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  1. OK, maybe I've been in the house too long, watched tooooo many fishin shows. I want to see 4 of the top pros in this rules Let a ten year old who doesn"t fish, go to Walmart, pick out a rod and reel combo, 10 lures of his or her choice. Give each pro the exact same setup. Put them in a jon boat with NO electronics, a 10 horse motor, put them on a lake and run a showdown. Just like the big ones judges and all. Put THAT on the air. Let's see who's REALLY the best or am i just going insane. lol Enjoy your weekend guys and girls. I'm dodging hail stone up here.
  2. Just caught myself watch Roland Martin. 😱 lol. I'm going stircrazy in this house.
  3. OK update. the ARDENT grips didn't work well., but i bought some 1/16in cork 1 in wide roll. it's ugly for my first try but it works well. https://presbond.com/products/1-16-thick-cork-rubber-tape-1-width-x-100-length-acrylic-adhesive?variant=22280978563157&currency=USD&gclid=Cj0KCQjwjcfzBRCHARIsAO-1_OqUgGBUn7wfb7YPPX4GE4ES-InI0EMVGcFHhL2qUBVONoR9GExCK5UaAjbcEALw_wcB so far so good thanks again for ll the inputs
  4. I've scanned a LOT of ladies over the years. I'm a retired x-ray tech. lol
  5. My Lund was built for those ugly toothy critters up north so i think I'M ok. lol it even lets me ride in it so it can't be too picky..
  6. all great ideas. i ordered one of the ardent grips just to see. i'll try the other ideas also. thanks again
  7. Oh i see now. thanks ill check into it. Dutch, sorry if i misunderstood.
  8. doesn't that just seal the handle? i need to make it larger. i cant grip that small. like over sized golf grips.
  9. Anybody use the ardent over grip? i have RA and am having trouble holding the rod. I need something larger and more "sticky". any ideas? for spinning rods only. thanks in advance.
  10. thanks everyone.. I heard that on the radio just the other day lol
  11. anybody ever stay there? good bad? MP with answers. thanks
  12. i must be phase 1/2, it's more important to me to just be out enjoying God's church.
  13. FINALLY got to take the new boat out. went to mark twain. went crappie fishing. caught my personal best bass----don't laugh------17 in. no pictures but guess about 3 lbs. on my ultralight!! what fun. No crappie though. boat was everything i expected. very smooth ride. ran about 40 mph. lund 1775 impact sport with 115 evenrude. rained almost all day but who cares lol . I'm a happy camper
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