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  1. I fished it last weekend and the river is fishing really good . Caught about 30 goggle eye and maybe 10 smallies . Had one brute smallmouth that was over 3lbs , I hooked him in a fast deep pool it was a blast !
  2. Painted a custom super spook jr for a creeker. Say hello to the top minnow
  3. Found 8 of them the other day! Like Babler said 15-20 feet . Also don’t be afraid to try around docks . We fished from 7-11. Used worms probably could have caught a big mess , but it wasn’t worth it when it’s 95 out and the crazies are running around . They did fry up very nice though
  4. All COE ramps are pay . State park is free . Should be a box by the little attendant shack at all the COE ramps
  5. Lvn2Fish


    Entry is only 200 bucks so it’s not a major tournament by any means .These are all one day events. They have a 2 day super tournament at the end of the year entry is 300. They advertise that one that it pays 10,000 . But that’s not at all true . I was fortunate to win one in 08 and it payed right at 6,000 . Last year I did the math and the BFL payback was about 60% . Now that probably went back up this year . But it pissed me off enough to not fish it this year . I’ve won a little over 10,000 fishing with them. But when OMTT is paying back 100% I have to choose the team circuit.
  6. I feel like I was lucky to have made it back last year in the OMTT! I have seen huge water on KY Lake, Pickwick , Texoma to name a few . But Table Rock was as big as any that day . No one was dry that day. It was completely insane. The 188 champ handled them as best it could lol . None speared and nothing broken! Someone’s rig got bashed up against the bank by Mill Creek that day too
  7. Last I heard from tournament director was 197 , that was a week ago !!!
  8. Thanks guys !! The fish seem to like them too !! If you guys like the video subscribe !!! There will be plenty of footage on our lakes this year !!
  9. Dabbled a little with a new pattern , I love the spots on this . Gives the bait a little more depth and realism
  10. Couple more I did tonight , peanut butter and jelly . Also the natural red craw
  11. Little off topic, but this one was 3.8. Lake Hartwell a few weeks ago . They are just so long down there
  12. Lol right I’m going to have to get some soon too . Do you use predator blanks or eBay ?
  13. Got back after it today. Made sure everything was firing right and went ahead and painted a wart. I love the blue for table rock !
  14. I’m about to start hitting it pretty hard . Will start sharing everything again in a few weeks .
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