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  1. I'll get my own place regardless.
  2. In order to keep trips between Ozark and Mountain Home to the minimum, I'll probably rent a cabin at Rim Shoals. Will still want to visit with everyone in the safest way possible.
  3. All I would need would be a place to plug into 115 V for lights and such.
  4. If it's at you know who's place, I'll bring a travel trailer that sleeps 8 comfortably but only for me on this deal. Won't be sharing sleeping space AT ALL! With anyone!
  5. Me too. I need about two days notice and then I'm good.
  6. Will you be able to come this year?
  7. True or False. I'm in for the duration as just me. Wherever and for how much.
  8. Want me to saw your legs off for you?😎
  9. Best of both worlds. No rust, fenders and bed walls protected, tough tough tough and no skid on the floor.
  10. Tan rino liner on the plywood floor of a boat works good. Cleans up easy, does not hold sand, not hot, less slippery than the plywood without the liner.
  11. Smooth bottom cooler yes. Magellan with hard rubber pads at the corners, no. Folding chairs, no. Plastic tubbies, yes. Variable.
  12. I've got some kind of dealer applied spray in bedliner in my truck. It's got enough texture that things don't slide around too bad. No problem with cleanup here, dawn, a pushbroom and the water hose work great, Won't ever be without a spray in liner.. If I was having problems with stuff sliding around, I'd still want the spray in and then put a rubber mat down. I use my truck and hate seeing scratched paint, rust and dirt in corners in a bed. With the liner, I get none of that.
  13. It was a great idea. I'm certain it was pulled off with the highest level of expertise too. Makes me want to do more shore lunch things in the very worst way.
  14. Now back to watching Nova. Great show on slime mold.
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