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  1. got into the water around 1 pm. caught 3 keeps, several shorts, and a few nice whites. caught all of them on a spoon. most were 20 ft. deep. some areas are trying or are turning. probably due to all the rain. water temp was 71-72. was fun to get that tick on the spoon. we caught them on 1/2 and 3/4 Zinc Spoons. white and chartreuse both worked as far as color. flats were the ticket. bo
  2. mo or ar residents can buy a border pass and then are good to fish table rock, bull shoals, and norfork. that goes with your resident license. bo
  3. merc1997


    well, after being gone for a week to alabama, it took a bit to locate some willing bass. fished monday night with ol' sleepy knickmeyer around big m. 4 keeps and several shorts. 1 oz. wobbler and 1 oz. elite black widow did the trick. most were in the 15 to 20 ft. range. they were on flat terrain, but pretty close to some deeper water. tuseday, it was just toby and me. went to the lower end. 8 keeps, just chunks, nothing big. caught them on all three, 3/4 grassjig, 1 oz. wobbler, and 1 oz. elite black widow. these bass were also a bit closer to steeper stuff, which i figured because of the fronts. wednesday, took ol' sleepy again, and we put in a viola. caught a few before dark on spoons and lipless. mix of bass and whites. after dark fished a couple of bluffs which produced a couple of keeps and several shorts. switched gears and began exploring out on flats and bingo. the wobbler and widow did a number on them. 10 out to 20 was the ticket. did have a huge black that broke off as i was lifting it over the side of the boat. hit on the deck and went back in. got it on the widow. bo
  4. now you know why i am still fishing at night. bo
  5. i do not think you will see the amount of jelly fish in the lake anymore because of water quality and clarity. perhaps shane bush the local mdc biologist might have more info. i am strictly going on what my eyes see, and i hardly ever see them, when we would see them all the time years ago. bo
  6. you could have got them faster going to nutechlures.com, or by coming by the house. bo
  7. well, if you can guess where at out in the middle of the lake we were fishing, you are pretty darn good. hint, we were close to 200 yards from the bank in any direction. good hunting😄. it really has been some fun fishing since everyone went home, well most everyone. bo
  8. the catching can be really good when you find them, but they will not be just everywhere. bites are still in the 20 to 25 ft range for the most part, but you will get the occasional bite a bit shallower once in a while. on monday, leonard and i ended up with 20 keepers or so, and it one of those deals where the spot happened to be bait specific. caught them pretty good in one area on a 3/4 oz. GrassJig. the Black Widow bite never happened for us. it was the GrassJig on the 1 oz. Elite Mega Jig. we caught a bunch in another area all on the big wobbler, and they would have nothing to do with a jig or the Black Widow. Wednesday night was different. took ol' Sleepy Knickmeyer with me. his eyes always manage to be shut when you take a pic😂. same depth, different spots. but, started out just wrecking them on the big wobbler, and ended up after that getting everyone on the 1 oz. Elite Black Widow. did not take any pics with leonard. he does not like taking them. one reason is he can't see to read what is on the camera and won't wear glasses, and if he does ever take one, it is always blurry, so not worth the effort. knickmeyer and i did take some, and if leonard would have taken pics, they would look pretty much just like the ones that knickmeyer and i took. we also had 20 keepers or so. bo
  9. even if it is gills, bass like perch for dinner too. sometimes there might be a good chance that there are some bass around that area keeping an eye on dinner. bo
  10. you are doing basically what has been working at night all summer. we have been having better luck on moving baits, i.e. 1 oz. Elite Mega Blade, and a 1 oz. Black Widow. the jig bite has started to improve for us, but those two moving baits cover more deep water than you can shake a stick at, and they will trigger bites. i will agree that the daytime bite will begin to get really good until we have to start dodging the turnover, and then the lake will become very small again. bo
  11. we need to get together as a collective group or voice and see if we can have public forum with those jokers. bo
  12. decided to give eagle rock a shot last night and got reminded why i avoid that area this time of the year. caught half a dozen dinks. went up to the state line and fished my way back to roaring river. on the electronics especially the further downstream you came, there was a band of clutter 15 to 20 ft. in depth . it started in the water column around 15 ft. don't know that was supposed to be telling me about fish positioning. weird is all i can say about that. on another note, the corp has taken it upon itself to block off all boat parking by the ramp. so you have to put your boat in, tie up the the crappie courtesy dock, which most of the side protectors are gone, and while you drive back to the highway to park your trailer and hike all the way back to the ramp, your boat is getting bounced up and down and the exposed metal on the crappie dock is gouging holes in the gell coat on your boat. who the hell are the idots running the corp????? they are the ones that started the whole issue with the crappie parking there to begin with when they stuffed the camping areas down on top of the launching ramp. there used to be ample parking by the ramp without blocking the road to maneuver back around down the ramp. people unfamiliar with the situation unknowingly, to them, do not pull up far enough and their trailer is blocking everything off. is the corp just trying to block lake access to the tax payers that paid for the lake and all of the ramps to begin with??????? seems like we need to have a public forum with the corp and have a come to Jesus meeting and remind them they work for us not the other way around. this is just total BS. the poor guy at the steal your dollar shack is just getting his butt chewed off, and he has nothing to do with it. it would be better if you could pull your boat up on the gravel while you are getting your exercise, but you can't do that either because of all the shot rock they lined the bank with. something has got to give. the ramps were built and paid for by the taxpayers, and we should still have reasonable access to any of the ramps, including viney creek. bo
  13. got several trips in since last post, but somewhat the same, but the last two trips seemed to be dealing with post front conditions, and we had to work for what we got. did not find the stacked in any one place. does seem that they might be heading deeper again on the lower end. the same 3 lures have been getting most of the attention, but the black widow has caught more than the wobbler the last two trips. also, the jig has been getting more love even though my boat is covered in grey shad poo. took a pic to once again have proof that i do catch some in the daytime😄. old sleepy again gives proof that the sleeps through a lot of bites. bo
  14. holy cow!!!! way to go bill!! amazing. bo
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