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  1. Custom painting lures

    One I did the other day while the ice was melting.
  2. Creeks to Run

    Googer, Hawker , Orleans Trail , Mutton, Masters sure i forgot a few. Not much timber in these . Just watch yourself with the water being low .
  3. Another FLW boat crash

    Flat brim hat = ego great argument ....
  4. Another FLW boat crash

    Just slow down , it’s not that hard . I have a boat that will do 70. But I go about 50-55 most everywhere I go . In a tournament it’s the same way . There is no logic in risking your life for a tournament. Plus I like to be calm cool and collected when fishing. What’s funny is if you ask any Elite angler about take off . There is no race to a spot. They run single file to their own destinations. If you want to teach yourself how to drive a boat in rough conditions take it to Lake of The Ozarks. The technique is to trim down, slow down to you’re just on pad and drive the thing through the waves. Don’t plow in a straight line . There’s a steering wheel for a reason . I zig and zag sometimes making 90 degree turns to avoid the monster waves. Oh and wear a freaking life jacket with a kill switch. It’s unreal how many people out there don’t do this. Also when two boats are meeting head on both boats turn to the starboard side. There would never be a head on collision if people follow this rule . This also means when your running up the lake don’t take corners so sharp that you make someone break this rule. I’ve had numerous times at lake of the ozarks where I’m heading up lake running the right side of the channel and here comes some idiot (couple of time another bass boat ) running the edge of the buoys and not giving me any room.These people literally have the whole lake to their starboard side but push me to the edge. Don’t be this guy !
  5. Cape Fair 12-20

    Pretty sure this same duck followed me around in aunts creek for a solid hr . He would swim right across my line and just stare at me hah! He got pissed and left when I told him he was as bad as a jet ski !
  6. 2017 MDC Table Rock Fish Survey

    This one looked like a 7 lber when it swam by . Ended up being sick and skinny weighing only 4.11 . Look at the sores on her . On another note the other fish caught that day were just fat as can be. Full of shad.
  7. 2017 MDC Table Rock Fish Survey

    Exactly what I was thinking .
  8. 2017 MDC Table Rock Fish Survey

    Doesn’t the electro fishing have to be in relatively shallow water ? I would think it would be hard to shock fish up from 50 ft deep ?
  9. So who went today?

    Water temp at cape fair this weekend was 37 ! I put in and fished the James and White Confluence area on Sunday . Found 45 degree water! That was very suprising. The fishing was so much better than expected . We had 7 keepers best 5 right at 15 lbs. ,with a big fish just a shade under 5 lbs . Lots of tiny little shad that were feeling the cold . I did see some big gizzard shad up. Big girl came on the jerkbait 😎
  10. Shutdown

    I’m going to try mill creek in the morning
  11. Shutdown

    I saw Bridgeport was a skating rink , I forgot about shell knob . I will probably use port of kimberlings ! Thanks !
  12. Shutdown

    That’s what I thought happened in 13’.if anyone puts in today let me know . It’s been horribly cold for three weeks , now the weather breaks and they close her down . Freaking hell winter !
  13. Shutdown

    Do our fearless leaders have all the Corp ramps locked up today ? With the shutdown
  14. Custom painting lures

    I can get more detail from an exacto btw. I’m just saying don’t believe the dremel hype. To each there own, but I have a much cleaner look using the knife . Plus I can change it on the fly.
  15. Custom painting lures

    Putting the clear coat on these lures is by far the most tedious phase. One small hiccup will drive the artest completely insane. It also takes about 50x the hours to complete .

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