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  1. Terrierman

    I love this planet.

    September afternoon, sunny. A very impressive midge hatch going on right now in the yard that has the dragonflies out in full force. A real sight for all of us.
  2. Terrierman

    What's Cooking?

    Us smarter ones almost always do what we are told. That almost part gets me in the doghouse now and again.
  3. Terrierman

    Never knew it was here!?!?

    It's a mostly shallow turbid reservoir with not a lot of structure. I killed a lot of ducks there and caught some decent catfish in the spring.
  4. Terrierman

    What's Cooking?

    Making stuffed bell peppers to go on the egg later.
  5. Terrierman

    What's Cooking?

    Granny Smith is my go to cooking apple. Always crisp and tart. Great apple flavor.
  6. Terrierman

    What's Cooking?

    Which apples (please say Granny Smith!)and what kind of sausage? Looks and sounds good. Sweet and savory is a great way to go.
  7. Terrierman

    What's Cooking?

    I'm marinating a London Broil that's gonna have mashed cauliflower for a side.
  8. Terrierman

    B-Day Video... funny stuff

    Those Vegas street people. Just too much. Happy happy day.
  9. Terrierman

    What's Cooking?

    No redwood?
  10. Terrierman

    Archery opening weekend & saddle hunting.

    Up here on this dry Springfield Plateau, mosquitos are not normally a problem. This year I don't think I've been bitten once at home. That's a great deer hunting early season report. Love hearing about the recurve hunting.
  11. Terrierman

    Does It Matter?

    It matters to me and I strongly prefer 2 lb.
  12. Terrierman

    2018 Dove

    True to a point. Though a hunt without quarry is like NFL preseason football. Not very satisfying and mostly meaningless.
  13. Terrierman

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    You look SHOCKED! Great fish pix though.
  14. Terrierman

    What's Cooking?

    I thought everybody liked little salty pickled tender crunchy things?
  15. Terrierman

    Whatchya Drinking?

    Dry Chivas Rob Roy. 2 oz chivas, 1 oz dry Martini and Rossi, 2 anchovie stuffed olives. Shake the chivas and vermouth on ice, strain into a cold martini glass and add the two olives on a toothpick. They have to be anchovie stuffed for the recipe to work. Any other quality highland scotch will be fine.

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