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  1. Ok Bill , thank you ! I will take you up on that!
  2. Thanks Bill, that info was very helpful. A couple of questions! I have Humminbirds on my Triton and if I buy the the Ghost I don’t want ( and cannot afford ) to change over to Lowrance! So is there anyway of hooking my Humminbird to the Ghost or is all the hard ware just for Lowrance? And will I be able to use the spot lock on the Ghost with out it being linked to a Lowrance graph? Ok so if you HAD to pick one wright now, which one would it be for you?
  3. The Ghost has spot lock also. I was told that the Ghost has a internal gps in the head. My problem is I run Humminbird electronic β€˜s . The Lowrance rep told me about the internal gps so I don’t have to be hooked into a Lowrance unit for the spot lock to work. But would I still need a puck for that to work?
  4. I was thinking of getting one but not sure if they are out yet. Alot of cool features, I was going to get a Ultra this year but the Ghost may have changed my mind. Any input?
  5. After Labor day it gets better! Weekends are a bit busy but weekdays are much better for fishing and not fighting all the nut jobs.
  6. I would not want to be on the lake this weekend, too many nuts out there for me!
  7. Ok I will chip in 50 cents to get rid of him!
  8. Has anyone fished the VMC Tokyo rig on the Rock? I would think it could be as good as the Biffle bug and with the lake in a full blown post spawn pattern a guy could cover alot of water and keep his bait off the bottom, and maybe a great flipping rig?
  9. I believe the guy that is leading ( Morris ) was up the James!
  10. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
  11. Bait caster I fish 12 or 14 lb. fluocarbon and on spinning 8 lb. t i throw alot of jigs and PB&J , texas craw, green pumpkin jigs are working for at this time!
  12. With the high water thst is coming will it be a plus or a negative ? I would think it would be a plus with a new group of spawners coming in. More spawning in the bush now?
  13. If I had to guess, I would think alot of the big fish came on the A -Rig. Main lake points, bluff walls and ends. Just my 2 cents!
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