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  1. here are a few pics of some our 24 keepers today. we had a lot of lmg's today. many more that 5's. 56 to 62 ft. dead on the bottom. 3/4 Zinc Spoon. most of them were caught casting rather than vertical. bo
  2. i get the biggest kick watching linda catch fish. just like watching a child. she really gets excited, and she has listened to me in the learning process. still not the best caster, but where we fish most of the time, precise casting is not required. bo
  3. bill, i believe it has to do with the amount of current running through the lake right now. i have seen it happen just like this over the years, and the common denominator is current and dropping lake levels. the bass must be stuck to the bottom in areas because i do not see lots of suspended bass out in the lake anyplace. water temps are still warm enough that the deep bite should still be going. found lots of shad in one area of long creek. the main channel was still 80 ft. deep and the shad were 60, but were all busted up. did not mess with them at all because they were right in the teeth of the wind, and i'm kind of tired of fighting the wind. i caught 9 bass today. 8 were keeps, the short was a 14 1/2 brownie. everyone came off the bottom 62 to 65 ft. deep. 5 of the keeps were thumper lmgs and the rest big k's. bo
  4. never wetted a hook. never found any shad bunched up. bo
  5. you do not understand the wind situation at all. with the kind of wind yesterday, i made only one side of that dock usable. if the corp had not put in all that shot rock, i would have been ale to pull up on the bank and let the passenger out, but that in not an option any longer. bo
  6. the courtesy dock is not an all day parking zone. so, lets put the shoe on the other foot. what if personal boats were tied up there on both sides and they could not unload their boats because there was not any place to tie their boat up while they parked??? that particular ramp sits out in the wind and most of the time, there is only one safe useable side to the courtesy dock. all day parking on the courtesy dock is about the same as launching your boat and leave your rig parked in the middle of the launch ramp. it is not a matter or anyone using the ramp as it is supposed to be. i've contacted the corp office already and they were in agreement with me and know the business, and will be contacting them. bo
  7. anyone heard of blair's dock service. had a run in with them at the mill creek ramp today. they seem to think that the parking ramp and courtesy dock are places for them to work. they had boats tied up to the dock completely blocking the side the wind was blowing into, which was the only side to safely pick up someone or to drop them off. the wind would blow the boat away from the dock on the down wind side before anyone could safely enter or exit a boat. i intend to have a visit with the corp about them. bo
  8. i have been thinking about doing that very thing myself. water temps should be about right. bo
  9. i hate losing at anything, and even includes fishing against my wife. attached are some pics from saturday's fishing. first, time linda has been able to go in well over a month. we ended up with 12 keepers, which was not too bad considering we were fishing the second day after a front. well, anyway, linda had 7 of the 12 keepers and had some dandies. this why i have to fish everyday. i need the practice to be able to beat her😃. bo
  10. right now, they many are wherever the shad have gather up. i caught 4 keeper crappie the other day bass fishing on a 1/2 Zinc Spoon, and there were right there feeding on the same shad with the bass. bo
  11. but, many things are learned while studying and not fishing. i've caught way more fish by spending the time looking rather than just stop some place throw the troller over and start fishing. so back in my tournament days, i never minded making a long run. i would rather spend one good hour of catching that 8 hours of catching nothing because i did not make a run to where they can be caught. same can be said, i would rather spend 1/2 the day or longer to find them stacked up and get to catch the snot out of them for a couple of hours, than fling around to no avail all day. i no there are always two sides of the coin, but if one wants to consistently catch bass, or any other game fish, it is a very mental game, and the more time of the water the more you learn, and i will emphasis one has to have a will to learn or you just are not going to get there. better just hire a guide and let them take you to some, and that is a maybe. just ask bill how much time it has taken him to learn what he now knows. many hours and many hours of paying attention to what is going on to learn and remember. and even when you think you have found some, you still have to unlock the keys on how to get them to bite, and i will just throw in that i don't believe invisible line is the answer. you have to make them bite. bo
  12. walleye are like any other predator fish, and there has to be enough food to support or sustain them. i've caught several walleye this fall and winter from shell knob to kimberling city. just as the bass are, they are in areas with a tremendous food source. in the daytime, they do like to stay on the bottom, where bass many times are suspended. as far as how deep you might catch one is probably as deep as you see the shad if they are bottom related. i can tell you that there are many walleye in some of the areas that i have been fishing because the signature differently that bass do. if one really wanted to target walleye this time of the year, i think time would be better spent further down stream for a bit. as we get back to getting longer days and the walleye begin more to think about spawning, they will quickly migrate in bigger numbers the upper end, where you are fishing. many years ago, i went up below beaver dam at night in late january, and we fished jerk baits. i knew nothing about walleye fishing but my buddy was a northern transplant, and we caught the crap out of them. just about froze to death too, and it was a full moon. so, moon phase, amount of daylight are all triggering mechanisms for all game fish migrations. many of those mid-lake walleye end up up where you are fishing or up the kings river when the time is right. i've caught numerous big walleye in the run around at the mouth of the kings (on the kings river side). the ones that i catch is just because a got a spoon or swimmer in front of them while bass fishing. i am sure that if one geared up better, there could be many caught there, but that is dependent of if there is lots of bait there. wherever you are going to target them, for there to be any numbers, there also has to be enough food. food source is always the key. and there you have an opinion from just a fisherman, but not a walleye expert. bo
  13. fished yesterday and today and what a difference when you are not fighting the wind. i fished yesterday with just toby and it was on once i found them bites were 40 to 50, until late evening, and the shad came up, and i just trashed them 20 to 30. the 1/2 Zinc Spoon was getting them. had a couple of lmg's that were around 4 and a 5 lb. walleye. had somewhere around 20 keepers. ol' sleepy knickmeyer went today, and the catching was phenomenal. somewhere around 40 or more keepers. ol' sleepy showed out a bit with some nice ones. caught some giant whites both days. even had another walleye today 3 lb. range. and got a bonus perch. days like the last two days are getting closer to what fishing was like before the fish kill. however, you do have to spend a lot of searching time. bo
  14. merc1997

    if only

    the fish are 50 ft. deep. sometimes they are on the bottom at 50, but most often they are suspended over deeper water. bo
  15. merc1997

    if only

    if only the darn wind would not blow a hurricane every day, there is not telling how many bass could be caught. still doing the same thing. caught most of them 50 ft. deep, and of course right in the teeth of the wind. had around 15 keepers today. did take time to take a picture of ol' sleepy knickmeyer's bass. we did have some thumpers today. yesterday, we caught every bass suspended above or right on top of the shad 30 to 35 ft. as far as i can tell, for deep fishing, the lake is really fishing tiny. i feel lucky each day to find one little bunch to shoot at, and this dang wind really makes it difficult. we only had 8 keepers yesterday, but they were all good lmgs, and one brownie that was pushing 4. i sure would appreciate a calmer day for a change. bo
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