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  1. I'm probably jinxing myself with this - but in all my years towing trailers of all kinds I've never had a bearing failure. Keep them greased with full bearing buddies on boat trailers and repack others every 20,000 miles or so. But I've had enough problems with trailer lights to make up for no bearing problems. Dedicated ground wires help a lot but still have the occasional issue, even with LED lights.
  2. Somebody a lot smarter than me once told me "you never know until you go". He was right.
  3. I bought 6'6" light fast one piece TFO rods for two of my grandsons. They're good rods. They sure outfish me with them anyway. No comments from the peanut gallery on the low bar outfishing me sets either.
  4. And crooked. But it was free!
  5. Way to go Pete. Someday maybe you will give me a lesson on how you just kill Taneycomo over and over.
  6. When it comes to freshwater fish for human consumption the rule is very simple: If it's not white it's not right. Even a little of the red meat ruins it all.
  7. Just got an e-mail from Midway. IMI 9mm JHP is in stock at the bargain price of $1.00 per round. IMI 5.56 is $.83 per round and in stock too. Better hurry boys.
  8. You sound jealous you didn't think of it first. And I sure didn't start it with all the complaining about how rough divorce was. Just joining in a good whine fest.
  9. First ex wife was her call and comparedly a breeze. Second one I was married to for 23 years. The first two or three of them weren't that bad. Third wife should have been first wife or even second and then we both would have saved a lot of money and heartaches. But she wouldn't have me then. I'm her third too. We both joke that this one has to stick otherwise three strikes and you're out.
  10. Cry me a river. I bought my second ex-wife a PHD in psychology and gold plated health insurance for several years. All for a woman who already had a masters degree, was a licensed professional counselor, held a lifetime teaching certificate and owned two Curves stores. I didn't have enough money left over to even be broke. Won't even begin to talk about the cash and real estate she got too. But it was a lot.
  11. Jerry Reed "She Got the Goldmine, I got The Shaft" - YouTube
  12. I lost all of my guns and ammunition in a tragic boating accident.
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