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  1. Charlie Daniels passed away at the age of 81. they said a stroke. always enjoyed his music.
  2. below the dam at Truman. blue cat capital
  3. garyw


    ok thanks. got it
  4. garyw


    ok, so dumb question of the day. Minnkota says min 105 amp hour battery. do they mean total from both batteries or each battery?
  5. garyw

    Bad Boy

    https://www.acehardware.com/departments/lawn-and-garden/outdoor-power-equipment/generators/3268877?x429=true&gclid=Cj0KCQjwz4z3BRCgARIsAES_OVfya-LVDvGfV3T0FCtwZ4Id8u4CQox-Xl8ArOrzlog6mvELSUxGihEaAgJ9EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds may have to add one of these. LOL
  6. garyw

    map question

    can't open it but your probably right never thought of that. thanks
  7. really like the maps with all the markings. helps me to keep up but what are the red dots on the maps for?
  8. hope my 115 e-tec lasts a loooooong time..
  9. garyw

    beaver dam

    about 23 hours ago
  10. garyw

    beaver dam

    Just watched the opening of beaver dam on COE facebook. WOW! Always wanted to see something like that.
  11. looks like your wife has a mini me.
  12. That's not fair.....her fish are bigger than mine. Enjoy it while you can. Nothing like the smile of your child.
  13. I fish the trees a lot...........OH you mean trees IN the water.......never mind.😊
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