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  1. merc1997


    that was a super savings on them! bo
  2. merc1997


    got out for a bit last night with knickmeyer and we fished between eagle rock and big m. caught lots of shorts, but did have 9 keepers, all lmg's. these bass looked as though they had spawned not too long ago. very skinny. caught them from 5 ft. to 20. caught them on flatter stuff and some on 45 degree banks. two baits did all the catching. a 1/2 GrassJig, and a 1 oz. Elite Mega Blade (big wobbler). same ruled applied as downstream. had to have shad around or no fish. bo
  3. what a trip! got to fish where they are instead of where a lot of folks want them to be. well bill, you do have to agree that it does help with having a lot of catching to yourself! bo
  4. i do not believe you will ever get all the best of any electronic unit on automatic. i just have never seen it happen. george at marine repair always told me to use the manual settings to get the most out of the units, and my buddy don iovino who does clinics for lowrance also says to use everything in manual mode to get the best out of your unit. i bet bill babbler does not run his electronics on automatic. could be wrong, but you might want to try the manual settings and see if you don't get a better picture. bo
  5. we put in close to where we plan to fish. i might idle around right from the ramp to get some ideas of fish activity depth. when specifically looking for shad, i drive around on a slow plane and watch the graph. when i begin to see some, i then idle around to see how they are set up and if i also see any fish hanging around in the area. most often, the bass you will catch are not actively feeding in the shad, but are just laying around resting near the kitchen (the shad). you found the mother load, shad with bass actively feeding. you have to remember that bass are not always eating. they actually eat in small windows and then go rest. but, they will be near the food source. those inactive bass are the ones that we are most often slinging at. make them bite. fish the right depth at the right speed and trigger reflex bites. even dead stop is a speed. this is why to try different retrieve speeds, different weights of sinkers, different weights of jigs, size of your lure, swimmy tail or straight tail, ect. these all factor into the perception of speed to a bass. jerk baits working them at a kvd pace is a prime example of making the fish bite. total reaction because of correct depth and speed. bo
  6. you kind of need to use your electronics tell you how deep. if just going to guess, might be a good starting depth. another factor would be the area of the lake. bo
  7. leonard and i ventured back downstream last night. seemed like we were dealing with post frontal conditions. shad were pretty scattered and it was a one here and a couple there kind of bite. the one thing that was a constant was everything we caught was further back in, and that is where we also saw the most bait. we ended up with 10 keeps and a really nice walleye (4 lb. range) feel to a 3/4 GrassJig. of the 10 keeps, 7 were lmg's and 3 brownies. we did have 4 in the 3 lb. zone. nothing that would weigh 4. caught them about equally on a 3/4 GrassJig with rattles, a 1 oz. Elite Mega blade, and a 1 oz. Elite Black Widow. seemed as though the bite scooted out a tad with several pushing 25 ft. i just believe the depth was more to do with the frontal conditions. all the bait was from surface to 10 ft. i sent one of my emerald beach buddies looking more on the flats up our way. and he did pretty good. 6 keeps and lots of shorts. he caught them on a 1/2 GrassJig. he had been fishing bluffs and not doing too much. i suggested that it seemed the bait was related more to flats. so, when bluffs are not getting it done, you might need to change lanes. you just have to begin each trip with an open mind and go do some looking before putting the trolling motor down. you just might be surprised at how that can improve your catching. bo
  8. to tell the truth, we are BOTH glad we are still fishing!😄 bo
  9. will keep you in our prayers. back issues are not fun to deal with. bo
  10. leonard preddy. we live pretty close to each other. bo
  11. on bull shoals, you really pay attention to rock type and transitions. becoming more prevalent on table rock each year. bo
  12. well, you know as well as i do that the run of the mill bank beaters will struggle, and catch mostly dinks. it really takes a good skill set to break down the shallow bass and figure out where the quality bites are. rick holmden and bill watson were very good at it, and my buddy mike sowders is as good as it gets in figuring out a shallow bite. bo
  13. awesome! hope that your learned a lesson. and, that lesson is we often pass up bass because we do not fish through enough and pull the trolling motor up and race off to another spot. having to just fish what is in front of you can really be a learning experience. many of us learned that because we started out fishing a pond or wading the creek. great job! bo
  14. awesome that they took care of your home! bo
  15. did not have anything to do last night, so leonard and i decided to go sift in between all the tourney boats and see if we could find another bite on the lower end. we did put in around 7:30 to give us a bit of time to look around to see if we found more than one area that was loaded with shad. we only found one that was really loaded and guess what. that is where we caught all of our bass. 14 keepers. we fished until 1 am and called it quits because i had a few things to do today. these shad were 1/2 way back in a bigger cove. like i said, you just drive around looking until you find something. of the 14 keeps, 1 k, and 4 lmg, and the rest brownies. nothing that would weigh 4, but 5 that were in the 3 range. depth was from 10 out to 20. best bait was the 1 oz. Elite Black Widow. had one a 3/4 GrassJig, and one one the "big wobbler". we did fish three other areas that we saw some scattered shad, but no bites. the shad were thick enough in the place we caught them, you could smell them. there were quite a few boats went up long creek, and several of them came back fairly early. there were some that just came back through in time to get back to weigh-in. bo
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