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  1. It was there and thriving .I haven’t seen it in a few years. It’s gone now. Only a spring and summer of limited rain will tell us if it will come back .
  2. These growth rates are they an average of the overall region ? The little map with the colors is complete bull . Every lake is different .According to the map a crappie trapped in the spillway pool of springfield lake grows at the same rate as a crappie in Stockton .
  3. I‘m sure Stockton has plenty of shad . But how hard does a fish have to work to eat a Stockton shad . I’m betting that it’s harder for a fish in a deep clear lake with minimal cover to ambush prey . Compared to a muddy shallow lake with abundant cover options .
  4. I would starting throwing one now . Caught fish on bull shoals with one this past week . Once the water is below about 55 it should get good .
  5. You guys trying to compare a Lowland fishery in Mississippi to a highland fishery like Stockton is just plain dumb . Clear water , cold winters , lack of cover . These things don’t play a part in the health and size of a population according to your logic . Not to mention the water volume difference in the lakes in general .
  6. I get it, but it’s not like every fish in the lake that’s 10 inches has been caught. Maybe instead of blaming the lake and you can look at yourself for the answer. It’s the fall. The fall is tough , it always has been and always will be. I guarantee that towards the end of November the fish will move to a more catchable location and all will be quite again . It’s seems the time of overreacting has made its way from the line at the grocery store to the lake . God help us
  7. Also a very important rule of navigation !
  8. Or as Phil stated port to port . Which also mean on our lakes the bank should always be closer to your starboard side .
  9. I re read everything pretty sure you and Babs agree lol . Maybe your need for internet arguments has gotten the better of you once again . And just like bill said stay on your side of the lake ...which is your right side . All seems to make sense to me
  10. That would be the worst possible way to take that route
  11. Lvn2Fish


    Mine were all coming from main lake points on a football jig . Let’s say from hawker to the big concrete thing that keeps water in ...since we have censored the D word 😆
  12. Lvn2Fish


    I’ve been catching a lot of them , keeping a few also. I have caught serval over 15 inches this year
  13. I fished it last weekend and the river is fishing really good . Caught about 30 goggle eye and maybe 10 smallies . Had one brute smallmouth that was over 3lbs , I hooked him in a fast deep pool it was a blast !
  14. Painted a custom super spook jr for a creeker. Say hello to the top minnow
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