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  1. Jig Fishing

    the type of area will depend on what time of the year. right now, a bluff would work well. right now hair jigs work better, and when the water temps get up to 58 then rubber or silicone skirts seems to be a better choice. what weight jig to use all depends on what the bass tell you. experiment with different weights until you get strikes. retrieve types will also vary. right now, it is more of a lift and coast. as the water warms and spawn is over, letting the jig drop often works better than letting the jig coast or swing back to the bottom. time on the water and trial and error will teach you a lot. bo
  2. Upper End. March Primer 3-8-18 Report

    yep, because the dirty water bite is going away quickly as the water is clearing. bo
  3. Campbell point Friday night tournaments?

    if they are still having them, they will begin the first friday night of april. take off is at 7 pm. bo
  4. despite fishing in the hurricanes, fishing and catching is pretty darn good. yesterday, we not only caught lots of bass, but had 18 keepers. several that would bump 3, but nothing bigger. today, fished a few hours and ended up with 5 keepers, but it just became nearly impossible to even chunk and wind and gave it up. crank baits still are doing most of the catching. you do have to do a lot of searching because you simply find them where you find them, but they are really bunched when you do find them. you can fish a lot of places they should be and not get one bite. champ would be proud that i do chunk and wind once in a while. and even fish in the day time. champ, you and donna better get out while we have these optimum conditions for a great shallow bite. bo
  5. dink fest in the mud

    the zoner just comes in one size. bo
  6. dink fest in the mud

    yes, don worked for storm back in the day, and was very involved with making the wart. the zoner, has a more subtle wiggle than the wart, and also comes through cover better. one hint is that i am wrapping some lead wire onto the front hook shank, and i am using 20# braid. this gets it down a bit deeper, and with the braid, it is much easier to feel the wobble change when many of the bass are getting the bait. bo
  7. dink fest in the mud

    actually, it amounted to having a slightly softer wobble than the wart. a model a bomber might have worked just as well, but it very hard to get one one them that will run correctly anymore. i bet that i have thrown 20 of them in the trash. just refuse to buy them any longer. definitely on different days the bass will prefer one type of wobble over another. then there is the equation of line size and how it affects the running depth. much more to it than chunking and winding. i bet that champ does a whole lot of things with the spinner baits until he dials in on the right type of retrieve and depth. bo
  8. dink fest in the mud

    go to the mud, and tie on a crank bait. they are biting. we caught at least 60 bass today and had 5 keepers. i just put a trouncing on a good wiggle wart basser with the iovino zoner. he finally gave in and put one of my zoners on and immediately went to catching them at the same rate i had been doing all day. this is not the first time that the zoner has owned a good wart fisherman. i really do not know if i even have a wart in the boat anymore. every day in the mud should just get better. a lot of the bass were biting way off the bank as the crank bait was coming up. bo
  9. Table Rock Lake Guides

    hey champ sorry that i did not mention you. did not know you had started guiding again. i will try to remember that next time someone is hunting for a guide. bo
  10. Table Rock Lake Guides

    i would check with bill babler. i am sure if he is already booked, he could get you hooked up with someone else. 417-332-7016 bo
  11. February 14, Eagle Rock - Big M area

    you sure could not beat an offer like that. bo
  12. Be My Valentine Day

    follow a channel edge coming off a bluff out into the lake, and you will begin to get the picture. these channel edges can also occur on the inside of the channel bend. the trick is to match up the edge depth with the depth the bass are holding. bo
  13. Be My Valentine Day

    you just found pretty much the same thing we have been doing, but they are not always willing to bite everyday. but, it is a good bite while they are. good to know they will bite a swimmer pretty well. your dam buddies just put emphasis on what i say all the time about fishing the right areas of that lake at different times. right now the lake is fishing very tiny as far as finding a bite of any kind. it is the same way when early fall fishing starts. there are very few areas that will have active bass and that makes the lake fish very tiny. there are few areas of the lake that have massive shad die offs going on, and even if there are any active bass in these areas, gook luck in competing with a super easy food source. most of the shad that i am seeing dying are the tiny ones that we were dealing with all fall and early winter. bo
  14. Thank you, updates, some jig stuff

    our prayers are always heard. will keep you in our prayers for a continued good outcome. bo
  15. February 14, Eagle Rock - Big M area

    that is doing very good for the conditions right now. bo

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