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  1. Lake Atalanta Rogers, AR

    I walk around the lake as it is only a half mile from my house. I have never fished it. I see boats on the lake and a canoe once in a while. The fish I see being caught are trout (mostly), bass, and blue gill. When they stock trout forget the weekends. I have a friend from church who fishes it often for trout and does well. Sorry I can’t provide more living so close.
  2. 1st Blown engine

    Thank you sir. I never thought of that. And thank you for your free advice on this site
  3. 1st Blown engine

    Fishinwrench I think I’ll leave them as it is a gas burner. Kind of like flushing a toilet
  4. 1st Blown engine

    I have a 97 Merc EFI 175 and it has a ton of hours on it. Still pushes the old Triton multi species up 58 when it’s cool. Only maintenance is plugs and water pumps. Now watch first time out this year I’ll have go see fishinwrench.
  5. Sad News

    Fisherman I feel and know how you feel. I lost my only son who was just 16. Prayers helped me for sure. You never forget, I try to remember the good times (our hunting and fishing trips and shooting in archery tournaments) May the Lord be with you and your family blessings, Terry
  6. Planer boards

    I have 6 offshore boards. I have different types of line releases, for strippers or walleyes and braid or monofilament. No problem with them I also have another brand but not happy with them.
  7. Nothing Much on the Upper End

    I also know the passing of a fishing buddy. For 7 yrs Leonard and I fished almost every Tuesday and Thursday for walleye. He died of brain cancer. Fishing has not been the same, but I know he's always with me. It's hard to replace those guys.
  8. Rough fish removal a good thing? NOT SO FAST

    This was placed on my walleye boat several years ago
  9. Restaurant on Beaver Lake?

    The food is good
  10. Stopping for a moment this Memorial Day

    Just remember it's not for us veterans but for those who are not here today. Many friends who gave their lives for this country, not what they believed, but for their country. Many wars were not popular but they served. God bless them all. They are the heroes.
  11. Lucky on a Unlucky Day on the Upper End

    Glad your ok and the boat motor with maybe only scratches. But the first ones hurt the most. When I purchased my boat the first trip was to a walleye tournament and my partner said he would drive his truck and pull the boat it was dark and we headed to the lake and ended up on a new chipped road with no mud flaps. I should have looked or asked. Many small chips in the hull on that trip.
  12. Upgrading motor question

    I have a 97 merc Efi and have never had a tune up, change my own plugs and have been bad on changing the impellers (sp) only 5. It's a 175 hp and still pushes my 2000 triton multi species 189 at 58 mph (gps) on cool day and yes it does smoke a little some time. I don't know the hours but my first HDS unit at console shows 2876 miles in 5 yrs here. No telling how many I had on the Missouri River impoundments out west. I would love to have a 4 stroke, for smoke and noise, but can't justify it yet. Every spring it starts right up. I think I have been lucky.
  13. Let's Go Fishing

    I would rps but have a rental that flooded. They just moved in last Friday
  14. Tackle Warehouse

    My pockets are lighter also but with no shipping and taxes it's like getting 2-3 lures free
  15. Suggestions on Electronics

    I've had Lowrance all my life since my first green box. Currently I have an HDS 8 and 7 on the bow and also the dash. Just use the 7's for gps and back- up. My friend has hummingbirds. Like both. I hear garmin is good. Just get the biggest screen you can afford and one that meets your needs that is comfortable for you to use. I would have got a 10" screen but it blocked my view to much behind the windshield. After all of that I think they are all good anymore, just expensive. Have fun

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