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  1. very nice bass, but not a ten. might have been an 8. a bass to be proud of for sure. bo
  2. not if it is properly sealed. plus, most new trailers have a completely sealed run in oil hub. now if you do not have good buddy bearing and not exactly the right seal, then you need to service your wheel bearing more often, at least twice a year. then you will not worry about leaving the wheels submerged once in a while when it is necessary. kind of like why your reels need to be cleaned way more often than most do. bo
  3. sometimes you just have to do that. by the way, how do you launch your boat. slam the brakes on at waters edge and let her slide off the trailer😀.? bo
  4. is there not any common sense or courtesy anymore! put in at big m m because eagle rock can not be used. the lpictured gmc with ranger trailer, the owner, seems to think they either own the lot. there was one other inconsiderate involved, ford pu, as they were parked at water's edge with back of trailer very close to courtesy dock. unless someone with years of backing skills, between the two, there was not enough maneuvering space between the two of them to get down the ramp, which one does have to use because of the installed shot rock at parking lot edge. well, the ford got damaged and kind of deserved it, and the gmc owner ought to chip in to fix the ford and the nitro trailer that stuck under the bumper of the ford. there were several that knew how to handle the high water and parking situation. bo
  5. well, i have asked that question for a few decades now, and i pinned the corp folks down at one of the planning meetings. their answer was that the white river chain of lakes are no longer flood control lakes. they have been changed to power generation lakes by congress. he suggested that we might take it up with our congressional people. now one can understand why they don't care if business owners starve each year because there is little business going on related to lake use. it would be nice to get them to give us a print out of monies collected from the power as opposed to the tax revenues lost to actual business losses. bo
  6. you can thank leonard and i for hauling that brownie from the dam area and letting it go up here. same can be said for all the brownies around big m. they got their start from back when there was a weekly shorty out of big m. we could run down to kc and haul back a limit of brownies. goes to show what an actual stocking program could do. bo
  7. jim mcgruder used to get those big water dogs some place, and he would use them at lake monticello in tx. however, once in a while, he would make it back home with some leftovers in the spring, and we would go up to haddock and fish the main point going in. amazing what live bait can do. throwing artificials we might not get a bite, but throw a water dog out there and bam, the fight was on. bo
  8. i have not found the underspin to catch way more bass than a jig with a swimmer or grub. but, the hay rig with blades often does better than a rig without blades. it is kinda of like which line is better. whatever you get along with better. bo
  9. those are dandies bill! i am about to begin night fishing in ernest. have been a few times and there are a few up, but not many. but, i believe it is about to change. bo
  10. they are under Pro Series Jigs, https://nutechlures.com/index.php/proseries/3-16ozproseriesnujig.html. i was just looking and noticed that white was not on there. i will have chane get that fixed. but, you can call - 417-847-0808, and we will get them to you. we also have 3/16 and 1/4 oz. now in the Elite GrassJig, but they are not up on the website yet. bo
  11. i use 3/16 NuTechs and you rarely ever get hung up period. bo
  12. you said it right there champ, and another factor is many boats are not set right meaning motor height and having the right prop. the right prop for a particular rig cam make the difference between night and day. bo
  13. the ol' dog is just like american express, don't leave home without it. i've used one for decades. it keeps from littering the lake with lures for no reason. it also save time and money. bo
  14. yes bill you are right. most of the catching methods of today are things used long ago, but techniques have been refined. i don't think it is fair that you are up here rousting my fish while i am still healing my wrist😀. first week of march and i will be back out. those are some really nice lmgs that you caught. bo
  15. well bill, i was kind of hoping that a cash paying customer might get one ahead of give aways😂. bo
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