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  1. I love it when my wife comes home drunk as a skunk. Good times.
  2. That's a day for sure. Thanks for posting,
  3. It just won't be the same without you.šŸ˜„ But I'm still going anyway.šŸ™‚
  4. So is life insurance with that point of view.
  5. Good thing you're a tough old goat. A lesser man might complain. Wishing you and your son healing and peace of mind.
  6. We're going to dress up and go to The Chateau Thanksgiving Champagne Brunch.
  7. I'd like a case of Stag, but not enough to drive to St. Louis and fish for trout in a pond to maybe get it.
  8. Terrierman

    What's Cooking?

    Chili from last night,on poltenta browned in a bit of butter and some pickled jalapeno slices. Couple of drams of the Famous Grouse. Life is good.
  9. Did that last weekend. It is early a bit.
  10. Lewis and Clark were out just galavanting around I guess. Come on man, you're a lot smarter than that.
  11. Their "people" as you dismissively refer to the men who weren't Lewis or Clark were critical to their journey. Does not change one iota the magnificence of what was accomplished by the Corps of Discovery. or the leadership of Lewis and Clark. And one further comment. How do you know what you say to be true?
  12. I was collecting a water sample in Sam Baker State Park one day. Had my hand in the water about 18" from a water moccasin sitting on a rock. I don't think I've ever seen a fatter snake. Maybe 24" long and bigger around than my wrist. And when that mouth came open and all that white showed -- I still remember seeing fangs. I gave it the creek back in no time. They're rare and really unmistakable.
  13. What a great place. See you at jigfest!
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