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  1. Tournament fishing is best left to the lakes. Rivers are not well suited for it.
  2. Hog- I think what you meant to say was that you can't possibly fish more, not catch more fish. 😂
  3. Amen brother! That's what I have been saying on here from the beginning.....put in the work. Although this has made me largely unpopular on this board, as many people think they should have things handed to them. A growing epidemic in our country.
  4. That's the right attitude David. Just beware that a lot of guys on here are looking for easy info and good spots because they can't figure it out for themselves. I don't mean everyone on here, but plenty. You give them anything, of course you will be worshiped and considered awesome, but the price you will pay will be high when it comes to your fish catching since they cannot keep their mouths shut and you will be waiting in line to fish your favorite spots. I'm not saying this forum is a bad thing, just thought that as a younger guy, you should be aware of the potential pitfalls.
  5. It's good advice Hog. If you followed it, you would probably catch more fish
  6. David- From what I see here, you don't really need any advice from this board. Just keep doing your thing and learn from every trip. And FOR GOODNESS SAKE DO NOT TELL ANYONE WHERE YOU ARE CATCHING FISH!!! You will regret it if you do
  7. Seth- I can't believe you question me acting like an adult when you just used the phrase "hard on" on a public message board. Note to everyone out there: If you don't approve of Hog Wally's constant attention seeking or Seth's sharing of fishing info (that he thinks is so amazingly helpful), then you are simply immature. Not capable of acting or thinking like an adult.
  8. I didn't say Hog couldn't or shouldn't post. I merely asked if the bragging was ever going to end. Apparently No. No it is not .
  9. I liked it... even though I was the butt of the joke.
  10. Seth- I don't like to share information with everyone. I don't need to stroke my ego by giving out info to the masses to make myself feel like a pro river angler. That seems more like your thing.
  11. I'm not infatuated with you Hog. I am disgusted with your tireless self promotion. Everyone on here catches fish. You are the only one who posts pics of every nice fish you catch. I think that is weird.
  12. Suggesting that I catch 100 keepers to his one is a good zing? Keep those zingers coming!
  13. No. I'm not that good at installing garage door openers. Just another thing for me to feel inferior about. On a positive note, I think my scale is accurate.
  14. I'll field this one: No, they aren't a problem. The only problem is it would be nice to see more of them. I suspect there is a better population of largemouth than they let on, but they are finicky due to the clearer waters of the Meramec compared to their more prefered haunts of murkier rivers or lakes.
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