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    merc1997 got a reaction from Jaguar 97 for a article, deep bite is gaining steam   
    got to get out for a git wednesday and thursday.  wednesday was more of a searching expedition because it was so cold, and we also left fairly early as it was snowing like crazy and the fog set in .  did not get too far towards home, and ran out of the snow and we could have just stayed and weathered the storm so to speak.  we did find a few and caught 4 keeps and several shorts.  most bites were in the 50 ft. range.  3/4 ZincSpoon and a 3/4 GrassJig head with a 4" swimmer were the fishing tools to get the job done.  thursday was better day temp wise and nice and sunny. and it gathered the fish and bait up better.  ended up with 12 keeps.  had one that would beat 3, 3 were just keepers and the rest were nice chunks.  depth wise ran from on the bottom 60 ft. deep. to suspended around 35 ft.  caught all of them on the same two baits.  the swimmer did account for the bigger ones.  when dealing with lots of trees,  the Grassjig and swimmer is a great fishing tool because you can fish through the tree without hanging up.  casting and retrieving a spoon through trees, you are going to hang up some and have to go shake the spoon loose or knock it loose with the retriever.  so, when you can get them to hit it, the GrassJig is the way to go.  i did catch on bass on a skirted 3/4 GrassJig and chunk trailer - short k.  forgot to add that most of the keeps were all lmg's.  good to see more of them showing up.
    with steady weather and sunny days, things should be looking up in the catching department.
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    merc1997 got a reaction from Jaguar 97 for a article, part of linda's day on the water   
    i will let the pics tell the story.  linda had 16 or 17 keepers and i do not know how many we caught total, but a bunch.  the bigger ones that i caught were 42 ft. over 60 and in timber.  we caught a lot at 35 ft. over same depth.  same two lures - 3/4 GrassJig head with swimmer, and a 3/4 ZincSpoon in powder chrome.  sorry no background in the pics.  all you need to see are the pics😄.

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    merc1997 got a reaction from Daryk Campbell Sr for a article, 8-17-18 short trip   
    linda and i got in a short trip friday evening.  got out on the water a while before dark.  had to do some searching around before we found some to sling at.  they bit pretty good but got somewhat scarce not too long after dark.  seemed to have frontitis.  
    most of our bites were in the 30 ft. range.  1 oz. Black Widow, 1 oz. Mega Elite Blade and a 3/4 oz. Grass Jig did all the catching.  quit a bit before the witching hour and ended up with 10 keeper, but 7 of them were really nice ones.  never did get any shallower bites at all.

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    merc1997 got a reaction from Daryk Campbell Sr for a article, still a few nice one biting   
    took linda fishing for a bit last night.  a bit slower bite, but if you have patience to fish for a quality bite there are a few out there.  pretty much the same.  the bite for the better ones seems to be out in 10 to 15 feet.  still throwing a 3/8 GrassJig with brown and blue skirt and a dark trailer.  
    take in mind that the particular area of the lake you are fishing can be completely different.  we have fish that have spawned.  some that are on the nest now or just getting done, and a few that are still hanging out.  you really have to hunt and peck around until you get a feel for what is going on in your area.  there should be some areas of the lake that the bass spawned long enough ago to really be back on the feed, especially with the moon getting bigger.

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