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  1. I am also a big fan of the predator wart blanks.
  2. I have some wiggle warts he painted for me a few years ago. His work is top notch for sure. Do you have experience fishing the Predator blanks ?
  3. Please follow up on the new STX Lucky strike stick baits versus the old ones if you have information.
  4. Thank you all for taking time to direct my search. Tackle Warehouse thanks you. My wallet not so much.
  5. I am a flatlander who usually spends one week a year at Tablerock. I am trying to widen my jerkbait horizons. I currently throw Spro Mc stick 100 and pointer 100 and 78. I am looking to purchase a handful of Megabass 110 jerkbaits for my trip this year. Please recommend which model and colors for Tablerock. At $25 a pop, I want to get the right ones on the first try.
  6. Thank you to each of you for your replies. I have had similar problems with mine melting together and deforming in the original bag and binders .
  7. What storage box do I need to store my zinkers In ? I would like to use a box instead of keeping them in a binder.
  8. I have Falcon lowriders, and Jason Christie series, Dobyns Fury and Lews TP1 rods. I think you will be happy with any of the three brands. Lew's customer service was awesome. I have not dealt with the other two. I keep saying I am going to stick with one brand, but I am a confessed rod hoarder.
  9. Just say no ! The addiction is real . You will soon need a bigger boat to haul your jigs around. Nice looking jigs
  10. Curious to get my hands on some of these. I have had good success with other roboworm products.
  11. I am headed to the Rock with my family the week after Memorial Day. I am making sure i have my tackle in order for the trip. What weight and hook size do you guys prefer on wobble heads. I am running low and need to pour some. What are the preferred plastics to put on the business end. Any recommendations on bass fishing around Kimberling City would be welcome.
  12. I am going with a guy who has fished a derby or two on Tablerock lake ... Stacey King. 47 pounds 8 oz
  13. I bent over the front deck of my boat to pick up a rod with a wiggle wart on it. When i went to pick it up the hooks snagged in my boat carpet, the rod loaded and the hooks came free launching the crank bait at me. The bait came to a stop when one off the hooks stuck into my lower lip. After my brother quit laughing, he was able to push the barb through my lip and cut it off to remove the bait from my lip. This episode of "fishing for dummies" seems to come up often at family gatherings.
  14. I am a fan of Lews reels and have a couple speed stick rods i am trying out this spring. I have no experience with the new fishing lines they have on the market, do any off have have experience with these lines? Particularly the flouro and braid.
  15. RPS - I would be glad to loan you any equipment you might need while you go through the process of replacement. Email me at spbubba73@gmail.com if i can help in any way.
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