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  1. Was out yesterday and it was tough! Fished the Kim City area from Mill Creek to point 6 and no fish but had a couple of bumps on a jig. We fished cranks, jigs, swim bait, spinnerbaits, with no love! We had 57 temps in some creek arms and main lake points where 52 and some 54 in some areas off main lake stuff but no shad. We did find shad off ends of docks in about 45 feet! Water visibility was 3 to 4 feet!
  2. From Kim City to the Dam? I I did check Long Creek and it is closed as for UU . Cow the ramp is half under water. What about the State Park, Moonshine, Mill Creek,Baxter???? Thanks
  3. Well look at it this way! We will have a much better spawn this year!
  4. Phil is one of the class acts on this lake. A great guy that will always help out with information for other anglers. I have fished with him a few times and a great angler and more important a great guy and friend! Congratulations!
  5. Some one told me to keep them in water or a lube oil. Does make sense.
  6. I did see that video- nice video! Thanks
  7. Has anyone bought anything from Fishing SkirtsCom/ Boss Outdoors?I was thinking of making my own skirts and punch rings. Cool colors!
  8. There is a tournament on Sunday, small club tournament.
  9. Was out last Sunday and I had 7 keepers . Two where 5 pounds . My best 5 would have been 18 to 21 pounds. All on a jerkbait! Pro blue jerkbait with wire around the front hook to get a slow fall. I had to count to 10 to 15 before they would eat it. Out 8 hours for 7 fish water temp 47.
  10. Ok Bill , thank you ! I will take you up on that!
  11. Thanks Bill, that info was very helpful. A couple of questions! I have Humminbirds on my Triton and if I buy the the Ghost I don’t want ( and cannot afford ) to change over to Lowrance! So is there anyway of hooking my Humminbird to the Ghost or is all the hard ware just for Lowrance? And will I be able to use the spot lock on the Ghost with out it being linked to a Lowrance graph? Ok so if you HAD to pick one wright now, which one would it be for you?
  12. The Ghost has spot lock also. I was told that the Ghost has a internal gps in the head. My problem is I run Humminbird electronic ‘s . The Lowrance rep told me about the internal gps so I don’t have to be hooked into a Lowrance unit for the spot lock to work. But would I still need a puck for that to work?
  13. I was thinking of getting one but not sure if they are out yet. Alot of cool features, I was going to get a Ultra this year but the Ghost may have changed my mind. Any input?
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