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  1. Beaver and Table Rock opening spillways tomorrow. Floodgates to be opened Wednesday on Bull Shoals and Norfork will increase spillway release also on Wednesday. We are about to see a lot of water downstream and significant flooding if we get significant rain. I may be hauling all my gear to the top of the mountain tomorrow. This just stinks.
  2. Thanks for that link. What worries me is the Corp will have no choice but to open the floodgates as Bull Shoals is rapidly nearing outright capacity.
  3. Luckily we are forecast dry next week. Imagine what would happen downstream if the flood gates were open fully with the river projections attached below. This could happen but hopefully the Corp can hold out for a couple more days. OFF
  4. Weeks ago would have been nice. I’m watching the muddy river flow by at my place south of Calico Rock, up 6 feet overnight and rising. The rise is purely attributable to the rainfall as the Corp is still holding water. Bull Shoals rose two feet overnight and is within 5 feet of the top of the flood pool. Table Rock is still releasing water through to Bull Shoals although they have the capacity to hold a bit as Beaver has reduced releases. This is getting to be a dangerous situation for folks downstream of Bull Shoals and Norfork, much like Spring of 2008.
  5. I was with Ken on Thursday. We fished out of my boat on Friday and used his techniques.....it worked. He is a very knowledgeable guide and very generous with his advice.
  6. Had a good day yesterday. Cool but with brilliant sunshine and not much wind. My buddy Tom and I managed a limit fishing from noon to just after 4 PM. Took us about an hour to find a bite but when we did we soon realized that the fish were holding on a drop-off about 30 feet off a sandy bank in around 8-10 feet of water. The water deepened to around 14 feet toward the channel. We worked jig heads with minnows parallel to the bank, slowly retrieving off the bottom. All the fish came within a 150 yard drift, we just worked it over and over. Lost three nice fish, released two shorts, and 8 keepers 19 to 22.5 inches, and a single nice crappie. Caught several trout also but they weren’t much of a bother.
  7. Cold and miserable conditions yesterday with that strong north wind but we got some nice fish. Fished in the general area RPS indicated in his post above. 6 Walleye from 19 to 23 inches, several nice, fat crappie, a few white bass, and a few trout we released. 1/4 oz jig head with small minnows. It was a grind but the dinner last night made it all worth it.
  8. Thanks for the input to all. I plan on fishing the upper area hard later in February when the fish are moving.
  9. Needed to get my boat out so late afternoon I headed to Holiday Island to launch and then headed upstream past Beaver. I’m on a quest for Walleye and decided to try jigging and a NR. No success on the Walleye but about 20 minutes before sunset I managed to pick up 5 smaller Largemouth on a Binks jig in near 5 consecutive drops of the jig. These fish were right on the bottom in about 20ft of water near the drop-off to the deeper channel. Water temp at surface was 54 and there was a good current flowing out of Beaver. Caught these off the mouth of the big creek just west of Beaver. The current pushed me off the spot pretty quick and it was about to get dark so I decided to come back the next day and hit them again. There was likely a few more fish to catch here and they were hitting that spoon hard. My question is, what depth are you typically finding the walleye at the upper end of the lake this time of year? I’m new to this lake and appreciate any advice.
  10. I will do that Kind Sir. Much appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the input. I fished Table Rock last Saturday without much luck. I worked my way up from the Beaver area almost to the dam. I did see a report in the Table Rock forum of some good luck in the Kings River area over the weekend. I will give them another shot in a couple of weeks either on Norfork or Table Rock. I'm about a year out from retirement and will split my time between the two lakes and the river. I've been fishing the river in the Calico Rock area for the last 11 years but just venturing out into the lakes since last year. Lot of water to learn but it sure is fun trying. Thanks again.
  12. Last posts in this forum was in early December. Just to wake everyone up a bit I thought it was time for a post. Where are the walleye in March-April-May? Techniques....I don't have any but I am trying a few things out. I've made a few very ugly worm harnesses, but I really don't like dragging the clothesline behind me. I've caught quite a few walleye up north on jig heads with a leech and sometimes a minnow attached. That doesn't seem to be used much around here from the few things I've read about walleye fishing in this area. Twin Lakes Walleye Club.......sounds interesting but cannot find anything active in these forums or online. Do you have to know the secret word and double-secret handshake? I would rather eat a walleye than any fresh water fish I know. At my current rate of knowledge I am likely to starve.
  13. Martin Marine in Holiday Island could likely help you out. I haven't had any work done there but I do keep a boat there in covered storage and the owner is very helpful.
  14. This will be a nice upgrade from my old Shawnee. Now I have to find an oarsman.
  15. Thinking of doing some walleye fishing on Lake Norfork. I've caught a lot of these up north in Minnesota but have no clues on fishing Norfork. What advice would you have regarding depth, lures, bait, good spots to reach from a large fising kayak. Might venture out in next couple of days for something different from trout and bow hunting. Appreciate any advice.
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