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  1. Terrierman

    Chiefs - AFC championship game

    You have a short memory.
  2. Terrierman

    Local jewelry

    That's a red letter day for sure. Congratulations.
  3. Terrierman

    Chiefs - AFC championship game

    I've been a Chiefs fan ever since there have been Chiefs. I'm used to this kind of thing.
  4. Terrierman

    White bass run

    They are fun to catch. But I won't put a knife on one anymore.
  5. Terrierman

    OAF's Top Trout Tips Article

    It's a good thing you gave us all credit or it would have been on with a capital N. Cool article and honest to pete good advice.
  6. Terrierman

    What the heck did it?

    Oh there's a reason all right. And I can tell you what it is if you ask real nice.
  7. Terrierman

    What's Cooking?

    A toasted English muffin with honey, extra crunchy peanut butter and a glass of cold milk for a bedtime snack,
  8. Terrierman

    Just funny stuff

    Oneshoy? I'm calling BS, you've had way more than one shot.
  9. Terrierman

    Favorite duck mount positions

    Where you're going to mount them is important. So is the bird. Goldeneyes and Scaup are more likely to buzz the decoys than cup up and sit down. I'd honor that in the mounts. Woodie hen I would match up with the drake you already have and have them as a pair. Forgive me, but I would not ever spend the $$$ to mount a snow goose.
  10. Terrierman

    Are you prepared ?

    Not just any fish. Sharks. Or maybe piranhas.
  11. Terrierman

    Chiefs - AFC championship game

    I hope all your children are born naked.
  12. Terrierman

    Are you prepared ?

    Great thread. I plead guilty to most of the same things. And maybe a few others. BB gun fights, dirt clod fights, holding lit black cats as long as possible with a few held a little too long. Worst thing ever was holding neighbor kid up in the air on a bag swing until he jumped off and proceeded to break both his arms.
  13. Terrierman

    Chiefs - AFC championship game

    One day, for no particular reason at all, the Chiefs had a defense. Channeling my inner Forrest Gump I guess. Hope it lasts for two more games. If it does, they are unbeatable.
  14. Terrierman

    What's Cooking?

    My grandmother made scrapple with a hog's head, not offal. Boiled it in some mysterious delicious spice blend, picked off the meat, made corn meal mush with the liquor from cooking the head, mixed in the meat about 50-50 and put it up in loafs to be sliced and fried. Delicious.

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