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  1. That is why I was asking because I was quoted. $130.00 from dyna prop and $90.00 from the prop Dr. And I don't mind paying the extra if they do a better job but if they don't then I would like to save some money lol
  2. I may drop it by Dyna Prop on the way there and pick it up on the way home it seems there is a lot of good things that has been said about them
  3. I am going on vacation in a couple weeks in Branson so I was thinking of dropping it off at The Prop Dr. while I am there has anyone had any experiences with him ? Good or Bad ? He does seem to be the cheapest around but I know that dosent always mean the best . Thanks for all your help
  4. Hello I have messed up my prop and I am wondering if anyone knows a good prop guy they would recommend ? Thanks
  5. The only reason I am considering it is because I found a good deal on a used one. He is selling it because he bought a new boat with two already mounted on it
  6. I was afraid that I wouldn't use them very often that is why I haven't bought them yet but I am always catching myself wishing I had one at times when I am on the water
  7. I think I want a Power pole or a Talon but I was wondering how much guys use them on Table Rock and Grand Lake which is where I do most of my fishing
  8. are they larger pipe ? I didnt know if it would make a difference being as it seems Largemouth seem to like them big logs
  9. Hello I know that pvc trees hold crappie but I was wondering if they would hold Largemouth I have thought of even making them out of 4" pvc thinking that may help a little but not for sure any help would be appreciated Thanks
  10. Hello I have a Lowrance Elite 5 DSI and I am looking into getting a map card for it and I was wondering which one seems to work the best on Table Rock and what the differences are in them as well as your personal opinions Thanks
  11. hello I am looking for a transducer for my X135 Thanks
  12. yeah I dont see it bringing fish in but I agree with you I think it is possible for it to make them hold onto it longer but I have never used it some of the guys I was talking to swear by it and some think its a waste of time and money lol
  13. Me and some guys were talking the other day about scents and I was wondering if you guys use scent for your largemouth and if so what is your favorite scent and brand or in your mind are they useless and do you spray all your baits or just plastics Thanks
  14. Hello I am looking for a blacklight rail bracket or a local place to buy some suction cups I feel I can make one but I am unable to find the suction cups locally and after I pay shipping I may as well buy a whole bracket Thanks guys
  15. hello I was wondering what color line you use when fishing for largemouth clear, flourecent, green etc. obviously at night I use flourecent I was was wondering would it be bad to use it during the day too or is it too visible? someone said Green is a better choice but I dont like respooling everytime I want to fish during the day I was wanting some opinions Thanks Guys
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