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  1. learn the rules of braid and you will get along with it fine. don't learns those rules and you will cuss it. breaking on a cast means two things. one is reel adjustment. two is what you use for backing before you put your braid on the spool. the smoother the backing surface is the better casting performance, and the less digging. i set the hook as hard or harder than most folks on the planet, and i have very little issues with digging anymore. as you say ford/chevy, but most folks issues are self inflicted a lot of times. bo
  2. i use the hi-vis yellow in the creek also. i even tried it out at the trout park just to see if it prevented me from catching trout. it did not. so, i am with you. just don't see that it is diminishing the bites. and, i started out fishing with the old dacron braid way back before mono became the "line to use". bo
  3. actually, i am using some braid that i bought off ali-express. it is called spectra extreme braid. and 1000M spool is 15.50. i get their hi-vis yellow because is will illuminate in a black light. the spider wire stealth braid also works well, but of course is a lot higher in price when 1500 yds. costs $120.00. bo
  4. jeff, i thought about calling you since we have been catching a lot of bass on the doodle. why am i the only one that does not seem to have a big issue with fraying with braid??? i am fishing through the same rock and brush. yes, you do have to retie once in a while, but you also have to do so with floro or mono. i watch the "pros" catch a fish on floro and very often they have a knick or fray and are retying. just trying to figure out why everyone says they have a fraying issue. bo
  5. so, are you saying that fish have the ability to reason? reason that line is a danger? the hook is what does the damage right? and, the hook or hooks are as, if not more, visible than fishing line. then why would a fish not reason to never bite anything with a hook or hook? bo
  6. well mitch, i have had many sit in the boat using that combo to prove to me that they would outcatch me. hasn't happened. back when all we had was mono, many tried to prove to me that green line would catch more fish in the daytime than me using my clear blue stren. it did not happen. when fishing with taylor the other day, he blackened about 3 ft. of his line (which i had put hi-vis yellow on his reel). he really did not really begin to catch them until the yellow began to show through. i told him "see, when they can see your line, they can follow it right to the lure"! line types and diameters affect your sink rate, or depth a billed bait will go, and the action of a lure. braid does have some float factor, but it is also thinner per pound test. some adjustments must be made one way or the other to get desired sink rate, or running depth. next question for me would be, if fluoro is so good, why use braid at all?? just asking. bo
  7. i have not posted anything for a while. it has not been because i have not been or have not been catching any bass. catching lots of bass, but not a great amount of keepers. today, we caught 49 bass and had 6 keepers. one of those was a 3 lb. lmg. i am using some 10 lb. test braid that is smaller than a 2 lb. test diameter, and am using a NuTech 1/8 crappie jig for a head. we are catching these bass 25 to 35 ft. deep. the bites are next to nothing. this is where the super thin braid comes into play because of the depth and nothing bites. i took taylor sanders with me last week, and i was catching all day and he was not. why? because he was using 6lb. test floro and was not feeling the nothing bites. he finally took my rod right before we quit and promptly caught 6 bass. he could not believe the difference in feel. so, he went with me today and showed up with a reel that needed line, and put on some of the 10 lb. braid for him. he caught fish all day this time. wonder where all the better bass are up this way when you are catching the youngsters as deep as we are. have spent a lot of time fishing a jerk and crank, but no love on either. guess catching something is better than catching nothing. bo
  8. well, a 3/4 GrassJig with a 4" swimmer falls about 3' per second. i hate waiting😀. bo
  9. well, what about a consulting fee?? just saying that sometimes instruction has to be paid for. bo
  10. i guess that at this point in life, i'm not that mad at the fish, and will depend on my brain a bit. and fighting the wind will give me something to cuss about all the time while fishing. God knows us, and He does have a sense of humor with many of us. so, He torments me with fighting the wind out in the middle of the ocean to see if i really love fishing enough to keep putting up with all the wind. and, on the flip side, where is the wind when you want to go crankbaiting??? on a more serious note about trolling motors is noise. shallow bass are easily spooked by a noisy trolling motor. one of the reasons that i went from a motor guide to minn kota several decades ago. so, i would have to go with someone that has the spot locks to see how much noise there is while steering. i am assuming the actual motors would still have their each individual amount of noise. fishing shallow, i want full control of the motor, and i rarely ever take my foot off the switch. a trolling motor kicking on and off is a no-no. very shallow big bass at night are very spookiy critters. i often even shut off the electronics when the bass seem to be super shallow. so, noisy steering systems just might rule out spot locks for me, even though they are nice out in the middle of the lake. bo
  11. does yours not have the assisting shock. i have used those that do have and they lift either way easy as pie to me. bo
  12. awesome! those few of us that have grown up in this rural area, and have had the privilege to fish as much as i have done in my life are some of the luckiest people on the planet. we have truly been blessed. bo
  13. just my opinion because i have watched other dudley vidoes, and dudley seems to me to have some very unsubstantiated view points on numerous things. i know lthere will be those that point out he makes a living fishing, but to me, he is dumber than a box of rocks. an apology ahead of time for those that i have offended. bo
  14. many times the catching is not quite where we would like it, but you did get out and there are many beautiful things to view. many areas of the lake are not producing, but the bass know the days are getting longer and are making moves. i always have looked at it that catching something is a lot better than catching nothing and be happy to be out. bo
  15. so, basically they over fight them, and because of that they are done for? bo
  16. i use a NuTech Crappie Jig for my doodles and they are all hooked in the top of the head. but, i use braid and know when they breath on it and set the hook instantly. they have not been swimming around with the bait for an hour. bo
  17. it is the emerald beach right across the lake from turkey mountain. bo
  18. merc1997


    God has his way of getting things done. maybe this will bring someone to Christ. it is at least planting a seed. bo
  19. merc1997


    we were never promised an easy life. we are hear to learn, gain knowledge and wisdom, and to try as best we can to like Christ. learn to have that pure charity of heart. each trial we go through is for us to learn from. it is either to help us individually or to enable us to help someone else going through that same trial. the only way back home is through Christ. all of our choices will have a consequence of some kind. always choose the right, and it will help any of us to stay on that straight and narrow path. as far as supernatural happening in your life, maybe you have had but never recognized it. just a unintentioned meeting with someone can be your supernatural meeting, or something that someone says. being in tune with the Spirit helps in knowing when those moments have happened. i would guess that most never really recognize when a special blessing is given to them. they come at any time from anyone. one can pray about something and sometimes you get the answer in your head, but most often, it comes in many other ways. when one exercises faith, it will then begin to strengthen one's testimony. reading your scriptures is a great place to start. bo
  20. merc1997


    nothing like a throwing out a topic to keep everyone occupied and entertained. bo
  21. here are a few pics of some our 24 keepers today. we had a lot of lmg's today. many more that 5's. 56 to 62 ft. dead on the bottom. 3/4 Zinc Spoon. most of them were caught casting rather than vertical. bo
  22. i get the biggest kick watching linda catch fish. just like watching a child. she really gets excited, and she has listened to me in the learning process. still not the best caster, but where we fish most of the time, precise casting is not required. bo
  23. merc1997


    bill, i believe it has to do with the amount of current running through the lake right now. i have seen it happen just like this over the years, and the common denominator is current and dropping lake levels. the bass must be stuck to the bottom in areas because i do not see lots of suspended bass out in the lake anyplace. water temps are still warm enough that the deep bite should still be going. found lots of shad in one area of long creek. the main channel was still 80 ft. deep and the shad were 60, but were all busted up. did not mess with them at all because they were right in the teeth of the wind, and i'm kind of tired of fighting the wind. i caught 9 bass today. 8 were keeps, the short was a 14 1/2 brownie. everyone came off the bottom 62 to 65 ft. deep. 5 of the keeps were thumper lmgs and the rest big k's. bo
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