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  1. Was out last week fished from 4 foot of water flipping, main lake points in 20-30 foot and also deep brush. Had one bite in 5 hours of fishing. Very tough
  2. Im down staying in Kimberling untill tommorow. I fished the Bfl today as a Co and didnt bring my boat down. If anyone has an open spot in their boat I would throw in money for gas to get out and fish in the morning. Thanks a bunch.
  3. Spent some time out on the river the past few days between flamm and george winter. With the water being like chocolate milk I decided to run up in the backs of the creeks untill I was able to find the mud line. Most of our fish came on squarebills and a few on jigs. Biggest fish went just shy of 3lbs. Caught a few nice whites as well. It was a nice weekend to be out fishing. Good luck guys!
  4. Fished last weekend. All of my fish came on a Pointer. A wart would be working by now too.
  5. Just seeing if anyone has been out recently. If so how has it been?
  6. Im headin down monday-thursday. Hows the fishing been?
  7. Good post smallie bigs. Ill be out 3 or 4 days this coming week. Putting in at GW and running up. I run a 16 foot aluminum jon with a prop. How far do you guys think i can run up stream with the current level?
  8. Ill be out next week. Bass Deep hogwally? Ill be up around GW and farther up river
  9. Ill be out next week. Bass Deep hogwally? Ill be up around GW and farther up river
  10. Late report but I was out friday morning And fished between flamm and george winter. Caught a decent number of shorts under 12 inchs. Most of them came off of chunck rock throwing a wiggle wart. Anyone else been out?
  11. Hogwally, at the 30 bridge?
  12. Hogwally, at the 30 bridge?
  13. Any bass reports? Have a high school tournament this weekend at Truman. Any info will be greatly appreciated
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