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  1. WTF?

    hybrids and whites both have different codes of lengths and limits. kind of one of those things where you are supposed to know the difference just like the difference in a kentucky or a largemouth. bo
  2. Roaring River- Table Rock Lake

    well, there may be some surprised and happy campers when they get to catching a few brownies in the area. we are into our 4th year of bring them from the lower end and letting the off at eagle rock on the way home. this has been a stellar year because the bass never went deep all summer, and that has allowed us to bring the back all summer. this year we have let loose around 300 of those brown critters and i have heard from several about catching a keeper brownie or two at eagle rock. i have even caught a couple of 13"ers', which would have been spawned from some of the first ones we brought up this way, and i caught a couple of keepers right across from the ramp. that means some of them have taken up residence really close. there is still a lot if night time fall brownie catching to be had on the lower end. linda and i brought back another 9 on them last night and 5 of therm were of the 17' variety. we are still catching them on steep stuff down there. does not seem to be anything going on flatter terrain. bo
  3. WTF?

    when they get off, they can be as big as you want to make them. i actually know a guy that can measure the weight of a bass by the bite. bo
  4. WTF?

    i think 80 is a great score. the way my body is i could not even shoot double bogey. so, i don't even think of taking golf back up at all. better fishing is almost here. i think in the next week or so, you will begin to find some up on the flats. as i have stated before, it really helps to cherry pick the right days to go, especially when you are wanting to catch them doing certain things. but, i really think both deep and shallow fishing is really close to being here. bo
  5. WTF?

    you are right about the abundance of shad, but that is the best reason that i know of to do some stocking and really get our bass population back to where it was before the fish kill. bo
  6. KC oct 14-16

    night fishing is not suffering. we caught 10 keepers from dark to midnight monday night in the dam area. i did fish the toyota tourney with a guy from nc, and we had 0 keeps for the day. however, before the tournament on friday and sat., we did find some really good lng's grouped up in the 25 to 35 ft. zone, but the front and storm just blew them apart and scattered them for sunday. so, we got even with them monday night. better daytime fishing is not far off though. the ones that are gathered up right now, and catchable, are not just everywhere and really takes a lot of time and traveling to find a group of them. bo
  7. Why can't I find the big ones?

    tournament is on sunday. bo
  8. Tournaments galore

    the name zona comes to mind when speaking of hauling bass around for no reason. bo
  9. Why can't I find the big ones?

    gee, you must not read that all the experts say that you need to use an invisible line. no telling what you might be able to catch if you started using an invisible line. bo
  10. Why can't I find the big ones?

    as you gain experience, you will find out that table rock can fish really small this time of the year, and the weather is making it even worse. bo
  11. Table rock help

    the homer sloan tournament was same weight to win, 15 ls., and 11 lb. was 5th. big bass was a bit over 5. bo
  12. Table rock help

    it would be my guess you might be fishing the toyota owners tournament. good luck and hope you find how to catch them. table rock is fishing is on the difficult side during the day right now. if you are just down here to catch some fish, i would consider going at night. smallmouth fishing at night has been very good. bo
  13. Tournaments galore

    exactly why i quit quite some time ago. bo
  14. Tournaments galore

    you missed the toyota owners tourney on oct. 15. see why i night fish? bo
  15. Launching in Eagle Rock area question

    why do you need to "see".. night time is the right time. bo

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