something on the electronics 35 to 40 feet deep our in the lake, but disappeared when getting closer to shore or inside a cove. it is a crazy lake this year for sure, and i never can catch them in the same place twice. jumped around looking and had two keepers at 11, and them bam, put 6 good ones in the boat in just about that many casts. caught them from 10 ft. to 22. real pattern. best lure last night ended up being the 1 oz. Elite Black Widow. stay on the move and keep looking for areas with tons of bait. bo
  12. many, many times when bass are above 35 ft., you can't sit on top of them and catch them. you have to back off and cast to them. just something that i have learned over the years. you just have to experiment to see what you can get them to react to. sometimes, even a weenie worm arced down through them will get them to commit. spoons are also something to try by casting to where they are and working the spoon down through them. bo
  13. here us a better pic of the Elite Black Widow. bo
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