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  1. I was wondering where I had to launch a boat since the ramp is closed across from swan creek.
  2. I know they are there I have seen them caught. I would like to know how to fish for them right now down there. I really would like to get my boy to hang into one and I would like to also. I would appreciate any help I can get.
  3. They are hammering the crappie and whites this week on live minnows and swimming minnows Up the james side. I wont give exact locations but i am sure it won't take long to find them.
  4. I have been going after dark and catching one to four walleye every time i go but, i am yet to find a keeper. Lol
  5. I bow fish but do it in the daytime. We take our carp home scale them fillet them cut them into strips to use on truman jug fishing for white cats. The make awesome catfishing bait for channels and blue cat. It is a fun sport to get into but being disrespectful of other boaters is not helping the sport. It is called common curtasy to not bother other people on the water.
  6. Black blue jig, salty craws and brush hogs and worms gets it done for me everytime.
  7. I throw 4lb test for whites and crappie and have been hammering whites up at blunks all week takes about 30 min and im am limited late evening or early before daylight purple swimming minnows purple beetles and a rigs white sliders and smoke purple flake swimming minnow.this was me and a friend limits las night took around 30 minutes to catch our limites purple swimming minnows right before dark
  8. I was out yesterday also up the james caught a limit of white bass then went and pulled a limit of crappie off a flat with a firecracker swimming minnow
  9. They are catching them at pothole
  10. Flat creek has too many short crappie this year i have been catching them up the james alot of big crappie on the flats
  11. We caught some whites up at asher's just little males on a vibrax last saturday just above the ramp
  12. Thats my favorite spot when smallmouth fishing on the rock besides around mill creek.
  13. The best lg mouth i caught weighed in at 7.24 it's on my wall the biggest ky 4lbs caught at shelknob during a night tournament and the sm 3.86lbs caught right in front of chatue on the lake
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