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  1. Richard Sherman is a weapon. Chiefs need to avoid turnovers and estupid penalties. If they can do that and play the rest of their game the way they have been the last few weeks, I think they win. Don't think the Niners can keep up with the Chiefs in a clean game. Thank goodness we won't have the refs protecting precious Tom Brady this time around.
  2. Seven does just went behind the travel trailer. This is my kind of snow. Pretty, good tracking snow, no shoveling sidewalk and no slick roads. What's out your back door?
  3. It's been a long time coming. Been a Chiefs fan ever since there have been Chiefs. The first few years were GREAT. There were a lot more though that stunk it up. Hopefully it's their time again.
  4. Honesty compels me to recognize how the deck is stacked.
  5. I've been vilified for saying the same thing.
  6. They won't do anything about carpal tunnel without scamming me first. Plus I hear that test will set you free.😝
  7. If you search a bit it seems there was someone on here looking for a 16' trout boat. Edit: It's about for or five threads down. Singlespey.
  8. Nothing quite like a drama queen departure. When I leave, you'll know it's not me posting anymore.
  9. How can you have a fish fry on your float trip campout if you don't clean fish on the bank?
  10. Skunks can be deadly for terriers working in the earth. And at the very least, they pretty well ruin a day in the field. The only good skunk is a dead skunk.
  11. I motorboated over Highway 71 in the Horton bottoms in 1993. Trees were full of ants, spiders and every other kind of crawly thing that could get up there. Barns with parts still above water were the same way. Most water this hillbilly has ever seen.
  12. Had a similar experience at Fall Creek one night long ago when they still had camping there. Buddy and I were the only ones there - must have been early in the year. We cooked over a campfire and were sitting drinking beer and saw a skunk wander through camp. Turned on a flashlight to look around and there had to be twenty of them foraging. Little freaky but we kept more or less quiet and never had one go off.
  13. Well, I don't understand it but if you got one of those laser thermometers that says they work, I guess they do. Those thermometers are normally very accurate.
  14. Terrierman

    What's Cooking?

    That looks really good!
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