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  1. I don’t understand the reason for blocking or even deleting the conversation. Yeah people start arguing, things get heated, someone maybe even crosses the line. In result that needs censorship? It’s really easy to say this whole thread has to go . But in my opinion , in the world of social media this is a slippery slope. Although these people are probably hiding behind a facade of a Facebook profile, and are far more likely to say whatever hateful jargon. At least the two sides would be in some sort of conversation. As Flysmallie said you can choose what you read and react to.
  2. Nothing surprises me anymore. I almost hit a guy on a jet ski today who was texting 😤
  3. Lol look at all that gear !! I can just hear these boys “ ah yeah, you have to have some these “ until you amass a pile like that !
  4. They no longer have to target larger fish . High school tournament 18lbs was leading . A lot of difference dissecting the lake compared to their 5 fish days. If you’re not on a group or school of fish you will have no chance in this .
  5. Thanks so much for the update heading down for the OMTT in the morning
  6. Any info on this little spot? Looks like Howard creek .
  7. Any information on which ramps are useable? Looks like the lake is 11ft high and probably rising this week.
  8. Jerkbait Main lake points/bluff ends last week. Took a limit home
  9. Dude the 6’11 is one of if not the nicest rod I’ve ever fished with . Doesn’t hurt that I just dropped a 21 pound bag with it in the OMTT. For a 3/4 or 1/2 spinnerbait it was unreal . And I guarantee it will be a frog skipping mo-fo . As well as a great swim jig rod .
  10. Cleanup is always involved. I try to get everything perfectly clean, that never happens. The auto air colors are all still waterbased. The problem with them is the “flake” or metallic pigment is what clogs your brush . The larger 5mm nozzle is the way to go with these. Also the reason for being a little obsessive when filtering . I always finish coat with epoxy.
  11. These are kinda a pain to shoot . They look amazing though. I’ve had the best success shooting them through an iwata revolution. I usually filter the paint really good. I also use a reducer to thin them out a bit .
  12. That’s a beautiful meanmouth (spot smallie hybrid) fairly rare to catch one . I usually get two or three a year .
  13. At Stockton the fisheries biologists claimed it takes 7-10 years for a Stockton spotted bass to reach 15 inches . That’s the whole reason for the 12 inch limit . Think about all the forage they consume in that 10 years to reach minimum keeper length
  14. I was definitely feeling good although a little bit shakey 😆 couldn’t have asked for a better start. The big girl was completely juiced , and went absolutely crazy with 10lb on the rod .
  15. Man they were big ones .weird thing is those fish had been there for a solid month now. And bit better when it was cloudy and 35 for a high. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.
  16. I started in the back of a creek , first fish 5.1 lbs. second fish was a 3.5. All on the jerkbait . Then didn’t get another bite for 6 hrs lol
  17. I’m still sticking with largemouth , just the fact of how slender it is . Plus it doesn’t have a single marking to indicate spot to me
  18. I’m definitely fine with the new regulation. What I’m not okay with is the freakin picture on the article is of a largemouth . So mdc can’t tell the two apart. Really grinds my gears, plus makes MDC look flat out stupid .
  19. Guess I’ll be the first 😎 4-5lbr at LOZ. 36 degree water ! That was a first
  20. Takes off from long creek marina @ big cedar
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