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  1. isn't much debris at all. Be sure to keep a look out though
  2. Ok let me put you in my position, I put in at mutton , ran to the first bridge with ease , and then fog . So I should shut down in the middle of the lake and idle aimlessly into the fog ? Acting like a floating peace of lumber in 60 ft of water ! Not a chance. And if I was you and I wanted to go to the other shoreline you better believe I'm putting that thing on pad and getting across the lake . Now running 70 mph in the fog is a hole different story. If you think that I wasn't totally aware of my surroundings and the conditions you're thoroughly mistaken. BTW the fog was from about the first bridge to chicken rock , so you were stuck in not even a 1/4 mile of fog ...
  3. Who is "throwing safety to the wayside " the guy running at 25 mph on pad in the middle of the channel , or the guy idling across the lake ? I would much rather be underway and able to steer and also have the response of my throttle than be a sitting duck...And being able to only see the bow of your boat is a little bit of an exaggeration.
  4. Anyone else see the big wire fish cage across from cedar ridge campground boat ramp ? Seemed suspect, but an unlikely spot for a cheater . I couldn't come up with a reason to have a cage like that . This was last weekend , and it was empty at about 7:30 sat. Morning
  5. Old state park was tough to get your trailer deep enough , but it was open and it worked . I'm sure cedar ridge is fine also
  6. It's going to blow the record away it's at 927 now the James is over 20 ft in Springfield running almost 40000 ! Insane
  7. KY3 just said they just opened flood gates at Beaver dam releasing 45,000 cubic ft. They also said table rock was rising .5 ft every half hr before beaver began this discharge . Not looking good for Table Rock , and especially those below .
  8. Wrench got us all fixed up . Freak loose screw jammed up the throttle I suppose . My father couldn't say enough good things about you! Hope to meet you soon!
  9. You're awesome wrench thanks !
  10. Guess I could have used a better word . Maybe stretched lol I'm obviously no mechanic . After I hit this stinking wave it felt as if the throttle at the console would only go about 1/3 of what it should . Really trying to find a way to diagnose if it's something to do with the cable or shift control . When it's in gear and not running I should be able to use shift/throttle at console to get WOT correct? How far out are you ? I need someone to look at it. I have the BFL next weekend hoping I dont have to cancel
  11. 49-52 pb2- 5 bridge
  12. First off I wanted to say thanks you for letting us in on your knowledge of marine mechanicing! Don't feel like you have to answer any of this, but I'm going crazy right now with the thought that I may have blown up my motor. And need some sort of professional input for peace of mind until Monday when I can get this fixed 2006 Mercury opti max 150 I hit a freaking cruiser wave today at LOZ. Long story short my motor automatically would not respond , I slowed to approx 24 mph when I hit it, immediately lost response when trying to speed back up. Only could go 24 mph for the rest of the ride. I took the cowling off and had someone throttle up with the controls at the console. (After spinning prop into gear of course) The throttle position plate wouldn't go much past this position. Am I safe to assume there is either an obstruction at the console, or the cable somehow lengthened making full throttle now about 1/3 ? This is a screen shot from a YouTube video not my actual motor
  13. I think guys paying for bass in bobs stuff is the exact same thing lol I think a fisherman should be rewarded for his experience. For all the years of information gathered. Not show up and buy it a week out . I also have problems with pros going to the lakes and planting brush before their tournaments . As for fish hauling, there are guys that live on your lake that relocate fish all week. They go out catch 6 take them to their little dock and let them go every day they fish. In hopes of a tournament winning bag coming off a place they saturated with release fish. I've also heard stories of people feeding bass with loads of trapped crayfish , all of which are considered legal .
  14. So when you're fishing for money to make a house payment that makes it ethical to hire someone , even on your home lake, to show you where they are at. A standup guy IMO wouldn't hire someone to put him on fish . I get that the tournament circuits allow this prior to off limits periods. I truly think this rule needs to be changed . It makes me sick to think these "pros" pay for information . Not only is big tournament fishing about having $10'000 worth of graphs . But now it's also who can buy the most information. What does him being Christian have anything to do with this ?!
  15. It's funny that these guys pay $1400 to get in the tournament . Then hire a guide, and act like they have done something special when they have a good finish. Very unsportsmanlike like IMO. And I know there are a ton of guys who do it. Pretty sure someone was talking about guiding Mclleland on here a few years ago . LOSERS!