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  1. Cold day on the Water

    I also went today , we caught plenty of bass on jerkbaits . Water temp 52-54 degrees . Also boated three 18+ inch walleye . And several nasty drum
  2. Spam!!

    I'm getting it too
  3. Custom painting lures

    Just a few warts , I scrapped the stencil and went all free hand earlier this year and love how they are turning out .
  4. 7/9 and 7/16 report

    The day we caught them really a good we fished from about 6:00am -2:00pm . The best advise I can give was if you caught one that day you better throw a waypoint on gps and memorize your cast . Honestly 50 of those fish came on three different casts. If you could get the bait in the "zone" they would crush it . Not like a peck peck jig bite . This was one solid thump resulting in them choking it . They were def. competing for the bait that day . Probably 1/2 spots 1/2 largemouth . Best five went 14 lbs all largemouth
  5. 7/9 and 7/16 report

    Have fished the James River arm the past two sundays. Water temp had been around 84-86 degrees. 7/9 was a day you dream about. My father and I caught close to 80 fish with 20 keepers. All on the jig in 15-25. We found three schools of fish and really leaned on them that day. Probably caught 12 in 12 casts on one school . It seemed if you could fire them up you could catch them in a hurry. 7/16 was a lot more challenging . Our best fish at 3.72 came on a shakey head . Still plenty of jig fish, but the bite was far less aggressive. The water cleared up a note from last weekend. Also looks like it fell a half a foot or so. Never did find the mega school today. On a side note, who ever hit my trailer at cape fair I hope you are repayed over and over. I have had a new to me 08 champion in immaculate condition until today. Ripped my rubber off top of fender and a one inch gouge the length of the wheel well. They obviously knew they hit it.
  6. Stockton trip advice

    isn't much debris at all. Be sure to keep a look out though
  7. 5-13

    Ok let me put you in my position, I put in at mutton , ran to the first bridge with ease , and then fog . So I should shut down in the middle of the lake and idle aimlessly into the fog ? Acting like a floating peace of lumber in 60 ft of water ! Not a chance. And if I was you and I wanted to go to the other shoreline you better believe I'm putting that thing on pad and getting across the lake . Now running 70 mph in the fog is a hole different story. If you think that I wasn't totally aware of my surroundings and the conditions you're thoroughly mistaken. BTW the fog was from about the first bridge to chicken rock , so you were stuck in not even a 1/4 mile of fog ...
  8. 5-13

    Who is "throwing safety to the wayside " the guy running at 25 mph on pad in the middle of the channel , or the guy idling across the lake ? I would much rather be underway and able to steer and also have the response of my throttle than be a sitting duck...And being able to only see the bow of your boat is a little bit of an exaggeration.
  9. Fish cage

    Anyone else see the big wire fish cage across from cedar ridge campground boat ramp ? Seemed suspect, but an unlikely spot for a cheater . I couldn't come up with a reason to have a cage like that . This was last weekend , and it was empty at about 7:30 sat. Morning
  10. Boat ramps

    Old state park was tough to get your trailer deep enough , but it was open and it worked . I'm sure cedar ridge is fine also
  11. Lake elevations

    It's going to blow the record away it's at 927 now the James is over 20 ft in Springfield running almost 40000 ! Insane
  12. Lake elevations

    KY3 just said they just opened flood gates at Beaver dam releasing 45,000 cubic ft. They also said table rock was rising .5 ft every half hr before beaver began this discharge . Not looking good for Table Rock , and especially those below .
  13. Question for the infamous wrench

    Wrench got us all fixed up . Freak loose screw jammed up the throttle I suppose . My father couldn't say enough good things about you! Hope to meet you soon!
  14. Question for the infamous wrench

    You're awesome wrench thanks !
  15. Question for the infamous wrench

    Guess I could have used a better word . Maybe stretched lol I'm obviously no mechanic . After I hit this stinking wave it felt as if the throttle at the console would only go about 1/3 of what it should . Really trying to find a way to diagnose if it's something to do with the cable or shift control . When it's in gear and not running I should be able to use shift/throttle at console to get WOT correct? How far out are you ? I need someone to look at it. I have the BFL next weekend hoping I dont have to cancel

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