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  1. I'll get some pics posted in the next day or so. It's white with a gold stripe.
  2. 42". Bottom has normal scratches, no patches.
  3. I don't think I could turn down $4k for it, but unsure if that's realistic. I don't see many for sale so I haven't found anything to compare it to.
  4. I have a 2001 Supreme 20 ft with a 25 hp Mercury that I need to get rid of. I bought it from the original owner about 10 years ago, and I only get to use it 2-3 times a year....(it was only out once in 2017). The boat and trailer are both in pretty good shape, but the seats could use replacing. Any thoughts on what I could get out of it? 479-445-0490.
  5. Taking the whole fam-damily to Disney next week and my brother in law and myself hope to sneak away for a day of fishing on Toho or Kissimmee, etc. Anybody have any recommendations for a good guide in that part of the country? Not looking to fish a shiner under a balloon.
  6. I'm fishing the Tyson tourney out of KC, it will be 250+ boats, there's an Ozark Mtn Team Trail event right across at Mill Creek, a USA Bassin at Campbell Pt, Shriners tourney at Shell Knob...I don't know how many boats these others draw, but there will be a lot of traffic on the water this Saturday. That, coupled with the potential debris, it could make the lake fish pretty small and dangerous.
  7. Thanks Ham. I'm pretty comfortable in a canoe, but I prefer a nice slow, relaxing flow with the family.
  8. I've never been on this part of the river. We are staying a mile or 2 upriver from the Norfork confluence. I know the White will be generating but what should I expect as far as flow? Is it doable in a canoe for a family float or should I stick to the river boat? Fishing...trout still active down there? Smallmouth? Any info is appreciated.
  9. Hojo

    Big Sugar

    Hit the river on Sunday. Beautiful day. Water was a bit low but super clear. LOTS of lays owns but only a couple places we had to get out and walk around. Fishing was good not great but man what a pretty day to be out.
  10. Hojo

    Big Sugar

    how was your water level and river conditions on the tributary?
  11. Getting out this weekend. Has anybody heard the river conditions from Deep Ford down to Pineville? Logjams, etc?
  12. I guess that would be helpful. $37k.
  13. 200 Mercury ProXS, dual console, tandem axle trailer. Lowance HDS 5's. Ranger trailerable cover. Hamby keel guard. I bought new in Feb '13. It has been garage kept the whole time and only has 44 hrs on it. Boat and motor still have warranty left. PM or text/call 4794450490.
  14. What kind of fly to the walleye hit? Streamer type? I'm going this weekend, was planning on trout but I'd much rather have the deliciousness of the wallies.
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