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  1. Terrierman

    What's Cooking?

    Been a while. Hope I haven't lost my touch.
  2. Somebody please tell me the pivot to focus on drug trade and some mysterious threat in Iraq being now the Presidential Priority is what we need right now. GMAFB.
  3. What did you say anyway? I liked it even in the dark.
  4. I don't think we are all going to get it. Large numbers of the country, yes. Hermits like me and you, hopefully not. You would be hard pressed to convince me that with the measures we are taking and will continue to take, lovey or I are likely to become infected. I knew (hoped) one bright shining day that degree in Environmental Health would pay off. Lifelong habit of washing hands before touching anything - body part or otherwise has finally come home. New to many, same thing for me.
  5. You would never have survived USMC boot camp.
  6. One thing we have going for us over a lot of other places is how easy it really is for us to watch it. We're not stacked on each other in piles and piles. If we all work together this can be handled where we live.
  7. I just had a terrible chill. Big strikes at Amazon and Whole Foods over worker safety. Our stores here are almost back to normal with a few exceptions, i.e. paper goods, wipes and hand soap. I'm now wondering how long that will last. Chill part II. MCRD Parris Island is suspending new recruits - and appears to also be in real trouble.
  8. Hard to imagine having to deal with that. Sorry.
  9. First post. Sometimes I wonder. Other times I know. This time I know.
  10. They're off work. Why not get outdoors?
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