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  1. Is it better at the rock or big m
  2. Tanderson15


    I’ve had brook trout in C0 hunting elk that we caught in near by stream grilled in foil that were delicious
  3. How did you catch them without your beard. You must be very good at adopting to change. 😁
  4. Boy I’m glad I don’t have any friends or fishing buddies to worry about this problem
  5. I’m with Ron. All I normally fish for is walleye. Tomorrow will be the first time this year never during the spawn because some is successful.
  6. Yes but the old type with the black plastic wedge at the bottom
  7. I would think the action would also change. Maybe ML to medium, my two cents and medium to fast
  8. How about a frozen bottle of drinking water in the bucket. I use frozen orange juice bottles in live wells to keep my walleyes fresh
  9. I don’t think you should deep spoon walleye more than 30 feet at most. What do you do when the bladder is in their throat and they are 17 “. Throw them back and chance of living slim.
  10. If you get back I have a seat for ya. Will miss your posts. Good luck to a very good fisherman, but mostly a good man.
  11. Walleye is all I fish for since I moved here. Just me but I never fish for them prior and during spawn. The spawn is very successful here.
  12. I also use slow death hook. Just plane but with gulp minnows
  13. I use to fish it a lot, my first 10 lb came from there. But you can hardly get on the lake on weekends
  14. RPS takes very good care of his equipment. It probably looks brand new. And the livewell is trained for walleyes
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