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  1. That's a very minor flaw. I've always admired you from afar and now it's nice to know why.
  2. Or if I owe you, we could put it this way: "I'd rather owe you than screw you out of it".
  3. It's really hard for me to respect anyone who just cannot admit it when they are wrong. And it's at least that hard for me to respect a welcher. If for nothing else, this thread has been solid gold when it comes to revealing who I need to ignore.
  4. Let's just start with the one in this thread about how wind generators never pay for themselves. Chief, I will bet you a dozen pickled eggs there is not one untrue statement acknowledged.
  5. Anybody want to talk about the Clean Water Act and what a waste it's been?
  6. Student loans are so boring though.
  7. There is this one little thing getting in the way of doing things this way.
  8. As soon as I can drive again I'll be more like Dutch.
  9. True. This is a pretty good recent look at the energy markets. Wind is for sure subsidized but according to the article, still lower cost than other sources taking out the effects of subsidies. https://blogs.ei.columbia.edu/2018/03/16/how-much-do-renewables-actually-depend-on-tax-breaks/
  10. I for one have always been a believer that markets eventually find the truth.
  11. Happy belated Birthday. That's a very nice TM!
  12. Bob says the same thing about white bass and I take your stand. Only maybe a little further. I swear they ruin the grease.
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