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  1. Lvn2Fish

    Custom painting lures

    I’m not sure , I could see that working
  2. Lvn2Fish

    Custom painting lures

    Now let’s see what you did with it !
  3. Lvn2Fish

    Custom painting lures

    Oh yeah !
  4. The water temp is good for it . But for me I have to have stained water . That is the only time I’m throwing one
  5. Lvn2Fish

    Custom painting lures

    Yeah, it’s a nasty yellow ! But with just a touch of that and white it makes a pretty good bone
  6. I can’t believe it’s legal for them to spear the bottom of the cup with flag pole after each hole ! What the hell is that !
  7. Lvn2Fish

    Custom painting lures

    My notes show 10 drops opaque white 1 drop wicked colors yellow ochre
  8. Lvn2Fish

    Secluded Multi-Day Float Suggestions

    My favorite is the 11 pt ! Upper is good if you have the water . But I’ve never been south of Riverton . I usually float Greer to Riverton a couple of times a year . Makes for a nice two day float . If you add Thomasville or cane bluff it’s easily a three dayer.
  9. Lvn2Fish

    Tough Saturday

    I was there Saturday also at Indian . I have never witnessed 4-6ft rollers on tablerock until Saturday. We caught fish in the backs of a couple pockets on a shakey head . Fished in the wind for an hour , until it hit about 45mph . Of course the smallies were right in the teeth of it . Boated three in about 10 min . With one being over three . And another large mouth close to three also . All the larger fish were still hammering the jerkbait
  10. Lvn2Fish

    Lake Conditions, perfect timing

    I bet you will be able to find clean water , dirty water, and everything in between
  11. Lvn2Fish

    I'm definitely in favor !

    I think they can learn something from Grand Lake . Duck creek and Woodward hollow have a rule in place. If your boat is wider than 8.5 feet , if your boat is longer than 26 ft . You must have absolutely no wake . Anything smaller has a 30 mph limit .
  12. Lvn2Fish

    Tournaments with boats

    Champion/charger owners tournament in Oct. on Tablerock, it’s a draw boat. Any of the three Nichols tournaments give away a boat that’s on Grand
  13. Lvn2Fish

    Bass 13 pounds? why not???

    I knew it ! Had to throw your gigged bass in there !
  14. Lvn2Fish

    2/27/18 Trip Report - Diamond City

    This happened Friday before the tournament on my way down , when I was passing a logging truck on hwy 5 !
  15. Lvn2Fish


    Let’s be clear your post started as carp regulation changes to promote the species you love . And ended with bass with arrows through them.

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