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  1. Nobody wants it. If she had it, next could be parents, siblings and even grandparents. And you never know how it goes from there. Good news my friend!
  2. Thanks. I hope I like it. My current setup works very well. But. Better is always better. Sure worth a whirl for $750. It does look to be a good motor - very clean except where it shouldn't be.
  3. Got it all home and safely unloaded and on the stand. Thanks for everything. 😎 Let me know what you think of the pickles. BTW, title says it is a 1973 model. Looking forward to getting it mounted and a try out. Transom adapter looks like it will fit with little to no adjustment!
  4. One or maybe two blackberry pies are worth it. I do make a good one. No pics, sadly. BTW, all fruit pies should be lattice crust. Dutch apple full crust be danged.
  5. Why do you want a lid? Don't say to fry chicken. That's a beauty!
  6. Terrierman

    What's Cooking?

    Canning some Amish sweet dill pickles this afternoon. About half the cucumbers from out back, the other half from the market. Canned NOTHING last year. Really looking forward to getting back on that program.
  7. Turn in your hillbilly badge right now!
  8. Terrierman

    What's Cooking?

    There are tons of recipes online. I've got a friend who thinks it's a good thing. Makes his own.
  9. When I lived up there I fished the big rivers a lot. There is (or was) a barge grain loading/unloading operation down the river a bit from downtown. Talk about a catfish hotspot. Would not surprise me in the least if that's where the monster came from. But who knows? They're not called big rivers for nothing.
  10. Dog licking on minor wounds does seem to help. They seem to know it too. Best thing ever to finally get poison ivy heal up and leave you alone. Wait. We're starting to sound like two old hillbillies.
  11. That's a very good price for a good fishing boat. Rocker looks about like my older Shawnee Commissary Boat. No chines on the Shawnee. Mine's the same color. It does not get hot in the sun. Like it a lot.
  12. They must have. Picked 4 yesterday and there are little ones everywhere. Anybody else got a problem they think might be solved via an online threat from me? Won't charge anything, or guarantee any specific result.
  13. Terrierman


    Right after the N word falls out of parlance.
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