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  1. Morels??

    Maybe after the next rain. Next week looks a lot better weather for everything.
  2. Check this out

    zen master. We really are all connected, like it or not.
  3. What's Cooking?

    One has to make do sometimes. I have that same exact lid. Revere ware. Classic stuff. Good sauce pans but like you, prefer non-stick skillets. Cast iron for certain things, but usually non-stick for me. Chef's brand is a favorite but I don't think still available. What are the green things? Pickle?
  4. What's Cooking?

    giblets = liver, gizzard, heart turkey fries = testicles
  5. Professional whiner in my opinion. I've tried to like his stuff and just can't seem to do it.
  6. What's Cooking?

    Giblets are what they will be labeled in a proper butcher shop.
  7. Release boats?

    Adios amigo.
  8. boat without a title

    That or find a HIPO who fishes and will help a brother out. It worked out OK for me one time like that. Or pay an attorney. There is always a way. Sometimes but not always it means $$$.
  9. boat without a title

    Ask your attorney.
  10. Release boats?

    That's a sword that cuts both ways.
  11. Release boats?

    Pretty bad.
  12. Secluded Multi-Day Float Suggestions

    Not the same kind of scenery, but predictably good water and fishing. NFS campsites accessible only by river are very handy indeed.
  13. I just really enjoyed this. Hope a few of you do too.
  14. Not good for spring fishing

    26 forecast for Monday morning. How do you like me now?
  15. What's Cooking?

    I do not eat tilapia.

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